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Chamuel      September 07, 2015

Beloved Chamuel

David Christopher Lewis

September 7, 2015   9:00–9:20 am MDT

Livingston, Montana


Chamuel Encourages Us to Expand the Threefold Flame within Our Hearts


Intrepid Sons and Daughters of God,

In the name of the great I AM THAT I AM, I come. And I anchor within the Earth here and now, where you are, the light of the living Christic/Buddhic awareness that shines forth the radiance of God into your domain with great cosmic awareness. And in this radiance, there is the intelligence of God offered to you. There is the divine power of God proffered to you. There is the divine love of God given unto you in this sacred manifestation of grace.

I am the archangel of the third ray of divine love, Chamuel. And I come to invest a greater portion of the action of the threefold flame right where you are as the perfect balance of love, wisdom and power in your domain, blessed hearts. For when you increase this threefold flame and its cosmic effectiveness in your life, there is a new radiance that flows through you; there is a new dynamism that empowers your life. Yea, from our perspective, if you seek the nine and twelve gifts of the Holy Spirit, the most optimal way to do this is to increase that threefold flame. For when that radiance spins and sings within you, the Holy Spirit comes with the refreshment of God, with the quintessences of heaven. And there is born anew within you, of that mystical Presence, the all-inclusive, all-encompassing radiance of Spirit and the comfort and the power and the joy and the divine light of that Spirit.

Why do I come this day on the seventh of September? It is because the flame has literally gone out within millions, in the sense that they do not know their Source. They do not invest consciousness in attending to the Spirit within them, in honoring their soul, in knowing God within, in fanning this flame that is the eternal spark within the heart. Therefore if you, precious ones, would invest a greater portion of your awareness in the expansion of this flame, it would be a stream of light flowing forth from you that would countermand and balance that which many upon the Earth have given up, have ignored, have lost through ignorance and through a sense of despondency and unknowing.

Through your own knowing of who you are and attending to this flame daily in a God-directed way, that threefold flame will rise. And both the blue and the yellow, with the pink, will augment within your life this harmony of the trinity, this balance of beingness, with the three-partite radiating field that is created within the nexus of your being as God-light and love and power and wisdom within.

You know the teachings on the threefold flame. And yet how many of you can truly say unto Faith, to me and to my beloved sister Christine that you have attended to this eternal light to the point where you feel its radiance throughout your day; where you know God presently as your Source, as the power that moves you through your day because God within this flame inspires you and directs the course of your life?

If you have not quite felt the illumination, the faith and the compassion in balance throughout your day, then stop. Gaze within as you close your eyes. Imagine the Eternal living right within your chest cavity and empowering you with this radiance in a new, dynamic and joyful experience. And then render, as you move through your day, your highest offering of Spirit through your givingness, through your love, your cherishment of all life.

Truly, blessed ones, to fan this flame is the work and the true labor of initiates of the sacred fire. If there is one true dharma, it is to maintain the presence of this eternal flame in a glowing, spiritual rainbow radiance throughout your life and, through cosmic imagination and a childlike spirit, to color the cosmos with this hallowed imaginative radiance. Yes, blessed ones, the pink plume is one of artistry, of kindness, of compassion, of givingness. And yet it is so much more. And when you focus upon the light of divine love, there is born within you a new creation of beingness and you have access to every possibility of God Self-realization. You have the very quintessences that flow throughout the cosmos and hold it together manifesting right within your world for your greatest creativity and your highest imagination to give birth within you to the true you, the Real Self, the noble and kind and compassionate Buddhic Self.

When, at times, you seem or sense to have lost the moorings of your being within the totality of the circle of God's identity, again, stop. Breathe deeply and feel the cosmic impulses within this threefold flame eternal within you to gain entrée again and again and again into the infinitude of creation itself, into the blessedness of being, knowing that God has imbedded within you and within Mater those complementary aspects of Spirit through the Alpha-Omega, as Above, so below dynamic.

Yes, dearest ones, you can embody Alpha and Omega and their light within the Earth if you fan this flame and in a joyful and reverent way offer its radiance to life, to all life around you. You can anchor Spirit most nobly, respectfully and reverently right where you are in Mater. And in this, you give birth to the New Age every moment through your consciousness wed to Spirit in your domain.

We the archangels are all about assisting mankind in becoming real and returning to their Source with joy, with understanding and with the full knowledge that, when all is said and done, it is God and only God that is real within all planes of being. It is light and only light that is the causative power of creation. It is love and only love that impels all into the new world that you seek, into the new dynamism that will result in a compassionate age, a Diamond Golden-Crystal Age, where all will live in peace, harmony, presence and eternal freedom.

O, how much each of you yearns for this day, yearns for this experience, yearns for the fact that all will know the Lord their God through love, as you know God through love. Well, I say that each day that you experience divine love in some unique and powerful way; each day that you impel yourself forward through love to co-create a beautiful and peaceful world; each day that you give fully of yourself through what you do, mindful of all creation, respectful of all life, reverent toward every individual soul and the Oversoul of all life, the Holy Spirit will come and spread her wings around you, lift you up, raise you into the heaven world. And in this shining radiance and divine experience, your life, lived to the glory of God, truly will have been fulfilling, will have been worth every effort that you made, every sacrifice that you experienced, and the surrender and the selflessness that you imbedded within your givingness to the cosmos and to your Source.

We see the new world that you desire already manifesting in many cosmic states of awareness through the minds and imaginations of initiates throughout this world. And when these are collectivized, when these are brought forth in co-creative work and divine labor, then, blessed ones, the dawning of this age will truly begin in its full glory, and all shall know God, from the least unto the greatest.1 All shall see God within all, through the immaculate vision that some, like you, first hold inviolate in your higher-seeing senses, in order to give birth, through that beholding, to that vision in reality where you live.

[Chamuel chants in an angelic tongue for 40 seconds.]

Through a magnification of the eternal flame within you this day, by the law of love and by the fanning of that flame by an archangel in your midst, you are a new creature in Christ and Buddha. And through the breath most holy, issued forth by the Divine Mother, who creates the true culture of oneness everywhere, you are raised in love; you are raised in light; you are free to experience that divine love every hour, every moment of your lives, precious ones.

Now go forth and seed the Earth with love. Spread those seeds far and wide. And as they sprout and as they themselves invest within the Earth greater life, energy and the fruits of Spirit, so those trees of love will emerge and a new Earth will be born through you.

I thank you and I bid you adieu.

1. See Jeremiah 31:34.

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