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Magda      August 13, 2015

Beloved Magda
David Christopher Lewis
August 13, 2015   9:00 ̶ 9:27 am MDT
Livingston, Montana 

Magda Shares Keys for a Simple Life of Conscious Presence

Precious Children of the Sun,

In this hour I would speak to you of the simple life of grace and how you may, in a more pleasant and yet uplifting life, fulfill your purpose in alignment with the allness of God, in resonance with the hearts of the immortals, and how peace within this equation is essential to embrace to bring all into that state of equipoise, of solace.

One of the greatest issues of today in your world is the complexity of life, in that there are so many variables that you are dealing with in relation to all that is transpiring around you. If, blessed ones, you could for a moment in timelessness enter the very still space of the Great Silence and feel the eternality of God's being, this energy field of Buddhic mindfulness would take hold of you. It would allow you to release all of the pressures, anxieties, tensions and stresses of this Earth plane that often weigh upon you with a great intensity and that cause a shock to your psyche and almost a debilitating state that lessens your access to the light field that you could otherwise experience within your Presence. To many of you, that Presence often seems elusive because you do not feel the higher pressure of Spirit flowing through your being due to all of these anomalies and aspects of life in this realm.

Fly with me on wings of light in this hour to experience the allness of the Presence, the peace and perfect poise of stillness. Experience no anxiety, no pressure, no stress in the very vital and living energy field of God right within your heart.

A simple life may be a profound life when it is energized by true love and the ability to cognize what is real, what is true, what is essential to embrace every moment within the greater fabric of God-consciousness, eternal awareness and within this state of harmony that I call the grace of beingness. Often in the Master Jesus's presence, as we were contemplating his words and feeling the great love flowing from his being coursing into ours, there was an experience of infinitude, whereby the washing upon our souls of God's light and the radiance of the Holy Spirit in our midst provided for us this state of simplicity. We lost all focus upon the pressures of life in that hour, the strains of anything and everything that could weigh us down. Yea, we were raised up in that light, in that love of the Master. And in a moment of eternality, it was as if there was nothing else that existed except the Now of that anointing by the light of the Christ, which occurred often within the greater field of God-beingness that Jesus emanated so magnificently, overshined by Peace and Aloha, Lord Maitreya and many Cosmic Christs.

O precious ones, if your life is complex and you go here and there rushing to fulfill so many obligations, consider that your one primary obligation is to your Higher Self, the Lord God, and that when you live in your Presence you bring that simplicity of grace into the forefront, into the center of your life and allow God's space to flow where you are, God's reality to bestow within you all the essentials, and harmony is reestablished at every level.

This messenger can tell you about an experience that he had in his last encounter with Elizabeth Clare Prophet. There were a few disciples present, as well as his youngest child, Valerie. The words of the messenger to another disciple were to not try to do so many things, rather to focus on one and to do it well. This disciple has recently passed from the screen of life, Joyce Cleland. And I am here to tell you that she now understands fully these words and imparts unto you with all of her heart and spirit that through the primary focus of love, through service and ministration to life, there is a sacred anointing that occurs. There is a grace that manifests through the bestowal of harmony through simplicity.

Many of you have great plans for the future for your Hearts Center community. And I say that all of these may in time manifest, so long as you retain the focus, the primary awareness, of the Presence in your midst and have love at the core of your motivation to fulfill many endeavors and initiate new projects throughout the remainder of your lives. When this peace becomes the norm and the state of equilibrium begins to grow in a greater framework, then there is the natural outpicturing and objectification of all of God's desires through you. And you experience the totality and the awesomeness of inner happiness and joy in your service, in your life, whereby you may offer comfort on behalf of many souls.

Now, this one who speaks before you is the one whom we have empowered with a number of spiritual gifts to provide those impetuses for each of you to rise up into the highest expression of your divinity. His life may not be quite as simple as many of yours, and we will use his causal body linked with ours to fulfill the dynamic of God-directed focus every moment to provide the wherewithal for this community to experience a greater activation of the Solar frequencies that are being received within your plane of being, within the Earth, from on high. We will coordinate the most amazing and miraculous God-directed bestowals of teachings, of sharings and of initiations within the lives of thousands who, I say, will be coming into the experience of ascended-master consciousness and that which the Great Universal White Brotherhood provides by way of an impetus for Self-elevation through Solar awareness; for awakening by the quickening of the Solar frequencies within the Self; and for experiencing those Solar sciences of divine light, right here, right now within the heart-mind connection.

We have employed many divine agents, ambassadors of the Spirit, archangels and even the mighty seraphim and cherubim in the midst of this community in order for greater progress to occur within the individual lives of disciples. And though some at times shirk responsibility that they could embrace through greater givingness and service within teams and in a God-directed way, we use who we use, first and foremost, because of their humility, their love, their desire to be of service. And these often make up the difference for those who have left off of the path or who do not see the requirement that each one give the allness of self and enter into the ruby-ray path of sacrifice, surrender and selflessness within this divine service in order for planetary freedom to manifest.

O gentle ones, God is great and has the answer to every dilemma, every issue that you encounter. And when you remain centered in that light of peace and equipoise, the answer alights within your midst as you require it for your victorious fulfillment of your dharma and for the sanctification of everything, by this grace of the Holy Spirit's presence in your midst.

Now, a word on the water that the messenger shared information on recently. We have assessed the atomic and chemical structure. We have seen what is inherently within this alchemical substance, precipitated into a very accessible form for your body to use and to receive greater oxygenation through an infusion of Spirit within the sacred substance of water that the Mother has provided to the Earth.

All we can tell you, blessed ones, is that from our vantage point, this water—brought into being by a very high initiate who came to Earth to deliver many Aquarian discoveries and scientific developments—will be a catalyst for many of you to achieve greater God-consciousness, Solar awareness and even mystical experiences, which will come because the Holy Spirit will increase its Presence within you—within your brain, your mind, your higher functioning centers and within the very blood of your being, oxygenated by the Spirit Most Holy.

Therefore we direct all of you to consider utilizing this gift within the infusioninspired from our realmswhich you will receive by drinking this pure and sanctified water. It is rare that we endorse a specific product, blessed ones. Yet the effects felt by David and a few of you now have led us to make this statement so that you may swiftly secure the resource. Imagine an entire community of light beings accelerating in consciousness and having perfused within them greater graces facilitated by the Maha Chohan. We can truly say that even in the twinkling of an eye, there can be a greater awakening, first within this community and then within the lives of all those whom you touch through your service and ministration, through your givingness, offerings, broadcasts, publications and courses.

We are looking forward to many new classes being offered with you as the teacher, with you facilitating them. And through your own co-creativity and through what this Hearts Center has begun, in decades and even centuries to come there will vibrate throughout the world a new culture of authenticity and light, of truth and awakening, which will catalyze into a Diamond Golden-Crystal Age of beauty and harmony upon Earth.

O, the magnificent meditation of my beloved [Jesus], led during your Mount Shasta conference! Truly, dearest ones, it was an experience of blessedness that few ever have within a number of lifetimes. I recommend heartily to you that you co-create a majestic visual representation as soon as is feasible for this meditation and that you place it on YouTube and within your website. And eventually tens of thousands will experience the same dynamic and weep great tears of joy to behold the Holy City, its environs and be uplifted in that joy and reverie of what heaven holds in store for all of you as you ascend into the very bosom of the Father-Mother God.

Gracious hearts, we are with you always in the very midst of your lives. From an aspect of consciousness, we see and feel all as if you were right with us and we were right with you day by day. You see, we have the ability to so harmonize frequencies of God-consciousness that we may feel instantaneously what all of you feel at once. This is a part of the dynamic of universal awareness through our all-connectedness within the antahkarana of God's great being. And so if any time you feel less than, challenged or that there has been a misappropriation of light in some way in your life, invite us to assist you through a quick call:

“Jesus and Magda, help me to know God in a deeper and more wonderful way now. Relieve this burden from me, O angels of the sacred fire. Free me from those constraints and sense of limitation that have kept me bound to mortality. Raise me in light to know you and to love you more, O God, each hour. I am yours, O my beloved I AM Presence, and you are mine within the secret chamber of my heart. I love you, I cherish you and I allow you to grace my life with God's eternal light.”

There is no reason, precious ones, that you should ever for long moments of time experience a sense of separation from oneness. And if you do, a simple prayer such as this will restore all around you to the light of peace through angelic intercession and through the anointing that comes because you request it and we answer directly.

In this hour, the Archangel Uriel stands forth and blazes forth the resurrection light throughout America and the world, calling many to a higher office, divine beingness through the reconnective matrix of perfection from within the heart, through divine love. Yes, remain true to your Source and feel the constancy and the longevity of beingness within your Presence. For this is the key to the ascension, to oneness in the allness of God's light.

I AM your Magda. I wrap you in garments, silky garments, of gold and purple, of ruby, shimmering in light, protecting and sealing you this day in the radiant field of God's simple and yet profound grace. Thank you.

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