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Lady Kristine      October 10, 2007

Beloved Lady Kristine
David Christopher Lewis
October 10, 2007  6:00–6:37 pm local time
European Pilgrimage

Lady Kristine's Chrisms

1.  Graciousness begets harmony in all relationships and heals the wounds of past incursions into darkness.

Revolving the past isn't necessary in resolving it.

3.  My current course: study the anterior castle of the world's heart.

Focus on the locus of love to bring all to a heart context through which they may discern clearly.

Your willingness to be grafted to God will free you to understand all his sacred perfusions.

Superficial musings on the interior castle cannot trump the real work of the royal family who abide there.

7.  Perpetuate freedom with my license to live as a bondsman to the Beloved.

I ngrates cannot understand the simplicity of joy's delight within children engaged in the devotional now-ness of self-discoveries.

9.  Effuse love in every rendering of being through the nexus of happiness and the tranquility of rest in motion.

10.  Your daily bathing ritual may become a moment of experiencing God's reverence for life within your every cell and pore.


Enter into Grace and Become a Bondsman to the Beloved

Being Grafted to God Will Free You

1.  Graciousness begets harmony in all relationships and heals the wounds of past incursions into darkness.

            Lady Kristine says that graciousness is the oil of kindness that in and of itself dissolves karmic entanglements. In this dissolution, which is a chemical reaction, transmutation occurs. All transmutation is both a physical (as in physics) equation and a chemical equation, and graciousness is that oil that is a part of this process.
            When you have karmic entanglements with others, one of the things you have to do to get over the hump of that karma in your relationships with them is to extend grace, courtesy and this oil of kindness, or graciousness, which heals the wounds. The oil itself is like the balm of Gilead, which covers the scabs of the past—the scars and the scabs, the wounds of the past. And those scabs are born of incursions into darkness when in your relationships you have been unconscious and have, in times of anger or whatever, temporarily lapsed into a dark state of not being one with your God Self. So the key to all relationships, even if you've entered into a karmic relationship and you know it, is to extend graciousness and not get caught in the reactive mode.
            In the chemicalizations of the five elements, there is combustion. You don't want the combustion that leads to explosive, annihilating forces that can annihilate you in anger and snuff out your threefold flame. These karmic relationships are such that it's very easy to be caught in a continuous tit-for-tat reactive mode. We've all done this in past embodiments and even in this embodiment. We know that we get involved with people that we have had problems with in the past. The way out is through graciousness, which begets the harmony.

2.  Revolving the past isn't necessary in resolving it.

            How many times have we brought up others' faults again and again in these exaggerated heated moments in our relationships? We've revolved them and rehearsed them, and when the buttons are pushed, out flows all of the angst, the energy, the bile—the vile bile—of nonliving, nonbeing. This reactive caustic lye, or acid, of the not-self comes up from the unconscious to once again, in spite, strike the person we are having the argument with. And this faultfinding may not even take place in front of another person, but within our own consciousness, our mind, our memory body as we revolve the past.
            When we're revolving, that's exactly what we're doing. We're not resolving; we're revolving. It's a continuous, endless loop, not of being in a figure-eight flow with our Presence, but of being caught on the track of finite living. We're stuck. It's like being in an astral dream that you can't get out of. You feel as if you're going to get murdered, as if you're being chased and you're hiding from some bad guys. Fortunately, you suddenly wake up and you're back in your body and you've escaped the astral nightmare. That's what revolving does. It puts you in a state of nonlife, in devachan.
            Devachan is a place that's kind of a dream world between this and the next life in the astral plane, where you live out your desires that you've held almost in secret. All of us have secrets that we keep from others. But God within us sees all, and these secrets will eventually be exposed. It's better if we expose them, that the God in us exposes them, so that we can grow and have them consumed. So be frank with yourself. This frankness begins with not revolving, rerehearsing and echoing ad nauseam all of the darkness that we've been engaged in.

3.  My current course: study the anterior castlethe world's heart.

            This is a takeoff on Lady Kristine's book The Interior Castle, which she wrote in her embodiment as Saint Teresa of Avila. We had a Meru class taught by Lady Kristine and we read that book, which was translated by a beautiful lady who is a professor at the University of New Mexico. She obviously knew Lady Kristine in her embodiment as Saint Teresa.
            Lady Kristine's current course for us is to study the anterior castle of the world's heart. Well, what is that? We have to, like the Möbius strip, enter a new dimension. Do you know what a Möbius strip is? It's like a figure-eight, but there's a twist. If you cut the figure-eight and then you flip one part of it as a two dimensional strip, like a piece of tape, and you tape it on the other side, it creates this matrix that is almost out of time and space. To study the anterior castle means to get beyond our own castle walls, the enclosures of our mental mind and our past mind-sets and paradigms. Once we have gained the inner wisdom and the gnosis from going within, we take that wisdom and go without to a world to heal the world's heart.
            We have to understand what it is about the world that is key for healing the world. We have to understand what makes people tick. We can't be so secluded, like monks in a cave, that we can no longer relate to people where they are in consciousness in the world. We have to, through the Holy Spirit, discern exactly what inner wisdom will work when communicating with others about these teachings. We do this by first knowing ourselves. And then, by proximity to the Holy Christ/Buddha Self of another and actually communing with that Higher Self, we ask for the keys that can be given to that soul in that moment that will help to heal and raise that one in consciousness. 
            The anterior castle is all of cosmos. It's God looking out from within himself to see all that was created that is good. It's like being in the very center of the heart and seeing the walls of the heart from the inside out. Have you actually done this, gone inside your heart and looked at what are actually the inner walls before you get to the outer skin of the heart? It's an interesting concept, to study what maintains the homeostasis of your own heart and then, through co-measurement, understand the walls of the Cosmic Egg and why there is this Cosmic Egg, what the Cosmic Egg is composed of, and what the very spiritual substance is that maintains that anterior castle. It's a point of opportunity for meditation upon the beingness of God and all of his greatness through all of creation and for traversing the cosmos to understand the very nature of light, energy and being.

4.  Focus on the locus of love to bring all to a heart context through which they may discern clearly.

            A locus is the central point, the core, the focal point through which that love manifests. “Focus on the locus of love.” Is there a scientist here who knows exactly what locus means? [Audience response: “Position, location”] Focus on the location, or the locus, of love to bring all to a heart context through which you may discern clearly. What the master is saying is that you cannot discern clearly unless you are in love, in the Holy Spirit. If you bring things to a heart context, you're not in your mental mind. You are discerning clearly because your reference point is the point of reality of the Now—in love, in God, in being. You're not on the circumference, but you're in the center, the locus of love, which is your heart.
            If you can consistently maintain balance in love, in your heart, then whatever comes your way will be in focus. But if you're not in your heart and you're on the periphery of being, then you will have hazy action or vision, not twenty-twenty vision. You won't see clearly what's coming your way and therefore you'll get embroiled in situations, karmic entanglements or lack of discernment that can put you far afield from your divine plan, even if it's for a year, a month, a week, a day, an hour, a minute.
            When you reach the point of adeptship, being out of alignment for one minute is tantamount to death. Can you imagine the sun being out of kilter and what that would do to the solar system if the sun was not focused in pure being and light? Or even the Earth itself—Gaia, the Mother—if it was not focused in rotating around its axis? It would be like a gyroscope that loses its rotational vibration. If you lose that locus, the central point around which all spins, you begin to wobble and you're no longer acting as a God being. You're acting out of a state of anxiety, and then all of the perversions on all twelve lines of the clock begin to occur in your world.

5.  Your willingness to be grafted to God will free you to understand all his sacred perfusions.

            A perfusionist is one who keeps the blood flowing throughout the body when you're having open-heart surgery. My ex-brother-in-law is a perfusionist. It's a really intense job. When people are put on the operating table, someone has to make sure that the blood is still flowing to the body. The perfusionist operates a machine that keeps that happening even while the heart is stopped so they can operate on it.
           Your willingness to be grafted, like the branch of one tree that is grafted to another to get a better fruit, is important to your merging with God's beingness. It's a process. Luther Burbank and others have done this. They've experimented and come up with more wonderful fruits by grafting one species with particular strengths to another. Some are more resistant to disease and some have greater juice or better taste or whatever. Of course we have to be careful with this so that we don't modify things to the extent that we have GMOs, genetically modified organisms. We don't want the genetics modified, but I don't think the grafting is the same thing.
            Being grafted to God frees you. You are bound to God, basically. You're no longer your own self-serving, creative creation. You become one with God, grafted to God. Your willingness to be grafted to God, or one with God, gives you that freedom to understand God's perfusions that are coming through his branches, of which you are one. So being bound temporarily or being enslaved as a slave, or chela, to God actually frees you to receive the essence, the sap, the very beingness of God and have it flow through you so you can understand God and all of the wonder of living and life.

6.  Superficial musings on the interior castle cannot trump the real work of the royal family who abide there.

          If you only try to go within a few minutes a day, but you're not really devoted to the process of doing what it takes to get to the core of the issues of life, of your spiritual path; if you're not really focused on this sacred science of deeply going within, meditating, entering into silence; if you fall asleep in your meditation, as I've done sometimes, and you're off in another world; if you're not taking what the masters have given and understanding it from their perspective of consciousness and really delving into the science and becoming a master, not just getting your BA, but getting your master's and your PhD in the science of spirituality; and if you're not willing to go to the depths of consciousness, then you can't commune with that royal family—the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the threefold flame, the Trinity that abides within, that royal family of Selfhood within you. 
            Superficiality is what Hollywood is all about. Outer stardom does not get you there. The real stars are those in the heavens, and they're there for millions of years because they have understood the science and they have entered into oneness to the point of becoming a cosmic flowfield of light.

7.  Perpetuate freedom with my license to live as a bondsman to the Beloved.

            This is similar to number 5. Lady Kristine is using kind of a Zen statement, talking about freedom and license in the context of being a bondsman to the Beloved. She's giving us a license, a passport, to live wed to our beloved God Presence. This license, or passport, has the keys for the journey, the permission to enter into oneness, which is grace. That is what Lady Kristine is all about.
            So this license is grace, and it brings about perpetual freedom. When you are in the flow, you are free. If you are outside of the flow, you're not really free. People who seek freedom for freedom's sake, for license's sake just to avoid responsibility are not free. They are actually more bound to their own karma than those who take upon themselves great responsibility to serve life, because in that service they balance karma and win their freedom.
            Some people travel all over the world not wanting to settle down or to get into a certain stability of continuous service within a movement of light, but are they really free? They may be if their consciousness is in God and of God and one with God. But if you're always seeking and never finding the reality within because you're constantly searching for the next new thing that's going to get you a temporary high or a temporary fix, that doesn't get you there. You want to be affixed to God, and you can do this whether you've got a job or not, whether you've got a family or not. The license is grace. So enter into grace and you will become a bondsman to the Beloved. You will be bonded permanently to your God Presence.

8.  Ingrates cannot understand the simplicity of joy's delight within children engaged in the devotional now-ness of self-discoveries.

            An ingrate is one who is not grateful, one who is always looking at the dark side, not the silver lining or the gold lining, but the darkness, the cup half empty. They don't enter into joy and the delight of just simply watching children who are so engaged in self-discovery that they are devoted, by the very nature of what they're doing, to the process of life.
As I left the last monastery that we visited, there was a bumblebee off to the left drinking in the nectar from some violet or pink flowers. I stopped for a moment and watched this bumblebee, and it was amazing to witness this creative process and the lifting off of that big body with its little wings. Someone told us that certain bees, according to the laws of physics, shouldn't even be able to fly. It's kind of neat that she reminded us of that before I saw this bumblebee. It was amazing.
            Children are like bumblebees. They like to bounce around and experience many things quickly because their minds are fresh and they're not bound by all the burdens of responsibilities that adults take upon themselves. Some of these are okay, but if you live in a childlike state continuously, you will be in that state of perpetual joy and self-discovery of God within life. So be grateful for everything that comes your way, even if it's temporarily intense. Don't be an ingrate. Be grateful.

9.  Effuse love in every rendering of being through the nexus of happiness and the tranquility of rest in motion.

              Morya gave us, a long time ago, the concept of rest in motion. You can be in peace and yet be very active when you are in the flow, in the Now. I know people like that, even in this movement, who are constantly busy doing incredible stuff. But because they are in the flow, even when they are busy they are actually resting and receiving spiritual nourishment and a certain vacation, or holiday, from anxiety and tension. 
            The day goes by fast when you are busy and when you are not in a state of agitation, but in a state of this blissfulness of work that is so beautiful. It's the hum of life. And in that state you can effuse love in every rendering of your being. You do it through happiness. If you enjoy what you're doing, your day goes by. If you have a job that you do not like, you should get rid of it and do what you like. Figure out what you love to do and let that be your work, not just your spiritual work, but the work of your life's mission. One of the worst things is to have a job that you hate and to tell other people you hate it, because this means you're in a self-defeating downward spiral.
            There's a great book called The War of Art. I mentioned it a while back. We have it on our website. If you haven't read it, I highly encourage you to do so. It will help bring about a shift in consciousness, especially for people who are doing things that are not their passion, their life's mission, their calling, their joy.
            Is everybody here doing what they love to do? If not, you need to seriously take time and figure out what brings you the greatest joy, and then do a treasure map and go for it. If you've been working as an airline stewardess for thirty years and you've got one more year to get your retirement, hopefully you love what you're doing, [Audience member says "Serving people."] serving people. I don't think we're talking about that. You're going to get your retirement and then have more fun and you can do more spiritual work. But some people aren't doing what they love.
            If your passion is teaching and it means going back to school and getting a master's degree or a PhD to be able to teach others, then do it, even if you're sixty years old! There are people who have gone back to school and gotten their degrees and they are so self-fulfilled in that alchemy that it is life changing. They can be the greatest teachers because of all their life experience. Right? And they can effuse into their work the most beautiful renderings of the holiness of who they have become because of their experience.

10.  Your daily bathing ritual may become a moment of experiencing God's reverence for life within your every cell and pore.

            I remember Mother telling us a story about when she was married to Edward. She would sing in the shower and talk to God while she was in the shower, and one time Edward said, “What's going on in there? [laughter] Who are you talking to?” Remember that? He didn't understand that Mother was talking to God in the shower while she was preparing for her day, just talking to God as a friend, as we all should. And if you're not doing it, consider it. We decree. We think we always have to decree in a cadence or with words that somebody else, such as me, has written. Well, hey, write your own every day. Do your own Lady Kristine's chrism. Be creative!
            So let your daily bathing ritual be a holy experience. When Mother told that story, I thought it was great. Here was the messenger talking to God in the shower, setting the sail for the whole day by her intent to commune with a master, her own God Self or even the universe.
            How often do we talk to a master as a friend and invite him or her to sit next to us in our car or at the office and say: “Maha Chohan, I'm having a hard time today. Can you help me out here?” Friendship with the masters is key. Many of you have a master that you really resonate with, that you've developed a relationship with that is so special that no one will ever take it away from you. That's the type of relationship that is beyond all human relationships, really. When you have that friendship with God through any being or nonbeing—God's nonbeingness, or the impersonal impersonality of God—it can move you into new dimensions of being. You get inspiration.
            What happens is that you surrender. When I prepare for a dictation, I let go, I surrender everything: Here I am God; send me. What was the thing between Samuel and Eli? Samuel was being called to be a prophet. He was a little kid and he heard a voice say “Samuel” “Who's there?” Finally about the fourth time, “Here I am Lord. Send me.” Remember that story? So it's like, "Here I am. Use me. Blaze through me. Love through me. Heal through me." All that. It begins with the daily process of cleansing ourselves, washing off our karma and saying to God: “I am free this day to do your work—just send me.”
             All of this teaching is from Lady Kristine. Anybody who knew her in her last embodiment knows she was practical. She got work done for Mother and the masters on the publications, and yet she kept her peace. She was amazing. She was the epitome of rest in motion. I was privileged to know her. I led decrees with her twice and that was fantastic. She was like a pillar of cosmic salt right there on the altar. And the salt of her consciousness, of her beingness and focus effused from her aura. You just knew she knew who she was and that we were going to cut through in a session so that Mother could give a dictation. Those were the days of hours and hours of decrees. But with her leading, in twenty minutes everything would be ready for the master because of the focus. I learned a lot from her just by watching her and being in her aura and being able to cut through. It wasn't about long sessions of time; it was about attunement, and she was attunement to the max.
            There's a lot that you could share from these chrisms way beyond what I have said or what she has said through me. Eventually we'll put them in a book. They're not going to be on the website in their own place, even though they're coming out daily in the daily newsflash. And, purposely, she wants me to keep them from being published as HeartStreams so we can have a book out of these.

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