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Lanello      December 14, 2006

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
December 14, 2006            7:56 - 8:20 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, MT

Blessed Ones,
            I have been in conversation with God recently, and in our communion I have discerned a greater portion of the plan that he desires to manifest upon earth through hearts such as yours. Truly, blessed ones, entering into the heart of the Father, you can know both the great intensity of his love and how that love may be expressed unto a world in need so devoid of the Spirit and yet also created in the image and likeness of the Sun Presence of God, vibrating as that great Mother within the spheres of mater [unrecorded word or words] God, through your own Presence always.
            And in this sacred ongoing conversation you can receive those higher intimations of truth of what your part in the great drama of life may be day by day, blessed ones. And this you are doing in many ways through your daily devotions. For even within the context of the sending forth of the Word, many of you have entered into great and higher states of cosmic awareness and of how that Word that you have become is truly changing a world through your own acceptance and then radiance of the Presence of God through your being.
            The blessed Master Omraam, whom many of you are beginning to fully appreciate, comes soon to discourse with you through his amanuenses and students and directly, heart to heart, if you will accept him, during a class of Meru University beginning shortly after the new year, blessed ones. His teaching on silence is a must for those of you who would enter into cosmic consciousness and follow me and him all the way in the great regeneration of those spiritual fires that will win for you and for many a new round of opportunity for self-transcendence. And his teaching on good and evil many of you will benefit from, for even now in the ascended state I see how a number of my chelas have not fully grasped the totality of the teaching that I did give. And so Omraam comes not only to complement but in many ways to complete certain aspects of the greater teaching of the Everlasting Gospel that Elizabeth and I were privileged to bring to mankind.
            The teachings as presented by this masterful one will not only give you a new foundation from which to launch a greater ring of fire to reach, worlds within worlds, the lives of many who are coming, blessed ones, but they will also for you personally engender a greater level of attunement through your entering into the state of cosmic silence where you may be present with your God at a higher level than many of you have known since the days of your greater physical outpicturing of your attainment on Lemuria and Atlantis.
            The minds of mankind have become clouded with the miasma of the darkness of an age of anti-reason. And it is time, blessed ones, that the truth be known and that the Word go forth. And that Word is you. Yes, you also were sent as the Lord Christ into this world, heartstreaming, descending with that fiat, "Lo, I am come to do thy will, O God," almost as a meteoric manifestation unto a darkened star. And when, blessed ones, you can fully remember your vows, your mission and those specific souls whom the Lord Sanat Kumara did send you unto to save, then the reality of your life has a new meaning. The purpose of your daily word and sacrifice and all of your studies and all of that which you have given and continue to give, makes sense.
            For at times even the best of our students fall or can have a sense of separation from that original intent or enter into states of depression, saying unto themselves, "Has it been worth it, O my God, all these years of my sacrifice and my giving when I do not see fully the fruits in the lives changed for whom I came? O God, help me to understand your plan and your path, for at times the burden seems so great and the way not clear."
            O beloved ones, yet if you keep on keeping on, taking even tiny steps day by day, soon the miasma is cleared and the full radiance of the Sun of your Presence shines forth to dispel those darkened clouds that assail you. And you will know that which is your rightful inheritance, the plan of action and that which you must do to fulfill all as the Lord Christ did in his hour both of agony and of ecstasy that you know.
            Some come into the sacred sanctuary not fully embracing my presence. I welcome you anyway, beloved one. And others, through self-satisfaction of their own methodologies and ways, have attempted to dissuade the brethren and the sisters from hearing my message. I say God bless you, each one. But for those who desire an accelerated path I say, follow me. For you will know the completeness of Beingness through these teachings released through the anointed messengers Rebecca and David.
            And though some think that the recent words of Padma Sambhava or the messenger were an attempt to dissuade you from a specific path that you have chosen or that you feel comfortable with, I say nay. Listen to the voice behind the voice of the messenger and the master himself. For you will discern even the voice of your own Higher Self speaking to your soul through our messages, for we are all one. There is no dissimulation within the oneness of our presence, blessed ones.
            Gather ye, winds, from the four corners of the earth, for the Mother has come to save her children. Gather ye, forces, for in this place sanctified by the blessed Mary, I announce to you the opportunity, each one, to give something here and now for the victory of the plan of the Virgin Mother Mary. For in her great vision she knows those souls for whom each of you have come. She knows just how much each of you can offer on the altar of your hearts for the victory of our plan.
            Whether some of you decide to abide in this place in time and space is a personal matter, blessed ones; but in the eyes of the messenger of light who sees far into the future, it may benefit some of you to enter into the greater aspect of community. When the winds howl and the skies are darkened and some cry out for assistance and help of their God, I say, be there for those who will need assistance both physically and spiritually. Be there, blessed ones, fully empowered by the radiant Word that you have become and the Spirit that shines upon your brow because you have embraced fully your own God Presence, your source of light and life.
            Do I speak in parables and words that you do not fully understand? I leave it to the leadership of this Hearts Center to provide for you the means whereby our plan, very tangible, well-thought through, can be fulfilled through each heart beating in unison with my magnanimous heart.
            Therefore, look to that which this council anointed will present to you shortly as the plan for 2007 and beyond. And see how, through self-sacrifice of the lesser self, each of you may enter more greatly into your Higher Self, giving and then receiving and giving again and entering into the sacred flow of the Tai Chi of the Tao. And through our community abuilding here and there in Hearts Centers, Heartfriends Groups and even in your personal homes, you may assist El Morya and me in fulfilling all, blessed ones.
            It has been now a full two years since I sent this messenger unto the elders. And even though they rejected the cornerstone of the Christ within this one, ye have not. And for that, each of you has seen a greater manifestation of that Christ Spirit within your lives, have ye not? Therefore, I say unto those who may yet embrace my light and my pathway, Come unto me, ye who would know where I am in this hour and where the Mother is in consciousness. For we have far-transcended even our previous words of yesteryear. And if you would discern fully our pathway in this hour, surrender something of yourself to embrace the greater light of Lanello and Guru Ma where we are now and in our sponsorship of this Hearts Center which the Great Divine Director, El Morya and I say will be victorious!
            I seal you this morning in my aura of fire. I love you. And I once more enter into my conversation with God and with you, blessed ones.

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