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Cyclopea      December 06, 2006

Beloved Cyclopea
David Christopher Lewis
December 6, 2006 7:37-7:59 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Precious Hearts Who Would See As God Sees,
            I am the all-seeing one, Cyclopea, and with the Elohim we radiate forth our light from the seven chakras of the earth unto all evolutions thereof in this hour. And from certain sacred points, foci of light in various nations, we also emanate the emerald action of cosmic vision for those upon earth who can both hear our word and receive the vibration of that healing science from within to the without.
            Mankind is attempting to reach ever higher states of scientific achievement. And you have seen in these last few generations a certain advancement that even a few decades ago would seem unbelievable to the common man or woman. And even in certain quarters upon this earth the technology that you have available to you is unknown. And yet, beloved ones, the science of the spirit is most unknown unto the masses among mankind. And therefore we emanate a new action of the emerald ray to bring up, up, up the level of spiritual awareness to the point of the third eye whereby mankind may begin to see at a higher level of spirituality above the miasma of the human condition.
            Unless those among mankind who are the leaders of the people in the various nations begin to understand what is necessary to bring about a God-civilization upon this planet, then the Elohim in conjunction with the Solar Lords and the Lords of Karma must unleash those energies which would cause a certain chaos among mankind, for the energies of the spirit that we bear within our bodies mankind cannot fully embrace at the level in which you dwell. Therefore, when the earth is required to come into a greater awareness and certain ones among mankind lag behind in their ability to sustain the higher radiation from those stellar worlds that are beaming their light to Earth, then you see within the earth body itself [and] in the environment, cataclysm, destruction, and the leveling of an old way that is not the way of God.
            The cosmic forces that come into play in your world are such that even the elemental beings whom we govern are burdened by the intensity of the light of the Aquarian fires which are burning at the etheric levels of consciousness and which the Lord God through prophecy does deliver through the mental belt into the astral plane and then into the physical body itself of the earth. Though there may be a golden age consciousness even now emanating and vibrating at the etheric plane [and] enveloping             the earth, yet through resistance born of the ego mankind has not allowed the new vibration of love to be received and to be fully embraced at all levels of consciousness.
            The elementals look unto mankind even as gods, blessed ones. And therefore, when they begin to mimic those who do not carry the God-flame then you see greater destruction upon earth. The elementals need those among mankind, namely you, who can be their examples, who can pray for them and through cosmic entrainment there can be delivered to greater numbers among mankind the understanding of the blessedness of elemental life within nature whereby mankind may regain the respect and the reverence for life that is essential so that he does not continue to pollute the earth itself at all levels, most essentially the mental level through mindless chatter. For this, in and of itself, blessed ones, does create a burden at the mental level of the planetary body that does weigh down upon the other bodies of the earth itself.
            But when the air is cleared and you have a fresh new outlook through seeing as we see, then your perspective changes. Love may flow more generously and readily within your worlds. Acceptance of your divine nature, O mankind, may become the norm and then the earth body itself is also raised because there is even a lightening at the level of the astral plane because mankind's emotions come into alignment with the energy of God in motion within all life.
            We deal with world energies as Elohim and therefore through a very slight turning of the dial there can be an almost instantaneous action of enlightenment for many when a teaching such as you have received in recent weeks, namely that of Eckhart Tolle, comes into the fore of the consciousness of mankind. Therefore, those of you who have received this teaching along with the corollary teaching released to beloved Gautama's messenger upon earth, take [them] to heart. Take them [and] use them fully, first within your own beings and worlds, mastering your mind and emotions. And then after you have secured a certain balance within your own bodies, blessed ones, then and only then go forth to teach many among mankind this science; for truly it is a manifestation of the science of the spirit of which I have spoken.
            Spirituality-deep and true, abiding love of God within from which all may emanate-is the need of the hour for mankind. The Elohim have discussed what can be the greatest opportunity given unto mankind in this time of transition whereby they will come to terms with their own God-identity, discerning at all levels of society what is required for the righting of wrongs and for the realignment of energies within the nations and their peoples. What is most needed from my level of seeing as a representative of the Eye of God itself is that through acceptance of God's view of each one of you, blessed ones, within the realm of the possible in your life you may begin to see not only what God has in store for you as a divine being and creature but you will begin to know how the responsibility lies within your own heart, within your own mind, your own vision, to make this God-consciousness a reality day by day where you are.
            Truly if mankind knew better he would do better, but first he must see the out-of- alignment state. And therefore, blessed ones, even through the media you have seen in recent months and years an exposure of that which is the most decadent manifestation of anti-life upon this earth that has ever occurred since the very days when mankind was hunched over, living in a cave-man state. No more shall this be the fare of mankind-to live as animal creatures! Know, O mankind, the true path of spiritual evolution, by understanding the ancient ways of those who lived long upon earth and who manifested truly their own God-consciousness for which there is even a remembrance in your scriptures of those such as Methuselah, Enoch, Moses and others who lived long upon your soil.
            Take to heart what it must have been like to live with the full radiance of your God-Presence blazing forth through your chakras twenty-four/seven, and discern how you may even-here and now-begin to manifest more of this Elohimic consciousness within your world, blessed ones.
            When we step up the energies through an acceleration of our fire through our messengers and through the teaching that we deliver, it is incumbent upon each of you to discern what is within you that both accepts and rejects this acceleration of light. Seek to understand what you may garner of greater God-consciousness through the All-Seeing Eye of God and through your own third eye that will allow you to resonate more as we do, blessed ones. For then the earth itself will be raised because you have first been the receptacle of our fire and then the constant battery through which we may re-energize the planetary body itself.
            And if I may use a colloquial term, many of you will then be that energized "energizer bunny," hopping along, singing a song of freedom for many! Enjoy raising the earth through your magnified hearts-glorious to behold even from the realms of ascended beings who do glory when some among mankind get it, [when] some understand the path, [when] some decide to come all the way up the mountain to become immortal beings, [even] as gods-not as the glorified ego of the not-self but as the humble servants of all life upon earth.
            Beloved ones, you are entrusted with a holy mission. Day by day you outpicture it through not only your spiritual devotions and practices but by truly simply being there for God to love through, to think through, to see through, to emanate through. Yes, you are representatives of the Lord if you choose to be the one, day by day, through whom his holy Word may continue to flow.
            We are grateful for those of you who have caught fire. I increase that fire this day, beloved ones, for you have called it forth even in your singing and in your glorying in the Lord Jesus. In this holy season, remember why he came. And therefore, you will discern something more of why you came to Earth.
            I AM Cyclopea. I draw you into the All-Seeing Eye for a season. When you can see, truly, as we see, then your life will never be quite the same. For as you know, those who see as we do can never, never live as mortals in the flesh again.1 We thank you. We seal you. See you later, beloved ones!

1Exodus 33:20

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