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Serapis Bey      September 26, 2006

Beloved Serapis Bey
David Lewis
THC Darshan 060926
9:39-49 p.m. MDT

Blessed Ones,
            The inner work is the most important work for this [pilgrimage] trip [to Luxor.] Those of you who have been attuning to me as requested have already received keys in the advancement of your soul toward the day of your victory. And as these classes continue during these six weeks, much, much more is occurring at inner levels than your outer awareness is even aware of. There is the same process that occurred during Summit University where it is as if your soul becomes malleable as clay and then is reshaped by the chohans, one by one-refashioned, refined toward the ultimate perfectionment of the chalice of your being such that when your special day comes, you will be not only acceptable in your own sight as a bride of Christ or Buddha or a groom of the Divine Mother but truly in the eyes of the Guru of gurus ready to fulfill your ongoing mission as an ascended being.
            This is a time of holiness. What I would convey to each of you and what you may share with all those who are attending this pilgrimage is that as stewards of the sacred fire you must garner and guard the light within. And, day by day, as we will guide your footsteps as the plan is already prepared most lovingly by our angels working directly with you and your tour guides, there will be, as I have already said, a transformation such that you cannot even imagine.
            The work that has been done to date by Paul and others among you is truly stupendous. And all those who serve at the ascension temple now bow to the light within each of you. There is great expectation from those, whom many of you know on inner planes already, to receive you very personally. For when you come in proximity to my retreat, we can work at a much deeper and higher level than when you are required to travel in your souls from far across the world and the curvature of space. Therefore, take these final days for great introspection as to what it is that you desire to see fulfilled in your life. Therefore, you see, I put the question back to you. What do you seek from the brothers and sisters of the ascension temple? What would you have of us, blessed hearts?
            It is through the purity of your motives, discerning how, through the ultimate sacrifice of everything that is less than what you need in your final voyage of oneness in the final ascent, that you may understand the final requirements. Therefore, learn to graciously shed more of previous conceptions of yourself from all past embodiments, what has been taken upon your soul by your lower self that must finally be let go, and realize the ultimate joy of the simplicity of the white fire that we bear for you most humbly.
            It would even be to your advantage to pen a final letter to me and burn it before you depart from your homes as to what it is that you would have of the Chohan of the Fourth Ray, what grace you seek, just as you would write a letter to the Karmic Board but in a very personal way to me as your friend and one who will be involved in the final arbitration of your solar ascent from this earth. Preparing for that holy day is like preparing for the greatest wedding feast of all and for your graduation as a master, all wrapped into one. Why even your soul would prepare announcements to your friends of your victory, would it not, inviting long lost friends, relatives to witness to your special day?
            Meditate with me, discern with me, prepare with me and know the fullness of the Great White Brotherhood's plan for your soul.
                        I thank you.

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