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Saint Patrick      March 17, 2006

Beloved Saint Patrick
David Christopher Lewis
March 17, 2006 3:51- 5:11 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Heart Friends who are striving for greater understanding,

            Your heart-mind connection to your divine Presence is the most sure-fire way to remain centered in the state of equilibrium whereby all that you experience is filtered through the lens of reality of Godly intent. For all experience in your plane of existence is colored by the sum of who you are in all dimensions of being-past, present and future. Thus, though you strive for greater wisdom and knowledge in intuiting the intentions of heavenly beings in your affairs, you cannot get away from the paradigm from which all is seen and experienced, unless through the miracle light of cosmic intercession and acceptance, you see from a higher view.
            I come this day to expand your vision, for only when crystal-clear seeing is manifest through your outer senses, as it already occurs on inner planes, will you be able to experience a shift in your perceptions that allows you to be in alignment with those cosmic perceptions that will gain you new ground in attainment in the here and now.
            The past is prologue. You have heard this term, yet few realize the fullness of its meaning. The past, in this quote, is the sum total of the human experience from the limited vantage point of reality as you have known it. As you strive to rise into higher consciousness you must begin to see much more objectively, and this necessitates being willing to question all paradigms and place all closely-held belief systems in the crucible of violet transmutation. For when you pass from this realm you will truly begin to experience life in ways that most cannot imagine because they dwell almost exclusively in an earthy domain, never having tried to know the realities of divine living.
            Dear hearts, it is a new day! And although I come to shake you awake into a newer paradigm of living, this is not meant to destroy those sacred experiences of yesteryear or to defuse you of the memories of those fiery initiations which you have passed which have led to your acceptance of higher truth wherever it is found. Therefore, come with me in consciousness as I take you in spirit to our octaves to view the current dilemma of earth as we see it in this hour.
            When the messenger who is penning this missive first accepted the responsibility to receive our transmissions, he did so with pure intention and yet with a certain world view and paradigm that had certain limitations in what we were able to convey. The messages were thus delivered within the context of his own personal experience. This is always the case with any messenger, for we must use the orifice of the chakras-the heart and mind-through which to convey our worded releases.
            Those of you who have read our words and resonate with their vibration may have come to a similar understanding on your life path, for we seek through any messenger to reach a certain strata of spiritual climbers, giving them the keys to the next level of their ascent up the mountain of attainment. Thus, if you look back at your life, you will notice many important points where you moved past a certain limited paradigm to embrace what you now know as a broader and more universal outlook toward life on earth.
            You are more accepting of people, no matter where they dwell in consciousness. You look for the good in all, no matter how disingenuously some behave and treat you. Your vision of life and the meaning of life have created for you a paradigm of hope rather than mistrust, faith rather than despair, love rather than fear.
            I come this day to say that many of you still have a number of sacred cows which actually vibrate within your auras which I would like to permanently release to other pastures far from your world! Out then, with these old paradigms and animal thoughts and thoughtforms which have inhabited these, your servants, O God! Cleanse them of ancient records which have burdened them, limited them in attaining to new levels of cosmic consciousness!
            Beloved ones, I would address for clarity's sake the ascended masters' view on other dispensations which have been the delivery mechanism for our words and wisdom, for at times, even our best students, in changing paradigms, tend to try to destroy within their own minds what has been a past point of reference, or to criticize some within other spiritual organizations who have not seen things as they have seen them or to justify their current stance through a human mind-set that is still subjective in its view.
            Thus, I state for the record that previous dispensations' organizations that still exist and are active in the world of form are still valuable to us in their work in bringing many spiritual seekers to a higher level of awareness. As those of you who are historians in the work of the Brotherhood in White are aware, these include the dispensations that were granted through cosmic councils at the request of certain ascended and unascended masters whom you know, namely the Theosophical Society, the Saint Germain Foundation (or I AM Activity), the Agni Yoga Society, the Bridge to Freedom, the Self Realization Fellowship, the teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov released in France and elsewhere, the Summit Lighthouse/Church Universal and Triumphant and now The Hearts Center activity.
            Each of these dispensations was begun to move forward the work of the ascended masters in bringing to the outer awareness of mankind the inner mysteries of the Brotherhood which previously were held in secret for those who had attained to a certain level of inner spirituality and gnosis. Therefore, we admonish all to honor, respect and give full deference to the teachings released through these divinely-authorized activities and the messengers through whom they were delivered, regardless of the human imperfections of any of the messengers
            Each of these is still a viable outpost for the release of ascended master instruction to the world, reaching a certain audience of lightbearers who can accept cosmic truth through the specific worded release of that dispensation. Let it be known that there are also numerous other spiritual teachers through whom we work who may not have established a large following or organization. These are great lights in the earth upon whom we rely for the holding of the balance of the light at many levels.
            This is our current position statement, authorized by my Guru Sanat Kumara, so that all will know the truth and so that these truths may help to set them free! Regardless of human opinion, we move onward and will continue to do so, even beyond the currently named activities, should the need arise. To qualify any dispensation as the final word from us is folly, for the very nature of the universe is change.
            May living truth abide with you always, as you strive to view life as we do.
            Yours for a new paradigm of cosmic vision, I AM Saint Patrick

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