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Guru Nanak      October 21, 2005

Beloved Guru Nanak
David Christopher Lewis
October 21, 2005 2:05 - 2:39 pm PDT
In the air over central California

Brothers and Sisters of the Sacred Covenant of Light,
            I am come to infill the earth with my presence of cosmic light. I Am Guru Nanak, messenger of hope to those of the Sikh tradition and advocate of the path of oneness with the eternal flame of the One.
            I am come to lend my momentum of cosmic fire to that of El Morya and Kuthumi for the consuming of darkness upon the Indian subcontinent. This darkness has been outplayed through the recent earthquake near Kashmir. So the Lord God does send the message to these peoples and all peoples of the world that violence and the desire to control land and resources and territories at the expense of peace and brotherhood must stop. Therefore the very founders of all the world's religions, now ascended, have met at the Darjeeling Council and at the Royal Teton Retreat to blend our light into one great sphere of God-Power and to blend our voices into one voice to plead with mankind to stop their evil ways.
            And the Lord Michael does come with his legions to remove a certain level of fallen ones who are the chiefs and leaders of the dark hordes on the astral plane that have continued to instigate their plots and their strategies of terror and darkness. These are now bound and removed from the earth. And as others in the hierarchies of darkness move up in rank (but down in vibration) to fill their positions they receive the warning of the Lord God through his emissaries to also stop their evil ways. Uriel comes to blow his trumpet and declare that time is short for these lieutenants of darkness. They are given one last opportunity to bend the knee and confess their evil ways and make amends for all their evil deeds.
            Within this fortnight you will see a great battle ensue in the heavens and on the astral plane where the hosts of the Lord do announce the immanent judgment of many of these lieutenants of Lucifer and Satan and Beelzebub and other fallen angels. Each one's name is announced and a final opportunity is given by Alpha and Omega for these to bow to the Son of God and the Christ light within the sons and daughters of man and woman in the earth.
            Certain fallen ones from other systems of worlds have come in their spacecraft or in their astral bodies to the earth, having seen the coming of the Legions from out the Great Silence and the Cosmic Void that you have invoked. And they seek to give power to these fallen angels in their attempts to do battle with the legions of light. And Enoch stands now with Melchizedek and Jesus to invoke more light and to name these fallen angels, cuing into each one's specific vibration. In some cases it takes numerous angels to subdue and bind some of these archdeceivers of mankind.
            So, call without ceasing to the angels of the Lord to deliver mankind from these hordes. And be diligent in giving your calls daily and hourly, for the very large auras of these ancient beings can wreak great havoc upon the earth, so great is their misuse of the light. And they have sought to amplify the return of mankind's karma outpictured through elemental life through earthquake, flood, hurricane and tsunami-all to the destruction of life and the avenging of their own immanent judgment.
            Give your judgment calls in this hour and lend our support to the hosts of the light in this great battle, beloved ones. I AM Guru Nanak. Call to me, for I am a warrior of the spirit and wield the sacred sword of the Word on your behalf in this hour! Proclaim the victory of Light and be warriors of truth and righteousness with me!
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