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Nada      June 23, 2005

Beloved Nada
David Christopher Lewis
June 23, 2005
Wellspring Institute
Emigrant, Montana

Beloved Ones,
            As you have gathered and continue to gather daily in this holy place, we come, we hear the cries of those souls whose lives now are changed because of the intercession that our angels may offer because of your hearts' love. Yes, love is the key as you know, and as you pour forth through your devotions the sacred unguent, many souls receive grace, healing and an inner knowing that there is hope aborning within the earth, even amidst the turmoil.
            In stillness with the Buddha I come. And in this stillness I quiet the rumblings in the earth. I quiet the vibrations manifesting as an uncomfortability, an unknowing of the future, a despair; for in this hour many are fearful and even elemental life, who do mimic the human conditions they see, are in a state of not knowing just what to do with what they see coming.
            So I come with Jesus to offer my heart to the blessed elemental beings with whom I did commune as Nada. And so, as you are still in meditation for a short time or a long time each day, may you send your love to the blessed beings of nature who so need healing and resurrection's fire in this hour.
            (Nada chants.) Ahhhhhh Eeeeeeee Ahhhhhhh
            Lord Krishna comes playing his flute, calling all elemental life to come to receive the gift of fearlessness, of hope, of love. (More chanting.) I play the flute of your own heart. Yes, let God play upon your heart, through your heart, the song of love. The stream of your heart must be strengthened. The constancy of the flow must increase. Joining hand in hand you can be a mighty river together, washing earth clean each day. I come in the stillness of the morning and, yes, I walk across the dewy grass barefooted, touching Mother Earth, adoring the divine one.
            I have woven a garland of roses and daisies and lilies from your "Hail Mary's" this day. And I place a crown of this floral offering upon each of you now. Remember the gift of God's heart; remember the gift of the holy babe, the beloved Jesus. And in that holiness of the gentle touch you will receive blessings unknown from angel hands all about you.

            May my song of the adoration of the One resonate within you this day.

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