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Maha Chohan      June 13, 2005

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
June 13, 2005 8:22 - 9:08 a.m. CDT
Lawrence, Kansas

Blessed Spirits in Whom Dwell the Fire of God,
            You are all spiritual beings residing within an earthly form ready to once and for all break free to again experience life in the fullness and richness that you knew in the beginning. This beginning experience is what I would lead you to today, dear hearts.
            To know God as spirit you must enter into a relationship wherein you glory in spiritual things more than physical things. Do you wonder why you have not attained when so much of your life is taken up in bringing yourself material possessions and accumulations, when your goal should be to spiritualize all with God's light? I do not say that you may not have all those things that you need to live harmoniously on your planet but that the things you surround yourself with must also not weigh you down so that you cannot fly with me to new heights of God-consciousness.
            In the beginning, you were an ideation of God which he desired to individualize and clothe with substance though the spiritual garments you wore were simply composed of light. It is only after the descent into matter that your outer form took on a denser manifestation and body like the one you now wear and which you eventually discard once your life experience is completed in this round.
            In your perfected body, you were wholly pure. Pure light energy was your composition, and you were easily able to experience life in a manner that was beyond the ken of your current condition. Thus, you could traverse the spiritual realms and know reality in ways that you cannot now comprehend because of your limited view. Today I would expand your view so that you can again know what is in store for you when you decide to return to your first estate as a spiritual being.
            Beloved ones, when you master the flow of energy through you so that all is qualified with beauty and love, with nothing held back in personal pockets of self expressions that do not expand your awareness or others' awareness of God-ideals, then you are ready for the initiation of being made a permanent partner with the divine, the Source of all life and energy. Becoming a partner with God means that you have mastered the tests of free will and decided that all that will flow through the aperture of your awareness will be the pure stream of light, qualified with positive or spiritual joy.
            Where you are on the ladder of life is all a matter of how you attune to the process of flowing with the cycles of living in the now of an awareness of reality that brings forth every good and perfect thought and creation as your reflection of spiritual light that is God. As you were created in the image of God, so your imagination in the echoing of His being is the key to your victory in becoming the fullness of life, light and love. For as you clothe your imagination of perfection with action in your realm, you manifest the original intent of God to become more of Himself throughout the created universe.
            God may only make permanent what is real, and so you can only return to the One as one who is fully within the reality of God when you are in that partnering consciousness, corresponding with God in every way. Yes, when you correspond with God, you not only are in alignment with His spirit but you walk and talk with Him in all ways as the saints and sages have done for eons.
            I learned the secret of correspondence long ago, and so I have been chosen to become the expression of God's Holy Spirit, breathing life into the earth body itself and into all creative souls embodying again to work out their self-elevation unto all reality. When you learn to breathe in this spiritual fire, you may become empowered with the all- power of creation where all that you do and say and think is pure because you have first processed it through the one spiritual being that lives in and through all life.
            Processions of angels come now to help you to process light and to progress through the light initiations that will test whether every particle of your being is stamped with the pure energy of God in the crucible of your personal experimentation with light. So, begin and end all your alchemical work with the praising of the Spirit Most Holy-the Great Spirit who does witness to and of all within the time/space continuum and also to all outside that evolutionary realm. For my angels will come in answer to your personal prayers and they will give you all you need to procession up and beyond this realm and into the higher climbs awaiting you.
            I am the Maha Chohan. I am here ever and always. Know me in love. Know me in the stillness of the fire infolding itself within you. Know me ever as your fiery friend who is able and willing to help you become fully bonded to your own reality, your God-Reality, this day.

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