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Hilarion      June 11, 2005

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
June 11, 2005 9:12 - 10:09 am CDT
Lawrence, Kansas

Beloved Witnesses of Healing,

            Faithfully I come. Faithful I would have you be-faithful to your own God Presence of the all-light and the fullness of that spiritual fire that is your very being. Let us now reason together in a new spirit of communication that is truly the merging of heaven and earth in cosmic truth.

            Beloved friends, the healing that you seek may only be realized when you realize your Self. Self Realization should be the goal of all educational methods and all schools of spiritual thought and wisdom. The courses that we teach in the etheric schools of light are all developed in order for the individual student of light to come into the union of heart, mind and spirit through the development of the inner faculties of the soul that allow that one to self-actualize and attune to the one chord of the OM.

            Becoming a self-actualized or self-realized one always requires a teacher who has already attained that state. And so, whether you have a guru on the outer or simply one of us who directs your course on the inner, you must hitch the wagon of your developing consciousness to the star of the divinity within the true representative of higher truth. For this one, having already passed through the initiations required to understand every aspect of the soul, the tests that come as you ascend the ladder of attainment and the process of filtering out all unreality and allowing the intimations of truth to take hold within, can lead you to the core of being that has always been the point of reality for you.

            Dear hearts, healing is a sacred science whereby the one who is in the position of delivering the fire of the emerald ray must surrender the self to allow the flow of spiritual energy unto the one who would know wholeness. The amount of grace and healing that can be received is in direct proportion to the amount of belief or faith in the recipient multiplied by the clarity and purity of the flow of light through the healer. Thus, if the one who seeks healing has full belief that a complete recovery will occur and the healer has prepared himself by first clearing away all debris within so that he is a pure vessel of the cosmic flow, then total healing may ensue.

            As you know, healing begins from within, and so first the karma or cause of the current condition is first consumed and then the manifestation of that condition in the outer is corrected. If, through a lack of understanding of cosmic principles, one seeks only the outer correction, then the inner reasons remain and the condition may recur if the error that caused it is repeated. This is why Jesus said to "go and sin no more."

            The masters of wisdom always seek to illumine their disciples so that they self- correct the inner reasons for their outer state of consciousness and thereby win their complete healing at all levels, first and foremost on a core, etheric level. If you could see your auras as we work with you, you would note how the alignment of the chakras and the four lower bodies, seen as sheathes of light in different frequencies, allows a greater influx of light and a gradual strengthening of the aura so that the chela becomes much more impervious to those energies that have caused him to lose the attainment and self-mastery that he seeks.

            We know because we see. And we see at levels of being that you are just beginning to understand as you refine your soul faculties and develop greater sensitivity to the action of the secret rays and the variegated energies that impact your world and that are impacted through your thought processes, your meditations and your spiritual practices, which we recommend always begin with the centering of your being in the heart of God through deep prayer and devotions directed upwards to the Source.

            True freedom can only be attained when you have first freed your own consciousness to soar with the angels and to move upward into new realms of thought unencumbered by mindsets and strapped by the trappings of mortal meanderings through the mazes of human nonsense, dear ones. Breaking free from the past conditionings and limitations is paramount, and so you may often find yourself in situations where you must choose to move quickly to change your life, even if it means leaving behind certain beliefs, powerful memories and certain friends who, though helpful, have not held the key to your path of transcending your current level of spiritual evolution.

            You must continually be improving and climbing on the road to God-reality, else what you have accumulated in your trek is simply a weight that will drag you down. Consider what is really required for your ascent and leave those banal attitudes and outworn garments behind to find the rays of the sun coursing to your world from new angles that you have never before observed. Know the newness of discovery in ways and means that were previously out of the range of your reach because you were satisfied with your situation, rather than allowing yourself to be stretched to higher levels as intrepid warriors of the spirit!

            I am searching for those who are ready to know the truth at all costs to the human self. I do not require the surrender of what is real in you, but only what is clouding your own concept of yourself as a God-free being. For I would have you be free through the blazing truth of the healing of your mind and heart and spirit by unparalleled love, the divine type that washes and bathes you unto the full cleansing required for your immortality, beloved.

            I am Hilarion. Seek me early and you shall know the light of truth within.

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