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Jasmine      June 10, 2005

Beloved Jasmine, Queen of the Fragrance Elementals and Nature Spirits
David Christopher Lewis
June 10, 2005 6:50 - 7:24 a.m. MST
Byers, Colorado

Dearest Hearts of Infinite Love,
            I am come this day to reveal to you my presence in and among you as the Ascended Lady Master Jasmine. You have not known of me, and yet I have been working with the evolutions of earth in a very real way for many hundreds of years, beloved.
            The love of elemental life for mankind is a most real love. And so the flora and the fauna are the outpicturing of the radiating magnanimity of God manifest in His beauty, grace and the wonder of the colorful and expressive aspects of love. Those who work with elemental life have a sense of the awe of the multi-faceted ways in which the creative fires are outplayed in symmetrical design, blossoming hues and the newness of growth that is truly miraculous.
            So, I come that mankind may have a new paradigm of the grace of the elementals that can be yours when you understand how simple it is to commune with us. To enter into a deeper relationship with the trees and the flowers and the beautiful gnomes that are behind their pastel blooming and the fruits of their annual growth should be as easy to mankind as communicating with one another. And so, I begin an accelerated mini-course in teaching you how to have greater joy because we also wish it so for you!
            Dear hearts, to learn from and know us, you must first develop a child-like spirit and consciousness. You must know that all is good and that the elementals, who are also very much like children, imitate you. Thus, if you have a playful spirit, desiring to speak to them as dear friends, you will truly win many as your personal helpers. You may speak to them as you would speak to a young child, with kindness, respect and the attitude of gentility that means that you will not harm them.
            Elementals have great feeling bodies and care very much for all that they see. They are startled easily and do require a certain softness in your approach and speech. They like being appreciated and are always grateful when you praise God for the beautiful things that they work so hard to create and sustain. They love those whose hearts are open and willing to take time to walk among nature and breathe in the fresh air and the elemental essences, which they also work hard to create.
            Wafting fragrances are one of those least appreciated works of the elementals. The gnomes and sylphs work together to create those very specific floral scents that do uplift mankind in many ways. And the internal essences within flowers and other plants are now coming to the fore and being appreciated as having vital healing properties, even though the mystics and many healing practitioners have known of their importance for thousands of years.
            Beloved ones, you should take advantage of the detailed work of the elementals because their desire is to serve and to complete their assignments to create each work with great care, according to the specific design inherent within the blueprint of each flower, plant, tree and shrub. They do prefer that you use what we call natural methods of horticulture and agriculture, for they do feel the toxic releases of certain man-made chemicals and pesticides which you use in your practices. They are experts in their field (pun intended) and would communicate with you today through me that if you begin to use those more natural ways of augmenting the growth of crops and couple this with a spiritual practice of praying for the elementals, they will work with great fervor to help you have the most beautiful, pure and pest-free crops ever.
            I am a being of joyful love. As you develop your Pure Joy System and the varied use of the violet flame, please do not forget the beloved elementals who really need your help, your attention and most of all your prayers, sending the violet flame deep into the causes behind all manifestations at all levels. We love it when you sing and dance and frolic with us, for if you could see with your inner sight we are experts in these creative expressions of your playful release of joy in nature's laboratory.
            I am grateful that you have received me this day. I will work with this messenger to create new prayers to the elementals*, and you will no doubt begin to learn more about us and to have a greater appreciation of how we can work together to tend the Lord's great garden of love and to again bring forth the Eden that is meant to be upon Earth.
            I am a friend of Jesus, whose fragrance I bear. So, when you call to him and think of him, please begin to think of me also, dear hearts. I am the floral gift of nature's eternal bounty to each child of God's heart who desires to know me. I am your Jasmine, queen of the fragrance elementals and nature spirits.

* Please see prayers #70.005 "Elemental Joy" by Beloved Jasmine, #70.004 "Violet Fire for the Elementals" and #70.006 "Save the Elementals" dictated to the Messenger David Christopher Lewis during June, 2005 in response to the assignment in this dictation.

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