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Padma Sambhava      June 02, 2005

Beloved Padma Sambhava
David Christopher Lewis
June 2, 1005            7:34 a.m. - 8:09 a.m.
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Ones Who Would Know God's Eternal Love,
            I come to impart to you sacred instruction in the elements of Christic Love. I come to impart the fire of eternal grace that has been a key for my own victory and which I pray will also be a key for your own. For all ascended Buddhas and bodhisattvas desire to give to you the specific antidotes to that unholy suffering that leads you unto confusion and non-acceptance of your divine reality.
            I am Padma Sambhava, guru of your beloved Guru Ma, and guru of many who would know the inner walk with divine knowing. Knowing is what we, as ascended gurus, teach, for we do not simply equate with lessons of life that have no direction toward full enlightenment; but all that we do and say has a direct purpose-to elevate your soul unto perfection. Holy purpose is always needed for those who have, at times, become detached from the world to the point where they dwell almost in an unreal sense of who they are and of what must be accomplished for Self-realization to occur.
            Some have sensed that in this life, all of their past momentums of deep meditation and pondering on the voices of higher spheres must finally come to fruition through the practical application of what they know in works of beauty, actual creations that are in the physical which can lead others higher. Yes, by the fruits of wisdom are your victories won and not through mere words that have no force of practicality behind them. So, we are looking for those who are not only practical beings but whose lives are filled with the intensity of selfless service on behalf of sentient beings.
            Beloved ones, I would speak of the Mother light that you all must become. The mother is the most practical of all beings. She meets the needs of life at all levels. First and foremost, she bears life. Second, she nourishes life. And, finally, she sends souls from the nest to wing their way higher into immortal spheres where they must strive to fulfill their calling to outpicture the fullness of their inner blueprint.
            So, unless you get into the physical your ideas and concepts, you have no true spirituality. Unless you can precipitate actual material substance in which dwells the creative fires of your being in some meaningful matrix and design of beauty, you have not fully understood the path. This process requires self-mastery through the cycles of the cosmic clock as well as through the cyclic round of the seasons of life wherein you conceptualize your creation and then bring it into the earth plane through loving guidance and work.
            Work is the means whereby you take the talent God bestowed unto you in the beginning and deliver it to a world through heart, head and hand in directed and specific actions which bless life. All work must have as its goal the blessing of life and the meeting of needs of real people and not some illusory or imagined need. The more you benefit sentient beings with your work, the higher your work is valued by us, beloved. Therefore, desire to serve in ways that not only raise one or two lifestreams in your immediate sphere of influence, but strive to conceive of and bring into manifestation works that will be valued by and assist a wider audience of souls who will be graced by your own process of discovery and the creative drive you bring to your work.
            Dear hearts, becoming world teachers means that your work, service and teaching must truly impact a world. And though you have heard of the butterfly effect wherein even a simple whisper of a thought or a small gesture may influence life on the other side of the globe, we would see your words and works making a direct impact on many lives through the entering into the marts and markets of the world of noble essays and profound revelations that will change the course of history for all of mankind.
            So, discern with us how the work and the words that you convey will affect the greatest number of lifestreams for the highest good without compromising your own life and path in the process. Consider surrendering some pet and personal projects so that the impact of your life will carry our message far and wide and thus you will also be blessed thereby. For in serving our direct needs you are linking up with our plans which have been hatched eons ago, long before you embodied in your current life, dear ones.
             I am grateful for the intrepid ones who would move heaven and earth to fulfill our words and to anchor below what already exists above. See yourselves as architects of a new world and as builders of this age of divine reason through manifesting cosmic intent through practical works of love and service to life.
            I am your guru of wisdom's practice through acts of charity now. I seal you in the guru's aura of grace whereby you may know God ever and always as yourself in perpetual motion and as the doer and the door to conscious reality.
            I am Padma Sambhava. Find me in the seed of action always.

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