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Jophiel      May 21, 2005

Beloved Archangel Jophiel
David Christopher Lewis
May 21, 2005 1:11-1:44 pm MDT
Over the Pacific Ocean near Taiwan

Children Who Would Know Illumination's Glory,
            Welcome to our airspace, beloved! We have waited for this day when some among you would alight upon the soil of our land to feel the energies of wisdom's crown raining upon you. And so, prepare for a new vision and a new energy of the raising of your inner fire to new levels of cosmic consciousness.
            I am a servant of the fount of the Father's wisdom manifest through its practical ingenuity in you. This practicality is the intuitive gift that is the end result of the use of illumination to serve life, to raise mankind out of a lowly life of simply surviving in an animal consciousness. For wisdom does spark that inner knowledge of the soul that discerns the need to know the light and power of the Father manifest through the love of the Mother combined in the offspring of perfect wisdom through the Son/Daughter Spirit of God.
            Thus, you must know the birthing within of greater wisdom if you are to be carried higher in spiritual understanding and thereby teach others the way. Meeting a people who have borne this fount of inner wisdom for centuries will assist you in discerning a new paradigm of thinking, of intuiting and of cloaking all that you perceive in the golden-yellow color of our gift to you.
            As pure seeing translates into pure knowing, you will first view and then cognize perfection. Standing firm in believing that you can first fully know divine wisdom and then taking the next step to allow its bestowal by God's grace through an active and invocative receptivity, you will continue to receive the rain of fire of pure knowledge that we bring within our auras unto your raised chalice.
            Some have seen us only as those who illumine mankind through an active dispensing of light. I say that we also listen to mankind's minds and report back to the Godhead the specific needs and intentions that we perceive so that our next round into your domain may be ever more effective in bringing the specific antidote to ignorance, for it has many levels of misqualification as you can imagine and do see in your world.
            Beloved, the levels of ignorance are astounding to us, though we are trained to wink at humanity's banal undertakings and daily routine. So we strive to ever work to raise mankind's minds through an impartation of a holy disrespect for mundane life born of an inner remembrance of God's presence in the deep recesses of the memory body. And we do stimulate certain centers within the brain itself when dispensations allow us to quicken mankind to higher levels of understanding the purposes of life and the need for continual refinement of character, mind and heart.
            With all thy getting, get a greater understanding1 of God's intent to deliver you from evil in all ways-the energies of the veils of illusion that cloud your seeing and your mind to perceive life as bereft of the spirit of those God-qualities that you do desire but do not always outpicture in your thoughts, conversations and actions. Striving to know us and our intent to raise you higher will serve you well when you invoke our assistance whenever a solution to your plight is needed or a wrinkle in your plans creates a temporary wedge between pure knowing and your own current level of attunement with God's mind.
            We direct focused, cosmic rays of yellow fire into the nadir of the evil eye of ignorance, envy and jealousy of your mission and purity of heart. We pierce through by the laser action of this penetrating energy the lie that has arisen around the true motive of heart of the messengers of this movement of The Hearts Center and the Meru Learning Centers. For some have spread false rumors and false accusations of our purposes and our representatives which I declare are shattered this day! Arise and partake of God's eternal fount of glowing illumination! Drink of this golden elixir if you would receive immortal life. For only when you see and discern as God's angels and holy servants will you truly know that soul freedom born of the Buddha's sacred wisdom.
            I am Jophiel. I have delivered a blow for the Lord. I return to the work of teaching many the way home through the simple art of meditating upon the Being of God.

1Proverbs 4:7

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