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K-17      May 18, 2005

Beloved K-17
David Christopher Lewis
May 18, 2005            3:45 p.m. - 4:13 p.m.
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Students of Vision's Light,
            I am come to deliver to you another key in the support of the Elohim Cyclopea with whom I work and under whose auspices I serve. I am K-17 of the Cosmic Secret Service, servant of all messengers who may call to me for assistance in your training and ongoing work.
            Beloved ones, having perfect vision of what is acting in the world and in the world of the individual chela is of paramount importance for all messengers. Thus, those who wish to fulfill their role as true messengers of the Great White Brotherhood must receive the needed training to still the sight, just as you must also learn to still the mind. Stilling the sight means to focalize that inner sight upon the Godhead so that you see as God sees. You cannot be mistaken when you see as God sees, for all is clear. If you do not see as God sees, then the lack of discernment may temporarily cloud not only your vision but your choices and actions. Therefore, I wish to give you a crash course in learning to see as God sees.
            Vision is the primary orifice through which your consciousness perceives all life in the universe. When God said, "Let there be light", pure vision began. Before that point, there was no vision. Thus, to have pure vision you must go back to the source to begin perceiving as God does. Perception should not be clouded by the miasma of human consciousness, so you need to learn to let go of all past conditioning, environmental and cultural upbringing and even the point of reference from which you perceive to allow God to again perceive through you.
            Letting pure vision happen is easy once you learn the technique, first, of purifying the stream of vision flowing through you to be one stream instead of two streams. Focalize your consciousness on your third eye and see a perfect stream of radiant light pouring through you. Do not attempt to color it or categorize it or name what you see, but simply let God's eye see through your higher eye and mind. See an aura of emerald light surrounding all you see to seal it in a protective energy of pure vision. Then allow the heart to enter in to the process and take note of the sensations of what you see as registered on your heart.
            Do not judge or label what you see, but simply take note of what is "shown" to your awareness as an objective observer. Learn to heighten your sensitivity so that you consciously "know" what you are perceiving in the sense that "seeing is believing." Thus, when you see all, you will know from a higher level what is occurring in what you view.
            Following this exercise for some time will allow new vistas of truth to come into your purview. You will begin sensing as you see, rather than using your vision simply as a keyhole to the outer world. You will see motive, intent and feeling. You will intuit the causes behind the effects of what you see. You will begin to know at a deeper level, just as you seek to be known of God at a higher level of awareness. Your vision will begin to become more rarified, more refined and you will perceive colors and shades and subtle hues within life that you didn't formerly see nor take note of because your vision was double.
            After you have become more sensitized to light and the auric fields of all around you, you will begin to be able to influence the world at a higher and deeper level by knowing how God and his angels and servants can work in subtle ways to cleanse auras and how you may assist in this process by holding your vision in perfection. Once you gain mastery in beholding all as pure, then we can begin giving you assignments of using your higher vision for very specific work on our behalf.
            Practice perfect vision and then ask to be shown the next step. Use these techniques for no longer than twenty minutes at a time so as not to put a strain upon your third eye and mind. Balance this work with devotional prayers and mantras so that all is processed through the heart of love, blessed ones.
            I thank you for receiving me today. Become true visionaries for God! Become arbiters of cosmic vision and angelic love by seeing as God and his angels see!
            I am K-17. I return now to important work at hand in the Far East. Cling to God's coattails and know all through seeing with irrefutable proof the glory of purity's work manifest in all.

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