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Victory      May 16, 2005

Beloved Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
May 16, 2005            6:04 a.m. - 6:25 a.m.
Chicago, Illinois

Victorious Hearts Who Would Do the Will of God!
            I am come on the heels of your tremendous victory here in Chicago. The light released through the dictations of the ascended masters during our course on the Pure Joy System sponsored by beloved Saint Germain was stupendous! And I come to add my momentum of light to the victory that you have attained so that you will not lose a step in bounding forward to carry this message far and wide.
            I AM Victory, and I come to compel you to not only your personal victory but to the victory of every lifestream who has come to pledge his troth to the Knight Commander to uphold the flame of freedom on behalf of a planet and her people. We have been going after these souls to lead them to victory for eons, and the time has come when many more will know of the plan for the total victory of planet earth and of the entire solar system because freedom is truly the manifestation of the highest victory, beloved.
            Without freedom there is no victory. Freedom is the means whereby you are not only liberated from the shackles of a human existence in the miasma of mundane life, but it is the goal of all life that seeks permanence in heaven's embrace. Some have thought that by simply professing a faith or belief in one son of God that they could attain ultimate freedom. I say that this is not enough, and that you must profess that belief in yourself as a son of God and then do something about it, namely overcome your own human momentums as Jesus did in past lives and merge with your great God Self in the bliss of this new-found joy of the Pure Joy System.
            Some of you have felt a great upsurge of cosmic joy in my presence! Well I tell you today that this is because Victory brings a magnanimous joy with him wherever he goes! And victory is the fulfillment of the law of cycles as the last line of your cosmic clock to walk and to conquer. And when you have won your victory on the eleven o'clock line, then you can begin again to go forth and move upward into new cycles of victory on behalf of many lifestreams!
            We must have your individual victories if Saint Germain's plans are to move forward quickly, beloved. So, as you work on developing your own individual plans to bring this pure joy to others, make sure that you first purify yourself and kick out every last vestige of anti-victory within that would make you unjoyful, ungrateful and lacking in that fire and verve that will instantly convert others to your way of thinking and praying and acting when they are in your victorious presence of love!
            Dear hearts, you must become ambassadors of both victory and joy, for they are inseparable, and so when you gain your victory the joy that you will feel will sweep across the face of the earth in a mighty wave that many will feel. And when they awaken in the morning from their sleep, they will simply not know what hit them; for they will feel a new fire and a renewed hope, and it will be because you have become that fire and that hope to a world where you are!
            So, lace up your victory boots on your soles, and enter the upward march with me and my legions as we go forth conquering and desiring to awaken souls from the sleep of death to the new drumbeat of victory and joy and that divine love that is the impetus for every spirit of pure joy throughout cosmos.
            I AM Victory! I claimed my victory in ages past when times were tough and it was not as easy to march with the hosts of the Lord as it is now when you have every opportunity set before you to win your victory all the way! Claim your victory this day and you shall know me as the one who comes with the spirit of Pure Joy to deliver every son and daughter of God who is ready to behold God's shining face through you!
            Victory is my name! Claim my heart and purity and joy and you shall win!

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