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John the Beloved      May 12, 2005

John the Beloved
David Christopher Lewis
May 12, 2005            9:23 a.m. - 10:05 a.m.
(In the air between Bozeman and Minneapolis)

Dear Friends of Freedom's Intention,
            I come to still the minds of you who have continued to dwell not in a state of listening grace but in the realms of mortal and mental reasoning, not fully knowing the fullness of your reality but allowing the questioning of human logic to fill your mind. In this state, you will never fully enter into the higher state of divine reason which bypasses the brain and works from a state of heart-knowing, of oneness with God's mind.
            Realization is what you seek, but the test is to maintain that point of full realization in all your affairs and work, rather than continuing to allow the lesser mind to take hold of your being-governing your motivation, your communication and your interactions with all. I come to snap you out of this state of being, almost as a spiritual shock treatment, to quicken divine intent within you.
            Letting the Christic and Buddhic mind to take possession of you is no small matter. And so, our messengers have sought to "get out of the way" and allow God through us to inhabit their consciousness, imparting a higher wisdom that cannot fully be known unless and until you let go and let God dwell in you. You have heard the teaching on the path of the ruby ray of surrender, sacrifice, selflessness and service. But have you entered into this path to the extent that at all times and whenever needed you are willing to give what it takes for us to fulfill Godly intent through you?
            The early apostles and disciples of Jesus who learned the art of non-duality were the ones who were able to continue the mission of the Lord through seemingly miraculous acts of selfless love and service to mankind. Through their merging with Jesus' heart and being, the savior was able to perform spiritual "magic" and healings and alchemy through their higher mental bodies, unencumbered by the doubt and paralysis that binds the novice who is not capable of receiving the full empowerment of spiritual fire and the light of conversion.
            Thus, you should not be so amazed that some among you are rising into levels of awareness and spiritual development where the empowerment that the Lord Jesus has called you to embrace, is now occurring. As your messengers Mark and Mother are rising higher, you should expect that those who have kept the flame for decades can and will receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit that will allow many to receive the ongoing impetus of their causal body momentums; for these two have, like Jesus, also gone to prepare a place for many who will be coming into the fold of the teachings of the ascended masters through not only this dispensation but through a number of sponsored movements.
            Beloved ones, we are not surprised that many have railed against your messengers, for although they have sought to uphold their sense of what Lanello and Mother would have had you be doing in this time of trial and confusion, some have not fully embraced our divine intent conveyed through your messengers, which was always to teach you to "go and do likewise" so that each of you could fulfill your own mission and sacred calling in this life. Therefore, marvel not that we are moving with lightning speed in delivering our messages daily and can come at a moment's notice to speak with you and to convey important teaching and our hearts' fire when the need arises.
            The Holy Spirit is the key to the conversion of souls. If you would truly know this great being of intense love, you must understand that the conveyance of his fire is what each of us is about in delivering our empowerment to you, each one. For the spiritual essence that each of us conveys is always through a dispensation and a grant of energy that is nurtured by and through this most fiery master.
            Each of us meditates daily on the great being of God in our own way. We would suggest that you do the same. If your need is greater development of the yellow plume, meditate on God's mind. If your need is greater love, meditate on His heart. If your need is greater practicality of action in service, meditate on the diamond of His will. If your vision for your life and community has waned, peer into the all-seeing eye of God to know the pure sight of His vision for you and for all you serve. Oneness of purpose focused through attention upon the divine intention is a key to your personal victory.
            In my final life as John, I was able to accompany my Lord in many sojourns and meditate not only on the words he spoke but on the process, whereby, he was a vessel for the flow of intense love and healing to many. As I observed and saw the great descent of light and the dove of the spirit on many occasions, my inner prayer was that I would be a pure and worthy chalice to also do as my Lord had done. And on that day of his crucifixion when he directed me to take care of his Mother, I knew my full mission had begun and that it was time to take up where he had left off and to fully put on his mantle and empowerment and allow God's spirit to act through me.
            My prayer is that each of you will take seriously Jesus' call for you to walk and talk with him and to fully merge with the Christ and the Buddha that he has become. And now you must also invoke the presence and empowerment of your messengers Mark and Mother to overshadow your life so that you may get on with fulfilling their mission, which has truly only just begun.
            I seal you in the personal love of my heart merged with Jesus. I seal you in the impersonal love of the Holy Spirit that will flow through you when you have surrendered more completely to your mission. And I set my hand upon your brow and forehead now to bless each of you who desires to come up higher and know the merging of your heart, head and hands with ours.
            May the grace of knowing your true Buddha self be with you always. Purusha.

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