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Portia      May 09, 2005

Beloved Portia
David C. Lewis
May 9, 2005   8:21 - 9:15 am
Livingston, MT
            Beloved Chelas who would become ambassadors of Freedom,
            I am come to train you in the spiritual skills necessary for you to become representatives of Saint Germain and me to a world. This calling is a sacred one wherein you don the cloak of mercy and love in order to release a greater fire of the agency of the Holy Spirit through your actions, words and relationships.
            Relating to others who are ready to step up and out of old paradigms of limited thinking takes skill and aptitudes that must be learned and developed. For The Hearts Centers to not only succeed but to flourish, you must become adepts in those communication techniques that will both put people at ease and defang the poisonous lies that they have lived with for embodiments. A few simple pointers and tried techniques will go far in helping all of you.
            First of all, you must listen to the motive and need behind the words. Discern through our aid while listening to both the soul and the outer personality what are the issues that are present before that one for resolution. The soul's need is truly what is important, and often her need is not always outwardly evident in the words expressed. Spiritual discernment takes the skill of zeroing in to this core issue which will be revealed through the language style, the body movement and even the eyes. To know the rudiments of psychology and our understanding of this science of the soul is essential in this process.
            Secondly, you must be more highly attuned to us to be able to hear the answers we give you, even before you ask! For as you walk with us and invite us into your lives, never forgetting our Presence but knowing that we are there, we will give you all you need as that need arises. This takes a new trust and a willingness to surrender your own ideas in deference to our inspiration, beloved. Trust is won by being true to your station on the path. Trust is gained by truing your steps with us. Trust is developed by taking a true stand for freedom at all costs.
            We need trustworthy ones who are engaged in the work 24/7, even while also busy with the responsibilities of providing for your families and your own lives. This requires keeping a listening ear attuned to us at all times, ready for an inspiration, a cosmic musing that will lead to an entire teaching or lecture or presentation when you are able to draw down the full-blown release from us, dear hearts.
            So we are walking and talking with many of you, and your trust and your belief in us is the key in allowing us to merge with you and provide you with every answer to every predicament, no matter how gnarly or dangerous! If you would walk with God, allow God to take the lead by taking your hand and directing your way and the course of your life, your calling and mission.
            I am the Goddess of Opportunity because I have used every option and means available to me in the universe to open the door to souls to be led higher into a new life of oneness with God. Opening the portal is sometimes tenuous, for as one door is opened another is closed, and that leap of faith can sometimes be trying for even the most highly evolved of souls! So part of my work is in preparing and comforting and in explaining to that one just how important the next step is and how the new opportunity taken will lead to the greatest experience yet of a lifetime and help that one in coming into ever higher and grander options for cosmic consciousness and divine understanding.
            I am a Mother of Freedom, as I have held the flame for my beloved for eons. And now that we are one in cosmic consciousness, the flow of violet joy and the freedom that you feel in your service to life will continue to increase day by day as you partake of this elixir and work for us. For our mutual love and combined momentum is truly providing you with an accelerated opportunity to receive these sacred releases and gifts from our hearts. And you are waiting with baited breath at how much more God can release to you in this ongoing cosmic drama!
            Well, we say that the show has only begun, and we are eager to present the second and third acts in our alchemical plans for the salvation of the earth and the dawning of a new Age of Freedom for you all!
            We are grateful that you are seeing the need and taking every opportunity to make our presence and images known in the earth. I also desire that an image of me, painted by your messenger of love and beauty, one day grace your altars and sanctuaries, wearing an elegant white and violet taffeta chiffon dress with a golden necklace with amethyst gems inlaid. Please have this image ready for your Freedom Class in 2006, for we have a "master plan" that will truly revolutionize the earth for centuries to come, beloved!
            I am your beloved Portia. I seal you with a kiss of violet joy and the essence of violets as a holy oil that shall stay with you for twenty-four hours after you read this message. Know me in the delicacy of the iris and the violet which also adorn my hair and being. May the adoration of holy freedom ever grace each chela's communion with our God!
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