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Buddha of the Violet Ray      May 06, 2005

Buddha of the Violet Ray
David C. Lewis
May 6, 2005 6:01 - 6:36 am
Livingston, Montana
Hail, Children of the Conquering Ones!
            I am come for the first time to commune with you who have begun giving the Golden Buddha Rosary, intertwining the mantras to the violet flame and the calls for the saving of sentient beings with your bodhisattva "Hail Mary's."
            Yes, I am the Buddha of the Violet Ray.  Buddhists who pray to Kuan Yin have for many centuries invoked the violet light into their auras, beloved.  And so, I come to amplify this action now within the students of The Hearts Center.  For we would reveal to all who study in the Buddhic tradition this new-found truth of progressive revelation set forth this day.  Therefore, I ask that you shall make an effort to contact those devotees and practitioners of Buddhism and let them know that you have had revealed to you my presence in the earth now.  And I desire all Buddhists of all traditions to begin seeing and using the violet flame in their meditations, mantras and artwork, plying this new "trade" and technique so that we may lend our energies to the beloved Saint Germain in his work to save all sentient life on the earth.
            Beloved ones, the violet transmuting flame must be known within all traditions and by all peoples before all sentient life will gain its physical and spiritual freedom.  So, spread the message far and wide that this Pure Joy System is the preeminent teaching that must go forth as that new wine that will illumine all who use it and that will create an acceleration in alchemical change upon earth!  Yes, this teaching is nondenominational and progressive and exciting and should be packaged in such a way that it may be presented to anyone and everyone in a simple yet creative way so that, when done so, the soul of that one may jump for joy when it receives this most holy gift of divine gnosis.
            It is time that our missionaries go forth, even if for a weekend or a week or two at a time, to present lectures and minicourses on this system sponsored by the God of Freedom.  So I proclaim this day that I lend the full manifestation of my own causal body momentum to this violet flame packet and course whenever it is presented upon earth.  And you can visualize and see me as that smiling Buddha in your midst with a glowing and flowing violet aura, wearing a violet tunic and violet sandals and even with a little stubble of violet hair upon my head!
            So, I wince not when I see those among your youth who dye their hair this color, for although they may be seen as rebels, they are tuning in at inner levels to the acceleration of consciousness that is coming as the violet flame is becoming known in greater and greater circles of those in the New Age movement.  And as the auras of more of your children begin to glow with this color, people will naturally want to wear this color on their outer forms.  This is happening even in your fashion industry where purples and violet hues are now being presented as "in" colors for both men and women.
            Beloved hearts, I have been working with your Knight Commander at inner levels for centuries.  And when he came and embodied in the East, I was there with him; and we communed often and discussed how at a future time we would continue our work in bringing to this earth the use of this spiritual elixir and cosmic eraser of all past karma, illusion and sense of limitation and lack.  So, I am an opulent Buddha, for I, too, know and have used alchemy for centuries!  And when I travel and speak in the various retreats of the Brotherhood, the masters smile when they see me coming; for the joy that I bring is infectious, even among the ascended hosts.
            So, I extend the joy flame to you this day!  And you will feel a certain lifting of your burdens and a new sense of that lightness of spirit that is what the violet flame is all about!  So I ask, why do you not use this tool and prayer system more often, beloved?  If you desire happiness, it is the key!  If you desire riches of the spirit and even material opulence, it is the key!  If you desire simply to be desireless, it is also the key!
            Desire me to be with you and I will come with angels of the violet flame to begin radiating through you a new sense of joy that will magnetize many more to your movement.  For when they feel my joy and your joy and the angels' joy, they will simply have to put aside all lesser problems and concerns and bask in the violet-flame joy of our spiritual bonding and comradery!
            Blessed ones, I am your new-found comrade, communicating radiant energy whenever you need me.  Call to me and know that just as love is the key, so the Pure Joy System is also the key to your victory always!
            I seal you in the quintessential spirit of eternal joy and laughter this day!  Laugh more often, beloved.  And know that I will be tickling your feet and sides with my etheric violet-flame feathers and reminding you to give more mantras and prayers to the violet flame daily!
            I am the Violet Flame Buddha where I Am!  I Am becoming the Pure Joy System where I Am!  I Am Violet Flame Joy expressed everywhere and always to all in need!
            Use these, my mantras, daily, and you shall never be bereft of all you need to win your eternal victory and make earth Freedom's Star!  Thank you for receiving me into your hearts this day my gracious friends.
(C) Copyright 2005  The Hearts Center (TM)
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