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Manjushri      May 05, 2005

Beloved Manjushri
David C. Lewis
May 5, 2005 9:30 - 10:05 pm
Livingston, Montana
Beloved Friends of the Buddha,
            Peace to all sentient beings who realize the importance of communing with us.  Peace to all devotees who understand the path of walking the Middle Way.  Peace to all aspiring arhats who have taken up the sacred responsibility to focalize light on behalf of entire lifewaves in need of your hearts' warmth.
            I come to still the currents of unrest that would displace the solution to heaven's need for your intercessive prayer for the unknowing ones.  In the diamond vajra light manifest through the compassionate one, atoms are reassembled and alignment occurs.  Through sacred mudra and mantra, forces of a cosmic array of light are charged with the lightning of universal Mind.  And by the word and gaze of the Buddha, healing at the soul level is won.
            Beloved, when we address those to whom we have appeared and spoken for millennia, we are heartened to see a new fervor radiating from many who are awakening to reality's dawn.  And so we would come more often to enter your auras and flush out those particles of anti-Mind that cloud your highest knowing of the Godhead.
            Vajra!  I command alignment of consciousness in the now.  Vajra!  I hurl bolts of yellow fire to illumine many who have become densified to our touch and presence.  Vajra!  I release a stream of golden light to part the veil so that you may see clearly into the abode of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas who desire to commune with you regularly through your heartstreaming practice, beloved!
            So, be anointed with a new love for God through that pure desire to rise and to rise again until you know no burden in this world but truly live in those higher vibrations of the tushita heaven.  Understanding the path is easy when you walk daily with us.  When you only seek us in times of need, then you may only know a portion of the great love and desire we have to win your hearts in a moment-by-moment experience.
            Beloved, the Buddhas all agree that the simplest road home is through compassionate wisdom manifest as tangible works in service to life.  Become experts in surrendering to that sure purpose of saving souls by sacrifice of the ego in selfless acts of giving your all.  When you release light by emitting it through every humble but divine act, soon the glow around you will be felt and acknowledged, for that oneness in joy is what we would like to see more of when we come!
            I am Manjushri.  I manifest the justice of the Buddhas and rishis through the power of the "hrih!" and through teaching the new-born thoughts and musings of the Buddhas to all who will listen with open hearts.
            Become enamored of God's heart!  Become enamored of God's mind!  Become enamored with the pure vision of the Pure Land and then many of us shall take your hand and lead you safely home once again!
            Call to me and I will sustain your connection to us without fail.  Claim this holy union born of wisdom's love and you shall see me smiling my smile with Maitreya, my Lord.
            Lovingly I return to my perpetual meditation on his mighty heart of kindness.  Join me and know a new glory in this fire that will never again flicker but will remain in constant motion unto your eternal victory.  I thank you!
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