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Alice Boscow      April 28, 2005

Beloved Ascended Lady Master Alice Boscow
David Christopher Lewis
April 28, 2005 8:58 - 9:25 am
Livingston, Montana

Dearest Hearts,
            I am grateful to be able to speak to your hearts this day. So recently risen from your midst, I am still in the thrill of learning many wonderful things about the ascended realms, and I would share some of what I have discovered this day.
            Beloved, the spiritual life never ends. The joy of cosmic discovery continues unto eternity. And so, although some would have you believe that all that is needed for your victory has already been released, I say that although this is true in one sense, it is born of a limited sense of the universal spirit of ongoingness that every ascended being embraces.
            Some have a need to cling on to what they know is true and beautiful and which has helped them on their path. This is normal and healthy to a point, as it breeds constancy in their spiritual life and world. However, I would tell you that every newly ascended being is enthralled at the wondrous opportunities that heaven affords the spirit who is wed to God through divine love. For when you are fully free, you have access to so much more than you can imagine of the graces and universal fruits of divine wisdom and knowledge that will assist you in climbing ever higher in your spiritual evolution.
            Therefore, you must never become stuck in thinking that you have received the final revelation from God or that one could not arise in your midst that He has prepared to reveal to you new and greater truths from the ascended realms. The true teacher is always the God flame within that works in conjunction with our true amanuenses or messengers to ratify what is already known by the soul and the spirit of fire of each one.
            Joy was a key for me in overcoming, and I recommend that it also be that great impetus for each of you in discovering something new about God and the spiritual realms each day. As you study our words and test what you are receiving in the alchemical laboratory of your own soul, you will be able to sort out the elements of truth that you would incorporate into your own path, saying, "Yes this" and "No, not this," as each point conveyed is either let go of or accepted.
            Thus, the radiance of loving wisdom behind the words is always the indicator of their completeness and resonance with the inner teacher that will guide you if you ask for that direct confirmation from your higher self. Be not so concerned with what anyone else's experience is, but always seek that truth and understanding from a point of listening grace where harmony and concord are won through meditation on the deeper laws of life and of divine consciousness.
            Beloved, all should be free to learn at the rate and at the level that they are comfortable with, and so we applaud that understanding of the importance of the teacher being sensitive to the zone of proximal development of each student. Therefore, do not be concerned if many do not immediately take up this path of new wisdom, for in due time, when they are freed from certain fears and restraints upon their soul, they will see that the higher way is one of a new freedom that Saint Germain would bring to all. And in this new-found liberation from mental models and mindsets, they will awaken in that joy of discovery and embrace life and this blissful path with an even greater fervor than if you try to twist their arms and make them believe that it is real! Simply pray for their awakening when their soul is ready to receive us through a greater acceptance and a greater levity of heart.
            I smile a smile of grace this day. And those of you who have known me and continue to call to me for assistance will feel a certain tingling sense of joy welling up within you when you remember my smile and the lightness of heart that I bring. I would bring it often, for you are often in need of a little more joy in your world, don't you think?
            In the spirit of the freedom to come up higher, I seal you in the love fires of new joy! I am Alice, always alive with grace for the pure in heart who would know God.

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