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Manjushri      April 26, 2005

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
April 26, 2005 8:29 - 9:03 am
Livingston, Montana

Buddhas in the becoming,
            I am here to be with the one who has been my amanuensis in the past and has received from me the most intimate meditations of my heart upon the divine wisdom of the Buddhas. I would speak of that wisdom in this hour to all true students of the Buddhas in all movements and at all levels of initiation and attainment.
            Beloved ones, compassionate wisdom is the need of every soul on earth. This wisdom is the antidote to all misunderstanding, strife and discontent. When you have an issue that is unresolved with either a brother or a teacher or an organization or any body of individual souls, it behooves you to go within to seek the source of the misunderstanding and to resolve it by compassionate wisdom.
            Wisdom born of love seeks to resolve all. And what is resolution but the dissolving of karma and the washing of the mind and heart with a new light of this pure energy of compassionate wisdom. The joy that arises when the serrated edges of conflicted interactions are worn down through a common understanding of love is truly worth the effort and the energy expended.
            What we have seen among the students of light in many movements is that they are moving upward in consciousness and yet they still retain seeds of ancient conflicts within that become energized when triggered by certain perceptions of a lack of mercy and justice on the part of those who have been vested with the authority to act on behalf of others. And so, those who find themselves in a leadership role of any sort must be sensitive to every vibration that flows through them and especially their own reactions to the words and deeds of others. For the reason many find themselves in leadership positions is because they have misused power in the past and must balance those misuses through humble service to those who are "under" their authority.
            Mercy and compassion are always the way of the Buddha and the bodhisattva. What many have observed as a lack of understanding and balance in their leaders is often manifest due to a karma of group decision-making where the individual leader's personal compassion and desire to serve is temporarily lost in the group's collective dynamic of authoritative power that is not always wielded with mercy for the individual soul in mind. Therefore, statements and decisions are made which do not reflect the highest and best solution to the benefit of all parties involved, and therefore discontent and dissatisfaction are harbored and reenergized within those on the receiving end of harsh decisions.
            What is our solution to this karmic dilemma? Through a meeting of hearts in the circle of oneness where there is no agenda to belittle or seek retribution, but only to understand through compassionate communication, the healing process may begin. Within the circle, no one is in a position of higher authority or power than another, but all are simply devotees seeking to know and to love. One who is trained to assist in keeping the discussion flowing in harmony through the allowing of all to contribute and through maintaining a positive paradigm of holding the immaculate concept toward the highest outcome is essential for the victory of the resolution process.
            Beloved, in our abode, we always look to those with greater attainment to assist us in resolving our issues and in moving higher. And what we always find is that those above us are always the most humble. And the solutions they offer are always very simple, even such that an innocent child will understand them and see how beautiful are God's answers to every question and problem in life.
            To understand, you must stand under the full radiance of your God Presence and the Buddhic light manifest through your higher self. To understand, you must stand under that light and know that there is no shadow around you when you are in that one-on-one relationship with reality directly above you and merged within you through your mind and sight and heart. To understand, you must stand under the illumination of that sun that warms your heart, dissolving all lack of compassion for all others who are truly also attempting to receive that same understanding from their own sun presence.
            To glory in and bask in this fiery radiance you must be willing to undergo change. For you cannot stand still too long in the same level of vibration, for the heat will become too unbearable for your lesser self and you will then resent the solution that we would send to you.
            I am the Buddha Manjushri because I decided long ago to learn to wield the light of the sun and to cast it forth into the earth for the illumination of all. You must be sun-bearers and lightbearers who understand your mission and who will not compromise your path through becoming stuck in non-resolution with anyone and anything that comes your way in life.
            Take up my path of compassionate wisdom and realize that all can and will be solved through your bowing to the flowing light of the sun of grace all around you.
            I seal you in the solar light of cosmic understanding this day.

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