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Ray-O-Light      April 22, 2005

Beloved Ray-O-Light
David Christopher Lewis
April 22, 2005 8:28 - 9:00 am
Livingston, Montana

Chelas of Fearlessness Light,
            I Am come to claim Victory's mantle of fearlessness for you! On the heels of the coming of this great spirit and master* of indomitable love and fire, I would impart to you who have taken up this path of service to life a greater momentum of fearlessness flame, so that you may step forward to claim the victory of love's fire.
            So, those warriors of the spirit above are ever ready to fulfill the mandates of heaven's direction at your behest when you decide to take up arms-spiritual arms-on behalf of the liberation of all sentient beings. And so, we come to protect and to set free every soul that has been beset by the forces of fear and death and decadence so it is free to take up this path; but first it must simply be rid of those alien forces and force-fields that have enslaved it, often for many lifetimes, beloved.
            And so, the strong fiat, the intense call, and the powerful prayer of the righteous ones avails much in liberating souls who would finally step up into the light to receive aid and assistance from our bands. Beloved, fearlessness is not only a quality that you should invoke but a garment that you should don whenever you decide to go forward in a more than ordinary manner to do the work of the LORD and to become the will of God in action daily.
            So, visualize that pure-white garment, a heavy cloak composed of thick threads of light substance woven with greatest care. Interwoven with these white threads are also strong, golden threads of cosmic light such that this garment is a protective force-field around you when you need to do battle for us. A glorious, glowing edging of emerald fire does seal this garment's border, truly a seam of healing flame, intensified to a high frequency of energy that repels everything that would assail your alchemy, your service and your aura.
            Beloved ones, you must begin to visualize all that occurs in the heaven world more tangibly manifest in your world here below. Thus, your visionaries who can see into our realm should be working with your artists to bring forth those images and thought-forms that will assist you whose vision is not quite up to par with the adepts, so you may hold the pure vision of godly intent as you pray, decree and meditate with us.
            When we say that up to 70 percent of the effectiveness of your decrees and prayers is dependent on your visualization, you can begin to understand how important it is to have that pure vision of what you desire to bring forth into manifestation from heaven to earth. So, take the time to share with each other those dreams, visions and inspirations that you receive so that your own meditation on purity and on fearlessness flame may intensify and do its perfect work for you.
            Oh, how great is God! If you could truly see beyond the veil you would know the greater glory that awaits you when you decide to take up this path in earnest and to sacrifice daily to make it all the way home! If you could know what we know, you would give all to serve life in every way possible and in every manner available to you so that your karma may be fulfilled quickly and you can get on with the joy of higher service with us!
            Truly you know that you are loved of God. Truly you know that the Father has always waited for your return, as the prodigal son or daughter, unto His heart. Truly you know that it is only a lack of the acceptance of God's great love that has compromised your opportunity to receive the full blessing that He would bestow to each one who decides that it is now time to live up to the greater calling and mission that has awaited you since your descent into the octaves of time and space.
            We will not let you go if you will hold on to our garments as we fly across the cosmos to bring the light of fearlessness to everyone who has made the decision to turn back to God and walk all the way home. We will not let you go if you will simply remember to call to us when the battle gets tough and you need a boost to get past a hard place on your path. We will not let you go when even with a faint prayer you utter a plea of hope that all will be well on the morrow as you lay your head down to rest at night.
            Beloved, children and teens are fearless. This fearlessness is born of a desire to learn, to experience life and to know what makes the world tick. It is time that you adults emulate your youth by experimenting with the processes that will catapult you back to your earlier desire to know all. So, accept nothing but the total knowledge of the truth about what we in heaven are about in moving in and through this new movement of light, carving a new pathway of wisdom's love in the golden-pink glow ray that is dawning daily before you. Listen not to those who would keep you in ignorance because they have become stultified in their own understanding of the inner mysteries manifest as miracles wrought daily in their lives.
            Miracles are happening because some have invoked them! Miracles are becoming commonplace among some of our chelas because they have laid down their lives, their reputations and decided that, come what may, they will step forward to deliver our words, our message of hope and a new light of love that we would convey. We honor these as the fearless ones this day, and we hope that many of you will begin to be more fearless in your decision to come out and defend these ones and to make your voices heard on behalf of this new dispensation that is truly of God, beloved.
            So, decide today where you stand-either to the left or to the right of these, our messengers. Many others have been waiting in the wings, believing that this dispensation is true and real, not yet quite willing to take their stand for us. These will also come forward to stand with you in our defense when you decide to take your stand for the truth.
            I AM Ray-O-Light! I defend the Woman and her seed, and I proclaim that Her true seeds are sprouting even now among our chelas in The Hearts Center! Victory is yours! Proclaim it! Invoke it! And together Victory and I shall be with you to defend your work, your service and your love unto the ultimate victory of the Mother Light within.
            Invictus! Forward march, beloved!

*See Heart Stream by Mighty Victory dictated on April 21st, the day before this dictation.

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