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Victory      April 21, 2005

Beloved Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
April 21, 2005 8:32 - 8:57 am
Livingston, Montana
            Ho, I come to be with my own in this hour! I AM Mighty Victory and my light is unmistakable for it is truly the light of God manifest as the Victory Flame to all life!
            Beloved ones, your Victory is always ready for you! Yes, your Victory is always ready to raise you up out of mortal illusion into immortal light! And what is it that lifts you up and out of your lack of the victory consciousness but the power of God! God's power and wisdom and love are there locked within the secret chamber of your heart, always available for your Victory if you will simply take the key and unlock that secret chamber and allow light to flow forth as the Victory consciousness of joy and glory and beauty and grace, and to shine it forth unto a world in need!
            Dear ones, Victory can only come when you allow the doldrums to go, releasing them into the flame and invoking the sparks of Victory to fly! Create a bonfire of joy by releasing into the flame all the elements of imperfection that you have ever experienced, knowing that they are now unreal and that the only reality for you here and now is Victory! Yes, your God-Victory is dependent upon your entering in to the reality of who you are here and now! And your God-Reality shall be made manifest when you allow Victory to reside fully and finally within your consciousness here and now!
            So why dally in human nonsense and a sense of limitation and lack and the dour spirit that weighs you down when you can be up and doing with me and my legions, conquering every foe who comes to taunt you and tempt you with that spirit of doubt and fatigue and death rather than the spirit of indomitable joy that is your true nature! Why unless you enter in to the joy of Victory in this, hopefully your final, embodiment you will not truly know who God is. For God is Love and God is Fire and God is the Victory flow of cosmic joy that sings and whistles all through the day in a spirit of givingness and service to life that simply will not say die to the impartation of the flame at all times and in all places, beloved!
            You are God's Victory today! You are God's perfection today! You are God's spirit of undying love for every soul in need of Him, and so you must needs first be on your knees each morning to invoke the Lord, and then once you have received that halo of victory fire in your crown, you must go forth to share it with everyone you know, for all are in need of Victory, don't you think? Yes, every man, woman and child need the sense of Victory and the spirit of Victory and the fire of Victory if this earth is to know the Victory of the golden age of enlightenment of the Cosmic Master Saint Germain!
            So I ask you to call for the Cosmic Victory Consciousness from this day on, beloved! Since I too am a cosmic being, you must begin entering in to that sense of Cosmic Victory, for we would see Victory manifest not only in your world but in every world within the cosmos! And so, my legions have traveled well beyond this solar system to conquer worlds like yours where the inhabitants are more sensitive to our presence because they are a little more illumined and therefore when they see the golden light of the angels of Victory coming they are excited and welcome us with arms upraised and they praise God that we have come to liberate their brethren.
            So we would liberate you and thousands of souls who are ready for this new light and new dispensation, which we do acknowledge as true and real, because it was born in the heart of the Buddhas and true messengers of Mercury and Venus eons ago. And so, do not doubt that we can raise up a son here, a daughter there, to be our messengers of hope to a world, for they did bow to the Buddhas and recognized the need and did step forward to present themselves as a living sacrifice for you all. And when each of you also step forward as a living spirit of Victory, you too shall receive that laurel wreath of Victory as the signet of the one who was willing to run all the way with the messengers to deliver the golden light of wisdom and the roseate light of love to a world in need!
            So I say, be up and about and serve in whatever way you may in this great cause, for the good karma that you shall earn shall go a long way in delivering your own soul unto your own Victory in the ascension at the close of this embodiment. And I will personally welcome you into the realms of immortality as the conquering ones! And then you will smile in joy and laugh the laugh of Victory as a newborn ascended master, always humble in spirit, but at last finally free to go on in higher service to God with His angels of Cosmic Victory!
            Lux Fiat! We conquer all that assails your Victory this day! Lux Fiat! We raise you up again and again when you need that spiritual boost and impetus to continue in the battle of light! Lux Fiat! Come with us and know that only Victory is real and that we are real and that we will always be here for you when you call to us! So call us up on your etheric cell phones and in joy we will always answer you, even before the first ring! I circle you in a ring of fire of Victory this day! Awaken, O world, and know Victory always!

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