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Hermes Trismegistus      April 20, 2005

Beloved Hermes (God Mercury)
David Christopher Lewis
April 20, 2005 8:18 - 8:48 am
Livingston, Montana

            Into your hearts and minds, I come. I am the God Mercury, known to some as Hermes Trismegistus, and I wing my way to you to communicate in a more than ordinary manner this day, beloved.
            Messengers are needed by God. Many of you are embodied angels and have never left off of your job as angels to be messengers of God to the fallen consciousness of mankind. And your purpose is to deliver a message of hope, of love and of the opportunity for souls to again have that contact with the divine reality of themselves that has always been available, for it is their very being.
            Oneness with God should be the goal of every sentient being who desires to be permanently fired in the kilns of heaven. This oneness is born of love, of communion and of the desire to place the will of God above the will of mortality and death. Thus, I come to persuade you to take up where you left off and again run the great race of life until you cross that finish line in victory and embrace the life triumphant as immortal and fully-conscious beings.
            You are not yet fully conscious as we are. Being conscious means that you are not only awake, but you are aware, alert and cognizant of all the energies and forces that are flowing through your being at all times. We Mercurians have exalted the art of being conscious to the point where we know not only what is acting in our immediate sphere of influence, but we know clearly what is the present opportunity for the accomplishing of the divine intent within the chalice of the now for ourselves and for all life in our domain.
            You must heighten your awareness. You must become more sensitized to God's presence. You must truly know with a deep knowing what is that greatest work of joy in the moment that God would fulfill through your life experience right now. As you begin to fully enter in to God's presence, there will be no separation between you and God and God's experiencing of life where you are. As an extension of God, you will know the fullness of what God is as your expression of His being. You then enter the state of holiness and acceptance that keeps you out of duality, abiding always in unity.
            Beloved, many more among our disciples must reach this state of supreme joy in living in the newness of the now experience before we may fully step through the veil to appear to mankind as their direct teachers and Gurus. For if we were to appear to your physical sight before you enter this state, you could not bear the intensity of the experience of being in our presence of spiritual fire.
            So, acceleration is the key. Rev up the motor of self through a deeper daily communion than you have known before. Enter in to the inner retreat experience in the secret place of the most high within your own being and heart. And when you contact that point of reality, draw it forth into your outer awareness as much as possible by being still even while you are in motion in your work and service. Rest in motion is the means whereby that divine equipoise is won, and you are never waylaid or parlayed into a sphere where you then have to again be saved by our angels from the heavy drop in consciousness that occurs when you forget who you are in God.
            Decide here and now that you will know who you are at all times. Decide here and now that you will enter in to that holy relationship with your Self that also allows you to interact in purity and holiness with every other part of life. Decide that, come what may, you will not allow any further misqualification of the energy you receive daily, but that every erg of opportunity is taken to promote life, love and the sacrificial giving that will allow God through you to save sentient beings everywhere.
            I AM Hermes. I seal you in this state of being wherein you have decided that it is finally worth it to surrender all lesser needs for the greater needs of heaven. And in this new cocoon of sanctity where you are hermetically sealed in this radiant light, I will be your mouth, your voice, your word of hope and grace to all! Go forth now, and proclaim the word of wisdom and the fiery love that I bear to all!

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