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Amen Bey      April 18, 2005

Beloved Amen Bey
David Christopher Lewis
April 18, 2005 7:25 - 8:47 am
Livingston, Montana

Dear friends who seek to understand the mysteries of God,
            When we come to you each of us has received a dispensation, a grant of light, to speak and communicate with you. This process of delivering our messages should not be considered so mysterious, but simply a natural one born of God's love for his creation. For in the Garden of Eden God did communicate heart to heart with His own through the heart of Maitreya. And you have received the promise that God will indeed again commune with His own, even as He has truly done so throughout history.
            Communion with your God Self is the need of the hour. Our messengers are only a means to an end for you. Thus, they communicate to and from you and us so that you may learn to go and do likewise. It has never been our intent that the limitation of the many should come through the words of a few who are able to discern our vibration and convey our inspiration. It has always been the goal that each son and daughter of God would strive to rise higher so that the direct contact and communion would be made permanent through this natural process of meditation upon and deep knowing of the God flame resident within the heart-the hub of all real communication with us.
            There is much consternation about messengers, and so I would attempt this day to set the record straight. It is true that much has already been released in previous activities and that you indeed have before you a cornucopia of teaching that is sufficient to win your ascension. However, all who read our words, either through curiosity or in order to receive a daily infusion of radiation to accelerate on the path of service to life, will now know why we choose to continue to release instruction to our students.
            Beloved, we liken the need for your daily cosmic stimulant to the need for continuing adult education. Although many of you have graduated from the secular trade schools or colleges and universities, gaining mastery in your fields of study, you also require additional study to maintain your status as an expert in your field. For as the world turns and technologies improve and newer studies are completed that augment the knowledge that you received during your prior education, it is essential that you continue to receive training and instruction on what is new in your field and also in cross-functional studies wherein your understanding impacts or is impacted by other fields, endeavors and work.
            So, as the bounty of heaven and the collective causal body momentums of all ascended masters increase, there is much for us to convey to our students and chelas. In fact, continuing education is the greatest joy of all ascended masters, for we are all renewed in spirit as we not only receive higher instruction from our Gurus, but as we are honored to also contribute our own wisdom gleaned from our work and service to God and all unascended and ascended beings. So, there is much sharing and discussion and heart-felt debating among the various councils and in the meetings that occur in our domain that contribute to the ongoing plan of the LORD God to save all sentient life upon earth and on all systems of worlds.
            Even we as ascended masters have messengers who bring to us the latest news on what is occurring in other galaxies that has worked in expanding other evolutions' cosmic consciousness, and we always wait with joyous expectation to hear stories of victory, supreme sacrifice and the heroism of cosmic beings who have gone on in tremendous service to life beyond the spheres of even our own ascended realms. And so, some are chosen or assigned as messengers whose job it is to communicate quickly and efficiently to us and to also receive our communiques and bring them before higher councils for deliberation. And these messengers do move on and up in service as they qualify themselves to deliver the potent words and messages and directives of Elohim, Solar Lords and Cosmic Beings who wield great power on behalf of vast areas of the universe.
            We have called you to study the art of communication, for you see, this sacred science is most important even in our domain, though we communicate very differently than you do on earth. Through the universal Mind of God, we may "tune in" to many different levels and states of consciousness and truth, for the stream of God's Mind is truly beyond the ken of unascended mankind.
            Therefore, do not become enamored of or by your messengers, for ultimately their work is simply a job, beloved! And each of you also has a specific mission and job to do that requires you to come up higher and become a messenger of your mission in your own right! For the purpose of messengers is simply to receive a communique and then to run to deliver it to the person for whom it is intended in the quickest and most direct route. And so, if you have a message of love or hope or a gift of beauty or a teaching to share, you also must discern how and when and where to deliver it to those in need of your service.
            Beloved, because of the humility and training of our messengers, they were chosen to receive and give forth our missives. Knowing that they would be badgered and condemned and misunderstood, they have still chosen to work for us as stenographers and orators of our words, for they saw the import of the job offered. When many more students of light understand this position, they will not be so quick to condemn these ones, thinking that they have attempted to place themselves above you or to deny your own ability to commune directly with us.
            If each of you does rise up and would have the desire to maintain your intimate contact with us at all times, then we would not have a need for messengers. However, we have discerned that, even with the intensity of the burdens placed upon these servants and the misunderstandings that have arisen, the training and use of messengers is still the best and surest means for us to contact the greatest number of students and to inspire them to higher levels of initiation.
            Dear hearts, when you come to our abode at Luxor to receive from my brother Serapis and me the final initiations toward your ascension in this life, you will see all clearly. For in the white light of purity, all division and lack of clarity is wiped away by the intense currents of fire that flow through you as you cast aside all misconceptions and receive the holy garments of your immortality. Seek for the resolution of all that divides the brethren, most notably a lack of empathic knowing and understanding born of compassion for each one's personal path home to God, which you must not be so quick to judge or attempt to assess, as if you had all knowledge and wisdom.
            I seal you in higher truth that will once and for all set you free to be God in manifestation. Deliver fire! Deliver love! And win all the way through purity's perfect work, this day!

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