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Rex      April 14, 2005

Beloved Rex
David Christopher Lewis
April 14, 2005 8:03 - 8:27 am
Livingston, Montana

Beloved friends of the youth,
            I come to initiate a new day in the earth. Hope springs eternal for those who are renewed in God's love each hour. Hope is the bounty of heaven's yearning for the infusion of joy into hearts upturned to the light of the sun of understanding. And so, youth and the young at heart are always ready for the acceptance of progressive truth and the learning of new ideas and revelations that advance the course of civilization and of personal creativity.
            Dear ones, when your young people are depressed it is because they have not been provided with a vision of what they can do to make an impact on the world scene. Their hearts, naturally receptive to the intimations of grace from the angelic realms, simply cannot bear the suppression that inflicts a dire prophecy of the future. Life is a teeming opportunity for discovery and the renewal of love. And so, some who have been influenced by the decadence of your modern music and images of violence have become party to the death cult of the day, which is aimed at snuffing out the vibrancy of youth and the contributions that they can offer your culture.
            Youth must be honored as the ones who will not only create your future world, but who are truly the focus of the dawning light that is descending to your planet through their pure and humble hearts. Parents and teachers need always to be aware that the images and patterns that they set before the child do make a lasting impression on their souls and can make or break that one's spirit in finding the purpose for their lives. Thus, a vast assortment of opportunities should be offered to children to discover for themselves those avenues that heaven would open for them to walk in life's way.
            Beloved, children's purity is so opposed that almost your entire culture has been clouded over with the unreality of a false view of life, and the chimera of illusion does set in at an early age, causing a disconnect between the innate spiritual fervor of the child and the seeming reality that they witness outpictured through television and movies and video games. So, you must make an effort to bring forth a more selective representation of the reality of the path before they are swept away in the flood of the mass consciousness that pervades your world.
            Have mercy on your youth! Take the time to speak with them and learn what are their questions, their concerns, their problems and most of all their fears of the future. For if you can assist them in knowing their inner self, these fears may be consumed through your caring and your deep knowing of the richness of their inner life. Teach children to know themselves by first knowing yourselves and the pitfalls that you have overcome. Then you may assist them in seeing the reality of life through the lens of true awareness of the love of God which is ever present and the wisdom of God which is always available to those who desire it.
            Nada and I, as well as Bob and Pearl, overcame because the Aquarian Master did work with us on a very personal level to aid us in knowing the naturalness of the path to God's heart. Communing with the Master Saint Germain should be the daily experience that you offer your children and your students, as he is so adept at gently bringing to each heart the keys to that one's personal victory through co-measurement and acceptance of God-Love into the chalice of being.
            We are sponsors of youth and we are grateful to see any and all efforts to educate your children in higher truth, done in such a way that it is not mysterious or arcane, but presented in beautiful ways that allow the soul to blossom gracefully, as of a gentle dance or a pleasant aria or a calm walk through an elysian garden of bountiful color.
            Become as children in consciousness, beloved. See through their eyes and you shall always be able to discover the simple secrets of hearts who know God because they are pure. Follow us back to the beginnings of time and space and discern the freshness of new life, the budding of the eternality of God's original offering of Himself to the universe. Offer yourself to the child of God's heart this day and know our love always.

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