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Godfre      April 13, 2005

Beloved Godfre
David Christopher Lewis
April 13, 2005 8:44 - 9:17 am
Livingston, Montana

Dear Friends of Freedom,
            I am come to lend my support and light to this movement of The Hearts Center, for it is now the hope of the Brotherhood for the ongoing work of the ascended masters in this age. As a messenger of truth, Lotus and I do step forward this day to assist in both the training of your messengers and in the empowerment of all who would be servitors of light on behalf of our guru and friend, beloved Saint Germain.
            Beloved ones, many must step forward to assist in the great work at hand. This work is the sacred work of the ages to which you have pledged your very being at inner levels, having vowed to help the Knight Commander to bring in the golden age. And your individual gifts and talents are needed now more than ever in an age when, through the technology at your disposal, millions may now truly be enlightened through his purple fiery heart and the message that he brings.
            So, the message that Saint Germain brings to earth must become your own. You must be carriers of this missive, truly messengers sent forth to deliver the words of the Seventh Angel to a world in need of the higher truth and the way of the transmutation of karma and of freedom for each soul who desires to become one with God. Saint Germain will assist each one who will work for him diligently, and the sacred alchemy that each one may perform will help to build a growing momentum of light, a widening confluence of divine power that shall carry this civilization forward into an age that one day shall be looked back upon as the most important one for the raising of earth into its immortal destiny.
            You are destined to become God-men and God-women when you ennoble yourselves through the dignity born of humble service to your fellow men and women in need. Abasing all that is less than truth and freedom, your soul wed to who you truly are may become an indomitable force in the plan of the ascended masters in building a culture of compassion, educating young and old alike in the higher way of self-mastery that the God of Freedom has laid before you.
            Now that Saint Germain is a cosmic being, you have access to an even greater quotient of light and fire than ever before, and we who are ascended are almost envious of your opportunity to call it forth for use in your lives for accelerated change upon earth. And so, you also have access to beloved Portia's momentum of justice and opportunity to seek the resolution of all past mistakes and karmic encumbrances through the grace of the fire of the Holy Spirit in the violet flame, raising each of you to new heights of cosmic consciousness and holiness, if you would truly engage yourselves in this work.
            Lotus and I will assist all who have declared their personal messengership before beloved Hercules, and so, for all those who missed his original release, you may, upon hearing or reading his dictation of this past Easter Sunday, make your declaration before your own altar, and we will come with our momentum of fire to bless you on your way as those who would take your place in the race to deliver a message of love to those who need you, beloved.
            God is so willing and ready to bestow every grace upon you when you make that commitment and strive to work diligently for Him, dearest hearts. The requirement is not the sacrifice of your limbs and life, but of those elements of self that really are no longer necessary for your joyful experience of life on earth, for they do cloud your view of the real path of bliss that awaits all who are willing to put their hands to the plow and pledge their hearts to uphold the true tenets of divine understanding and faith in the God-Self within to fulfill all that is required.
            God-Obedience is my name and my title. I was willing to stay true to my calling in many embodiments, and so I was graced with the opportunity to work with the one I love and still work with, the illustrious one, the Count de Saint Germain. If you could truly know him as I know him and feel the continuous pulsations of God-Love that pour forth from his fiery heart and soul, you would also vow your allegiance and your all in surrendering all to become his personal aides and accomplices in the grand scheme of Freedom for each soul and for all sentient life upon not only earth but on every orb of light in the universe. He is truly known throughout cosmos for his great sacrifice and his untiring work on behalf of the soul liberation of many lifewaves. And his travels and adeptship in spiritual alchemy has become noteworthy in the annals of many more worlds than you can imagine, beloved.
            You would all do well to make a study of his lives and his teaching a priority for you, becoming so familiar with his sayings, his mottos, his gifts and his history that you are experts on his personage and so all whom you contact will feel his own aura of brilliance flowing through you when your eyes sparkle at the mention of his name.
            Beloved, become the embodiment of the God of Freedom by liberating your own life to be a servitor of this gracious one, who so loves each and every one of you as God does love you. As you come into the fullness of your own Presence of God-Power, you will look back and know that through the acceptance of this mission of your personal empowerment in the aura of this beloved Son of God, you too will finally know your own immortal freedom and the victory for which you have waited for eons.
            I am with you always as your friend and as the Aide-de-Camp of my mentor and teacher, beloved Saint Germain. I am your Godfre-free and available always to help you in your sacred quest as messengers of God-Love in this age.

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