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Johannes      April 05, 2005

Johannes (Beloved Pope John XXIII)
David Christopher Lewis
April 5, 2005 4:03 - 4:48 pm MDT
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dearest Sons and Daughters of the Most High God,
            I am come to commune with you in this hour of the passing of the current pope, Pope John Paul II. As always, when the highest representative of the Catholic Church passes, there is much attention upon events in Rome, and therefore we in heaven who have been integrally involved in the affairs of the church also take note so that we may influence the passing of authority to the one who will, from our view, carry forward that body of believers in Christ into the new day in the best way.
            Beloved, we have noted the great good, the great light, and the great mission that this pope, Karol Wojtyla, did manifest. It was auspicious that he did come from Poland, a land yearning for true freedom, and so he was witness to many events during his pontificate, including many changes in Eastern Europe. And so, although he did not always speak fully as we would have spoken in every instance as the Vicar of Christ to those of the Catholic faith, I announce to you that he has been welcomed this past Monday, April 4th into celestial realms as an ascended master. His great love for and service to his flock, his love of the blessed Virgin Mary and his stand in many instances for the flame of freedom has moved forward the cause of the Brotherhood through the body of believers of Christ Jesus upon earth.
            Dear hearts, we come to you to ask you to pray for the one that we have chosen to be selected by the college of cardinals who will soon gather to discern the will of God in their responsibility to select the next pontiff. We desire a specific soul whose integrity will not be compromised through a lack of attunement with higher purpose, higher truth, and the will of beloved Jesus in all matters.
            In addition, we ask you to pray for your own beloved Mother of the Flame and GuruMa, for it is no coincidence that her own life span is winding down and that she too is preparing at many levels for her own ascension. One important final responsibility of hers is to pass all of her mantles, for she does wear many, and if a smooth transition is to occur, this passing of the torch must occur before her physical transition.
            So we announce to you today that the full mantle of Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood that Mother has worn has been passed to beloved Marsha Covington, who has qualified herself through her direct training under Mother, as well as her inner attainment and training in previous lives. This mantle is an important one for the Brotherhood, for although there has been much consternation about various claims of messengership, the truth must now be broadcast throughout the land that the torch has been passed, and the continuity of the mission of the two witnesses is fulfilled, though not as some would declare or discern.
            As a previous bearer of the mantle of Vicar of Christ, I also come to you to declare that this office in hierarchy is also in the process of being fully lowered onto one who is qualified, though I choose not to reveal the who and the why at this time. Other mantles that your Mother has worn are also being passed at inner levels, and so we ask every devotee to pray for understanding, for discernment, and most of all for the protection of the one or the few or the many who will receive the greater or the lesser portion of those various mantles.
            Some seek to snatch them through an unholy pride born of compromise with the purposes of heaven. The mantle may not rest upon any who have rejected our calling to rise above the level of human willing and wishing and to truly be pure representatives of the mission of your Witnesses. Indulgence, insensitivity and a clamoring for attention are not those qualities that our angels accept in bringing to the attention of the Lord God those true candidates for each holy office.
            Therefore, we do honor one or many who exhibit those qualities of the heart and the development of mercy and grace that are the earmarks of those chosen by heaven to receive the divine approbation and the holy commission to carry forward our works in this age.
            We thank each one who has not left off in praying in support of your Mother and in support of the ongoing mission to save all sentient beings upon earth. When you dwell in the grace of the angels through your daily devotions, the angels do dwell with each of you in support of your personal mission, which is part of the greater mission of light for Terra.
            I, Johannes, take my scepter and bless my own. I radiate light to seal every devotee who places God first and foremost in his life. May the grace of beloved Jesus and all true avatars fill the earth in this hour, and may all come to know the fullness of divine joy in overcoming the final enemy of death.
            Strive for your immortality through love. For we will be there to receive you into the realms of light when you, too have surrendered all to serve in the eternal cycles of God's creative fires of love.
            Pax vobiscum.

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