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Kuthumi      April 03, 2005

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
April 3, 2005 7:13 - 7:45 am
Detroit, Michigan

            Blessings flow unto you who love God!
            I am K.H., and I come to inaugurate a coil of fire in this city for the resolution of conflict. What is conflict but the interaction of auras that creates the friction of the unresolved energies within that are not gracious and understanding of every aspect of the self as God in the becoming. When your auras are in close proximity there is a natural process where darkness surfaces unto the light of day for resolution. This resolution does not always flow freely and amicably, and so the amount of friction and the intensity of the conflict is in direct proportion to the sum of the variables or quotients of the darkest darkness and the lightest light within your collective consciousness.
            When there is a wide variance in these quotients, the conflict may be great and cause an intense reaction, verily a chemical reaction as of an explosion. For the elements of self within various parties may be those ones that when combined are the exact components that cause the release of energies that must be resolved before harmony may ensue. For every atom of self and all elemental forces, which are constantly in motion, do seek to resonate harmoniously, beloved.
            How do we resolve conflict and the clashing of elements within our students that at times becomes uncomfortable, even to the point where one turns against another? The resolution may only come when each party surrenders those atoms of self that are not tethered to the pure molecule of divinity, those electrons that are super-charged so as to create an imbalanced orbit in the outer shell and thus may come into contact with and in conflict with the same type of charged electrons within others.
            Transmutation is the key to conflict. However, one must first come into an awareness of these forces and elements before one is fully cognizant of the need to consume them or to draw them back into the nucleus of self for reintegration and purification. Therefore, seek the light of the sun of wisdom to see every aspect of self, illumined by a higher and pure light of divine reason. For then you may utilize all the skills that we teach in resolving and dissolving those substances and energies that become uncomfortable for others when you are in close proximity.
            Holiness, purity and chaste thoughts and feelings toward yourself and others will go far in resolving conflict, beloved. For even as you become aware of the impurities within-and the process will continue and accelerate until you become more sensitized to even the slightest aberrations toward your pure Godhood-you must discern more refined ways and means of conflict resolution so that your personal harmony may augment the greater harmony of your communities and hearts centers.
            This science must be studied and mastered and even taught by our servitors both in our centers and elsewhere. For this teaching is also key to the resolution of cosmic cycles, even of the advancement of one age to another and the great turning of diurnal worlds and the shifting of gears and the locking of the cogs and wheels of the previous age into a higher gear of the new.
            Dear ones, we give you this key today so that you may find understanding, compassion and an advancing and deeper comfortability with each other. For if we would again have chelas and students living together in our homes of light they must know this science of the Self and become divine psychologists in the laws of conflict resolution through the Pure Joy System of Violet Love.
            Therefore, both Saint Germain and I will together sponsor this specific aspect of your training, which we now add to the tool kit of all the spiritual techniques that you may use in saving sentient beings, first and foremost your own soul.
            I am your Kuthumi, ever releasing the next step in your understanding of the psychology of your solar awareness in God. I drape upon you now saffron robes of righteousness wherein you may know true peace, true harmony and that acceptance of the grace that flows from God through each one you encounter on the sacred walk home to Shigatse. AUM. (chanted)

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