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Omri-Tas      April 02, 2005

Beloved Omri-Tas
David Christopher Lewis
Saturday April 2, 2005 6:30- 6:45 am
Detroit, Michigan

            From the transformative oceans of cosmic substance on the Violet Planet, I come! I Am Omri-Tas, ruler of that star of light that is a gem in the divine ocean of God, beloved!
            I have witnessed the whirling light and vortex of fire initiated by the Lord Zadkiel last night, and so I would lend my momentum and that of thousands of priests and priestesses from our sphere to your sacred mission on this, my day! So I now invoke a great sun of violet light to be superimposed over this city, congruent with the celestial city of light that God would build over you as a magnet to raise it into a golden age culture! And you may ratify this matrix during this 33-day period, and if you jointly decide to all give of your of your time each day to Saint Germain, Zadkiel, Arcturus and me, we will remain in your sanctuary and in the sanctuary of your heart to truly bring about miracles in your city.
            Recall dear ones, how the Master Morya did place his presence over New York because the chelas there did give of their hearts to support him on the 4th of each month. So, if you can do likewise in this city for me on the 2nd and 3rd of each month, maintaining a tag of 48 hours round the clock where at least two do decree together here, or in another sanctuary that we will dedicate soon, you will see a transformation taking place in the solar plexus of America which will radiate out on spokes of violet fire to translate this nation into a nation of cosmic fire!
            And we suggest that you use the new decree "I Am the Sun" penned by your messenger this day alternating with violet flame decrees, mantras and songs, to establish a permanent focus of the maxin light of Helios and Vesta that will truly be a holy magnet to draw many more lightbearers to your home of light!
            Beloved, it is a new day! So sing to Helios and Vesta each day and know that opportunity not only knocks but does also open the door-the golden door-to you for you to step through and to rise on that highway of light and through that portal to the sun wherein you can declare to all life:
            PRAISE GOD! I have arrived at the portal of my immortality! I Am
            one with God because God is the open door, and my heart is able to
            receive all the gifts and graces of Helios and Vesta's love and Wisdom
            so I may share them with all sentient beings below. I pledge to become
            a sun of fire on behalf of all who dwell in the shadows, for they can no
            longer falter on the way when I am there to open the blinds and the
            curtains for them to peer beyond this mortal form into the Eye of God!
            I will be a sun center, a hearts center of love on behalf of my people
            and together we will worship the light of the Son of God here and now,
            resident within every son and daughter of the Most High. Praise God!
            For we are coming home! And we are home this day in God!
            Beloved, I leave you with my peace. I leave you with my presence of determination to win all for God. For it is time to step forward as messengers of the word of truth and victory and all the qualities of God to serve a world in need, a world in need of you! Be the presence of the sun! Be the presence of violet joy! Be the presence of eternal love for everyone who needs you. We need you. We love you. And we seal you in Victory's violet elixir of eternal, immortal joy!