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Padre Pio      March 28, 2005

Beloved Padre Pio
David Christopher Lewis
March 28, 8:57 - 9:47 am
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Children of Heaven's Hope,
            I am come this day after the invocation of a most glorious manifestation of light during your Easter Conference at the Wellspring Institute in Montana. The stupendous energy of love and hope that was released by the hosts of the Lord and the ascended masters has brought about a major thrust for a holy purpose upon earth. Please be seated in the heart of my love as I continue to commune with you about this purpose.
            The Lord Jesus did envision a great army of lightbearers to be created through the work of the saints of the early church that would maintain the opportunity for thousands and eventually millions to come into an understanding of their own divinity. This day the Master does have new hope that this mission will come to fruition through the efforts of many of you who would carry forth this new dispensation and make it practical.
            You have witnessed through the power of beloved Hercules the empowerment of all of you to set forth upon the altar all fear of the fulfillment of your personal mission within the greater mission of the Lord and his hosts. We have never been happier to see many of you stepping forward to declare your calling in such a powerful and meaningful way, received and accepted by God in a tangible manifestation of love that has truly brought tears to the angels of heaven. For now they too are emboldened and heartened anew to assist you in your path, and you may feel a greater boldness, joy and sense of hope that all will be well, even though just a few short months ago you may have almost lost that hope that earth could truly be raised into a golden age civilization.
            Beloved, God is great and each of you knows that so long as you retain that humility of spirit and receptivity of consciousness where you know that God is working His perfect work through you, then you will no longer enter into the sense of struggle or unworthiness or that dour mien that makes this work harder and temporarily sends the angels packing to find others who are more joyous to work through and inspire.
            You must breathe in this new life of inspiration and joy daily and smile at yourself in the mirror, knowing that each new day brings an opportunity for a miracle to occur in your life and through the efforts of the angels that are now hovering about you and eagerly awaiting your calls and prayers and orders, ready to carry out the assignments that will help you in accomplishing your mission and holy vows!
            In my final embodiment I was privy to and had the ability to both see and speak to my angel ministrants, and so I would send them on very specific missions to help a soul here and to save a child there. For even before I physically received those thousands of letters and prayer requests from around the world the angels would gather daily to receive those letters or requests spiritually and then check with their supervising angels to see how and when the answers should come forth for those souls. For they knew that I would be praying and assigning them to lawfully fulfill each request according to the great law based on the karma of that one and the grace that could be afforded based on the burden of light and darkness that I would carry for that one through the bliss of suffering that I was graced to be able to know on behalf of my beloved Lord, Jesus.
            So, as those who have and are now making your bodhisattva vows, you may now call to me to tutor you in how to take on more of the world's pain and suffering, bit by bit, saving sentient souls by accelerating your invocations to the violet flame and creating a forcefield of fire in your aura that will allow the karma of souls to be consumed in that fire so that it may not unduly burden you day by day. I will assist in helping to mitigate the amount of weight that you carry and work with your Holy Christ / Holy Buddha self to counterbalance the differences and strengthen you in this holy work.
            This is the work of the saints above and below, beloved. And so, although we have all at times cried out, "How long, oh Lord" we also know that all is cycling unto fulfillment through our willingness to lay down our lives and give freely and that the days and hours are truly being shortened for the accelerated saving of many more sentient beings upon earth.
            Sing to me and invoke my presence daily. This messenger has been working with me and with your Lanello and Mother at inner levels for a number of years in preparing for this time when together we could invoke a greater army of lightbearers to take up this work, truly a Buddhic walk with Maitreya, to call back home those whose missions had been temporarily short-circuited through the plots and strategies of those who could not let go of their pride and ambition to seize the very power of God and wield it for the control of the humble ones in their midst.
            Beloved, be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, and invoke the Dove of the Holy Spirit to descend upon you and to daily give you that infusion of fire and divine power that only comes to those who have humbled themselves through daily prayer and the supplication of mercy on behalf of souls in need. The power that flows to and through you must be dispensed generously and allowed to flow without interruption or blockage by the serpent dweller that will come to attempt to solicit your services for lesser causes and for the glorification of the ego. Therefore, before you invoke those gifts of the spirit you must first cast that dweller on the threshold into the flame and do it daily and even hourly as needed.
            I am Padre Pio. I am with you always when you call to and sing to me, my dear ones. I extend the reach of my arms to include each of you as my spiritual children and chelas if you would have me. For I have surveyed the earth with Lanello to pick out those uncut diamonds sparkling in the recesses of earth's crust and together we will mine them and offer them to Morya to fashion into true gems of the spirit. You may just experience a little uneasiness as the Lord of the First Ray does shave off those carbon filings that have accumulated around the core heart of your pure being. But when he is done with his work, he will have many more jewels to work with in fashioning a most beautiful necklace to place around the neck of the Divine Mother, who will woo her own back to her heart in time for the great banquet and feast of light that she is preparing.
            Be fiery and living stones of love for Morya, my friends. Surrender to his unique technique of training each of you as Mercurian messengers, for in due time you too will be charged to join him in this ongoing work of picking the precious pearls from among even the darkest depths of the ocean's floor. And you will be able to string a most holy brocade of fiery pearls to give to the Mother, made up of those souls that were saved by our joint efforts together.
            I am a bodhisattva of mercy. I transfer my passion for my Lord to you. Receive me and know my presence when I come knocking on the door of your heart.

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