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Goddess of Purity      March 18, 2005

Beloved Goddess of Purity
David Christopher Lewis
March 18, 2005 9: 27 - 9:59 am
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Children of Purity's Grace,
            I come this day to bless my own with the radiance of purity from my heart. Purity is the essence of the Godhead at the core of being, dear hearts, for all that is holy and whole is contained within the heart of God. Please be centered in this light of innocence that I bring as I commune with you.
            Beloved hearts, earth must return to her pristine state of purity. This is the edict of the Solar Lords who would send forth greater light, yet that light that they would send must be received in humility and not be spilled upon the ground of impure thought, impure desire and impure action. So their edict is held back unless and until many among you desire to return to your pure state of oneness with the heart of love.
            We would press in and upon you greater light of purity, but you must be ready to withstand the pressure of that light as it flushes out of you all substance of density and darkness. Many of you are experts in the cleaning of your homes and the maintenance of an environment where we may come to be with you and inspire you with higher thoughts and meditations on the light of eternal hope. Yet many of you also retain within the recesses of your consciousness those shadows of illusion that cloud the full, blazing reality of your own God Presence and its attempt to pour into your heart and chakras the radiance of immortal fire.
            I will convey a key to you today so that you may maintain a greater sense of your own purity, that virgin consciousness that you wore and bore when you were first created as spirit-sparks and ideations of the Father-Mother God. This key is that when you look into your mirrors each day as you prepare your physical bodies for the visage that you would have others see, you should see your own eyes as the eyes of God looking back at you. When you know that God's eyes are truly viewing you, you may have mercy upon your own soul and love yourself as God loves you. And as you begin to truly love yourself as God in manifestation, you will know a greater peace, a greater grace and a greater sense of wholeness as an expression of God in form.
            We have taught that acceptance of God's own immaculate vision of yourself is a key to your victory, beloved. For when you fully accept that you are God, you act in harmony with God's laws, God's truths and God's way of accepting all others as part of you as God. And when you accept others as you now accept yourself, you cannot mistreat another, for you would thus be mistreating yourself, God. This simple principle has been used by the saints and sages as a meditation on life and on love for eons.
            Please give this, my teaching to your children, even at the earliest ages of their lives when they are just beginning to speak and cognize, beloved. For when each child of our hearts truly knows himself and herself as an expression of God, earth will return to that state of purity that we desire.
            Many muse upon what heaven is truly like. Some see it as a place of comfort and ease where they may rest from the struggles of life as you know it upon earth. Some see it as a beautiful garden where all is well, all is peaceful and God's spirit is reflected and animate within all. Some see it as an ethereal place where all their desires are met instantly without provocation or stress.
            May I convey to you that heaven may be all of these, but it is, to us, a state of being where freedom to express God's love and purity is won and open to all who have returned to that state of listening grace and knowing. The closest state that we know of reflected in your world of this state of being is that space within the womb of the mother to be. And so, in the hallowed space where creation is occurring and the development of the child to be is manifesting as the miracle of life itself, you have the highest vibration and holiness in the world of form that you know.
            And so, beloved, this space of heaven within the very body temple of the womb of each mother is so opposed by the forces of evil that would slay the innocence of purity and the very birth of God as that newborn soul, come to work out the karma of its destiny in this world. So, you see that you must defend this space of heaven in earth if earth would truly return to that Edenic state of purity that once was, dear ones. So I ask you to pray for the unborn and for mothers to be, for they do contain the very light of God, sent anew into this world for the salvation of the entire world.
            Beloved, The Hearts Center is truly a new dispensation where new teaching from us may come forth to grace our own. And although some have misunderstood our purposes due to their attempt to defend their faith and their own understanding of what they perceive is our plan, I say that truth will prevail and all will eventually come to know that we are indeed speaking again through ones that we have prepared to be our mouthpiece. For just as the sun continues to rise and set each day, bathing the earth in new rays of wisdom's fire, so God, in the naturalness of the creative process, does continue to release new teaching, new love and new power to his own through those who are sensitive to our vibration and who can receive the true and holy intimations of our hearts by direct revelation as receiving stations of our love.
            I am grateful to God that He has allowed me to bless and communicate with you this day, dear hearts. For I have sought to instill within you a sense of the hallowedness of life that each one ascended does know and which we desire that each of you also know.
            One who did not respect this life has recently been consigned to the infamy of death row for failing to allow the light of his own seed to be born within the one he chose to be his wife, whom he did also slay. Oh cruel son, didst thou not know that by taking life that you also take thine own?
            I Am the Goddess of Purity. I extend my hands to release the light of purity to seal every child in the womb and every mother-to-be in the protective fire of purity. May those upon earth learn to honor and revere life, for by so doing, they will one day know eternal life in the womb of the Cosmic Virgin. Come unto me all ye who desire surcease from pain, and know that I am with you always when you believe that God is real and that His reality dwells within the fruit of the union of your pure love for each other.
            Aum Aum Aum

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