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Hilarion      March 16, 2005

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
March 16, 2005 8:18 - 8:55 am
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Warriors of Truth,
            When you stand for truth, I stand with you, for I am the embodiment of truth where you are! I am Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Healing and Truth, unto the sons and daughters of God.
            Beloved ones, we of the ascended hosts always champion those who have the tenacity and even the abandon to expose the lie of untruth. For the serpentine consciousness always desires to keep from mankind the truth of their divine reality resident within the very heart of their own God Presence. So, those who first receive the truth of their inner experience of the God-flame burning within their breast can go on to receive higher teachings and an understanding of truth as it manifests in both the world of form and in realms above.
            I come to shatter matrices of the lie that have been built up around and through the paradigms of many chelas wherein they feel that they have fully arrived at the fount of truth for all eternity and whereby they do not need to continue their striving for ever higher vistas where greater truth may be gleaned at each new level. Some dismiss anything outside of their own mortal consciousness of reality as being from a false source that is antithetical to our spirit, when often that new spiritual insight may be the very element of our higher truth that will set them free from the bonds of illusion that they have allowed themselves to become accustomed to!
            So, as Saul I needed to be blinded so that I could eventually see reality as the Lord would deliver it to me-personally and with a much greater fire than I could have received it had I not received the initiation that he provided my soul. And so, many need to be stripped of certain matrices of comfortability in order to rise to the level that their God-Presence would give them as a sublime and divine gift.
            If you would become God, you must become as a child, for the child-like consciousness is always open to new possibilities, new ideas, new learning and the trek that leads to greater opportunities for soul growth. Many speak of opening the heart and allowing God to speak, and for the energies of the Presence to flow freely through the portal of self-awareness. I say that you must not only open the heart's petals but you must strengthen the ability of your heart to withstand the greater fire that will flow through you when you decide to become the flame of truth and to challenge the lie that exists in your world. When you make the choice to go all the way to the Source, you will be challenged by the full conglomerate of the serpentine lie which always comes to say that there is an easier way, a smoother way, a less dangerous road to divine knowing.
            Slay this fallen consciousness, beloved, for although the way may be easier than you think, it is still fraught with the brambles of illusion and the thickets of desire for surcease from striving that act as an opiate narcotic to put you to sleep and keep you from the full awakened consciousness of Buddhic attainment that you simply must have! Have you noticed that just when you are about to have a breakthrough in some manner on your spiritual path that the sleep of forgetfulness may come upon you, taking from you that heightened state of God-Consciousness that you know you must be attuned to?
            So, eat less and become more aware of your body, your feelings, the movement of the energies of your mind and of the etheric records that pass through the screen of your consciousness each hour. When you breathe deeply and know the fullness of God within, you can maintain that higher level of spiritual fire and awareness wherein you are privy to the temptations that come to dissuade you from that state of oneness with the All.
            So, even in the midst of your daily work, the equipoise that you can maintain, centered in the heart of God, will gain you much in spiritual advancement, until you are fully locked into that space of listening grace where pure Being is who you are at all times and in those situations that would pull on you to descend again into the dimensions of mortal thought and feeling.
            All ascended masters have won their victory by practicing and perfecting the science of being love in manifestation at all costs. To be set free from the gravitational pull of this world requires an acceleration beyond that magnetic influence of the lesser self wed to materiality and dense desire. So, I admonish you to stand for truth within the microcosm and the macrocosm of Being. Command the cells and atoms of self to come into alignment with the polestar of pure fire wherein there is no wobbling of the axis of those atoms due to an identification with human nonsense, but where each molecule is vibrating in synchronicity in the latticework of the chrism of your God Being, humming with the music of the spheres within, beloved.
            I am your Chohan of Healing. I now use the tuning fork of my rod and staff of fire to attune your being to the reality of who you truly are in God. And I see the pure sphere of your solar consciousness now singing the song of freedom, strumming those melodic strains of Venus that now resonate in perfect pitch with the flame of God-Love that you truly are this hour.
            Enter the portal of truth that I set before you. Desire only to know God. Desire to know only God. Desire God to know you, for in the allowance He provides to you, you may purchase that great Pearl of bliss in union with Him always-perfect knowing, perfect serenity and perfect truth. I declare it for you, beloved! I am Hilarion, your champion for the victory of eternal grace within. Call to me and know your Self as God.

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