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Victory      March 15, 2005

Beloved Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
March 15, 2005 8:35 - 9:02 am
Livingston, Montana

Sons and Daughters of Victory!
            I am come to quell the forces that assail our own, for Victory is my name and I will not accept anything less than the total and permanent God-Victory of love in the earth! Will you accept this Victory, beloved? Then please remain centered in the heart fires that I now seal around you.
            When you accept victory as the full manifestation of your path of oneness, the opposition is not only cleared, it is nowhere to be found, for you rise to a new level of oneness that is above the ken and the touch of the forces of anti-Victory. As you imbibe the fires of love from my home planet, you will know that nothing can stand in the way of divine love and its manifest action within your heart. And when you truly know love, you will know victory, for victory is God-Love fully outpictured in your life!
            Will you please stop to discern these words, beloved? Since I am one of the Holy Kumaras who came to save the earth and its evolutions eons ago, I decided then and there to focus this flame on behalf of the entire planet earth for the fulfillment of the plan for earth to become Freedom's Star. And so, my legions have ever served those who have taken up this calling to serve God in whatever means possible to clean up the earth and to direct those lost in the sea of samsara to the crystal cities of the etheric retreats where they could communicate with us and learn the methods and practical ways that victory could be won!
            Defeat is not in my lexicon, for I only accept the total and absolute victory of the spirit, the soul and the heart of every son and daughter of God who decides to call to God and to avail himself of the opportunity that comes when surrender to a higher purpose is the prime directive of his life. The vows that we keep are ever emblazoned in living letters of fire before our eyes and should also be before your view each morning as you rise to greet the sun of your presence, don your spiritual armor and take up the sacred calling to do the work of the Lord.
            I, Victory, vow to you today that if you will call to me and meditate on me and give my victory calls and fiats, even if it is a simple, fiery call to dispel darkness in my name, that I will pull you up and set you upon my magic carpet to soar above the clouds and see the hosts of the Lord that do come in answer to your call! And when you finally get the picture and see how all of heaven is ready and waiting for your fiats, you will not forget to use us and to impel us into action each time you see a need, and that only victory is the answer to the dilemma that you experience.
            I have come, but you have not always answered my request or my call to action. What will it take to remind you of our need for you to be our voices, beloved? Each of you should determine how to have that little reminder before you of God's love for you and how Victory does request your love so that I can act for you and keep you sailing high and free from the impositions of those who would denude you and keep you trudging the slow march and dirge of death and despair. So, be up and charging and waltzing in that three-four time and that four/four march time that is the keynote of those conquering ones who know only Victory, beloved!
            I, Victory, charge the earth with the violet fire this hour! I, Victory, charge the earth with a quotient of cosmic energy that increases the spin of the earth ever so slightly so that all will notice a new-found vibrancy and lightness if they will accept the love fires of Victory resident within their hearts! I, Victory, speak to my own-the 144,000 who came with Sanat Kumara-and I say: Remember who you are! Remember your vows to save the earth! Remember that it is time to take up your calling and to raise the earth to be Freedom's Star!
            Use those violet flame mantras and joyous fiats and calls, and teach the sons and daughters of earth to know their true reality through the excitement in your eyes and the glow of your aura and the smile that says to them that you know who you are and therefore they, too, may know the God-flame within. Beloved, it is time to become missionaries of victory! It is time to become exemplars of love! It is time to work those greater works that the Master Jesus said you would work because he has gone to the Father and has prepared a place for each and every one who desires to return to the Father through love.
            I, Victory, also prepare a place for you at the feast table of the Lord. Don now the cape of victory, accept your immortal birthright and be the ones who will make it happen for God! I receive you as conquering heroes and heroines in my battalion of light if you accept this, my commission, this day. I Am Victory! Look up and know your own God-Victory this hour, beloved chelas of my heart!

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