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Goddess of Liberty      March 08, 2005

Goddess of Liberty
David Christopher Lewis
March 8, 2005 6:12 - 6:52 am
Livingston, Montana

Dear children of Freedom,
            I am come to bless you with the hand of the Father raised in this hour that defends all who have chosen to walk the path of divine wholeness. I am the Goddess of Liberty and I would speak to all who desire that true liberation of not only the body and mind, but of the soul itself in this age.
            Liberty is not only a right but it is the foundation upon which all evolution arises, beloved. Without freedom of expression there is no opportunity for the soul to grow and to witness the expansion within of those divine gifts that arise when it is flowing through every avenue of life. Thus, societies that do not allow true freedom of the individual to experiment with God's gift willed in the beginning become entrenched in a ritualized existence born of anti-light. So you see in Communist countries the outplaying of a mechanical life devoid of the Spirit and of the God-flame.
            When my image was raised in Tienemann Square by a youth yearning for Freedom, the world witnessed the crushing blow dealt to that hope born of my heart and that of Kuan Yin and others of the Karmic Board for the souls in the East to be free. So I come this day to proclaim a new opportunity to the souls of the great nation of China to again embrace Freedom. This Freedom will arrive in such a way that it cannot be denied, for it will penetrate every level of that society until the very fabric of its underpinnings will be drenched with the living light of divine liberty, dear ones! We intend to change the marketing of goods and services within the east and the west to be built on a foundation of liberty whereby the individual is no longer simply a cog in the wheel of tyranny but a valued soul whose rights are inscribed into the very cultural norms which govern the conduct of the state and business of every type.
            So, we of the Karmic Board demand this day that your government and every government of the free world put into place new documents and requirements whereby certain freedoms are required of the peoples in those nations with whom they transact commerce and trade. For we see the building up of a megalithic structure through trade that does not promote true freedom of the soul to progress on the spiritual path, and so those structures will come crashing down if they are not wrought upon God liberty, beloved!
            So, the fires of freedom of the west and the east do merge this day, and a new dispensation is granted unto all children of God where certain lifestreams that have thwarted freedom embodiment after embodiment are judged this day and will be removed from the scene so that God-Freedom may be established. You must call to beloved Kuan Yin and me to ratify this dispensation, for it has been a major effort to secure it, beloved; but it will only fully take effect when stalwart ones do the spiritual work to call it down from heaven to be fully grounded and acted upon on this earth.
            You are our hope. And hope, born of liberty will one day come to those who now see no way out of the dilemma they are in. So they look to the west to help secure freedom and, though it has not been forthcoming, we of the ascended hosts would see it manifest in the world scene of the nations and their peoples.
            So you must act to promote freedom, contacting your representatives and becoming involved in the writing of legislation that will not be stifled by those large corporate lobbyists and lawyers but that will make it to the table and ultimately to the desk of the president to sign into law as a treatise on the rights of all peoples to live in Liberty's shadow.
            Beloved, will you do this work for me in this hour?
            I thank you and I give you the blessing of my heart this day. Receive fire from both my torch and from the burning love within my breast for the salvation of all, even the least of the brethren, your own brothers and sisters of light in every nation!
            I am with you always, a lamp of the light of Liberty to every soul born of God. Secure your own immortality by bestowing opportunity for all to know God as the I am that I am within.
            I am the Goddess of Liberty, spokesperson for the Karmic Board, who do all rise now to invoke the freedom of the people of Chin this day.
            Help us to win their freedom, beloved, and you too shall be set free!

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