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Ray-O-Light      March 07, 2005

Beloved Ray-O-Light
David Christopher Lewis
March 7, 2005 10:00 - 10:35 am
Above the earth between Denver and Billings
            Transcendent Ones who would know the Honor of God!
            I come to inculcate within you the flaming presence of fearlessness in God. Only within the oneness of our love may you retain that consciousness wherein you are not moved by the agitation that arises from the carnal mind, questioning your next move on the chessboard of life for us.
            Fearlessness is born of the heart, beloved, for only (with) the courage to be in the face of mortal terror and error may you win all the way! Courage depends on the amplification of those fires of love that only we can convey through a rising and swelling up of a great love for God and a desire to serve, come what may. And so, all true messengers and all true chelas must garner this flame fully, embracing our desire to strip mankind of that delusional vibration of the serpentine logic that comes to taunt the Christed One and the Buddha to be with the trickery that would keep that one walking as the lesser man, never fully wearing the armor of Ray-O-Light.
            So, invoke my flame as a steely white fire tinged with emerald green which denotes the purity of your heart ensconced with the flame of truth that does decry the ways of evil and of those who deny the very reality of our ability to commune with our own daily, hourly and whenever we so choose.
            For it is not the time to be dispensing fear to the brethren, but it is time to formulate those plans and allocate those resources whereby thousands may know of us and our desire to work more closely with mankind. Why, this messenger did just this weekend witness the courage of one whom we have sponsored, a mere lad of 22 who has taken up the path of teaching the path of oneness through the heart of love of the God Presence. And so, we would sponsor many youth to take up our cause and work diligently with that certain strength born of a youthful vitality that will not say die to the fallen ones who would oppose your every move to fulfill our words and directives.
            Service through selfless giving is always the way of the true devotee of our bands, and though the ultimate sacrifice of surrender to God is required, it does not always require the laying down of the physical vehicle of self but simply of the surrender of the not-self to divine Reality if that one is to earn the victory of divine union with the ascended hosts.
            Dear Hearts, I do now laugh at those who rail against our own, for they do despise the light in these ones and must know that as God is no respecter of persons and of the outer personality of those whom we choose to raise up, so they must not be so serious in their fearing of our intent to use whomever we may to slay the serpent consciousness still residing within them.
            Yes, we are the legions with the mastery of the taking up of serpents and casting them into the fire, for Saint Patrick works with us under the sponsorship of Sanat Kumara to indeed maintain the purity of the garden of our God, ridding it of every such serpentine lie and deceit that would keep our own from walking and talking with Lord Maitreya and his servant teachers in the way.
            You must become world teachers for the Buddhas, beloved. Therefore slay the anti-Buddha energies within that oppose your sacred mission and know the fearlessness of Gautama this hour. Give the vajra mudra now, touching the earth with that certain lightning energy whereby Mara is subdued by the Presence of the Siddhi Power that you bear by us, by God's grace.
            VAJRA given 49x
            I am Ray-O-Light. I come to empower you with the desire to serve, even in the face of the greatest temptation to leave off of this path through sympathy with those who come to tell you that this path is psychic, devilish, weird or fraught with the option of losing your very soul and life force.
            Well I tell you that some of these who would rail against you have lost the very fire of their own hearts, seeking to keep you ever under their subjection and service to the detriment of your true surrender to God, only God, beloved.
            Look up and know the true flame of fearlessness that my legions now drape upon you as of a roman toga and cape that you may from this day wear in honor as one of us. Invoke our presence daily when you feel the urge to give up, to leave off of the giving of your decrees and service, for we will impel you to rise with sword in hand to conquer all untruth that would assail your victory in love.
            Legions of Ray-O-Light now surround these ones. Seal them in invincible fire from my heart this day, so that they will know the reality of this new dispensation that we too desire to protect with our pledge to Lanello and Morya to serve unto the end.
            Be up and doing and know that fear is unreal. It is unreal I say! For the only reality I know is Love. Love one another and you shall win all the way!
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