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Surya      February 28, 2005

Beloved Surya
David Christopher Lewis
February 28, 2005 8:32 - 8:58 am
Livingston, Montana

Children of the Sun,

              I descend to earth from the Central Sun of Sirius this day to seal those who have dedicated themselves to a holy cause-that of being sun centers in the earth. My chela, Cuzco, has come and anchored a great light on my behalf, and so I come now to distill the very radiation of the causal emanations of God into those vibrations which you can bear for the raising of earth in this hour.

              Beloved ones, we do come again and again to radiate our light, for the process of raising earth is not a one-time event. It is necessary that we make contact with our own regularly to inculcate within your own hearts-the sun centers of your beings-a greater awareness of divine love. So, your messengers have learned to bear more light and then again bear more light in order to maintain that tie to us that is required for continuous and ongoing communication and revelation. And so we would now also initiate many of you who have witnessed the dawning of this new movement to also partake in this ongoing initiation of the earth in greater light.

              Whereof will a Golden Age dawn but through you? So look up into the heavens and behold the sun of God-the central sun of your being, the sun of your solar system and now the sun of Surya. For when you can bear the fullness of the light of any of these three representations of the God of very Gods in your being, then you become a golden age chalice for us to use. We need thousands of these pure chalices into which we may pour our light-spread across the globe-so that cataclysm may not ensue to the detriment of the mankind of earth. So, one of your chelas did build a glorious representation of these electrodes of fire spread equidistantly across the earth as radiating centers of light to hold the balance for coming planetary change.* Use this image in your meditations and see yourself in one or more of these positions as foci of light, for as Cuzco did say, this is your purpose and your very reason for being in embodiment, beloved.

              Meditate on the centrosome of life. Iridescent being-ness is encapsulated in the space around the core of each cell of life. And so, if you would be the lively ones, move with the light, enter the light and allow that light to fill your entire being moment by moment and within the nerve-centers of consciousness at all levels.

              Study the movement of energy across the nervous system of your beings, for you will discover the science of light that God does use in all universes, both macrocosmic and microcosmic. And the flashing forth of that light as inspiration and enlivening is a process whereby God does revivify the entire warp and woof of the creation itself. If you would be a greater participant in life, know light as we know light and then you will allow it to flow unceasingly through you, beloved.

              I, Surya, establish permanent foci of light in the earth in various places that will remain unknown except by a few initiates of mine. Some of you will become more sensitive as you approach these foci and feel the impact of the light there. Others may only know a gradual, slow raising of the light, filtered through the screen of Christic and Buddhic mind-awareness. All is well. All is well. All is well, beloved.

              Behold love as the light within that does employ God in you! Behold love as the serenity that allows space to be filled with God's impregnating fire! Behold love as the very womb of life that receives universal consciousness for the transformation of substance into energy and energy into substance in the tai chi of the dance of God.

              I am Surya and I complete my coming with the blessing of your hearts and with the pricking of the center of love within you so that that love may flow ceaselessly to all whom you have vowed to raise through the waters of life that you now bear. Drink in love this day and know me as the Sun Presence of God's being within.

* A chela created a model of the earth as a globe with 144 points of light radiating from within it, all placed in a geometric setting at points equi-distant to each other. It is a magnificent focus and thoughtform to use in visualizing the earth as a sun-center of light.

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