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Pelleur      February 26, 2005

Beloved Pelleur
David Christopher Lewis
Feb. 26, 2005 7:45 am
Livingston, Montana

            I am Pelleur, Hierarch of the Elemental Kingdom of the gnomes. I come this morning to discourse with you about the salvation of the physical earth upon which you walk. Please be seated in the lotus of elemental love, dear ones.
            The earth has not been in more travail since the uprooting of the continents and the pushing up of the tectonic plates in the days of Atlantis, beloved. So we come to instruct you on what you may do to help us in this hour.
            Love the earth. It is as simple as these three words. When you reverence life, you will honor Mother earth by walking gently upon her being and knowing her as a portion of the greater being of all. Walking the earth as Buddhas and bodhisattvas means literally embracing compassion for all of God's kingdoms, the least of which is the foundation established by those nature spirits who have provided you the platform on which you may evolve.
            Without us and our ministrations you would cease to be able to live out your destiny, balance your karma and sustain yourselves in physical bodies, beloved. So we ask you to meditate on the work we do and to assist us by praying for us and sending forth that violet flame into the earth for the raising of all elemental life, so burdened by mankind's misunderstanding of our role and of our life, beloved.
            When many shall revere life as Gautama and Issa and more recently Schweitzer and Burbank, you will discover the care that the gnomes have for you and which we pray will be more reciprocal so we may work more easily for you. Honoring our station in life is imperative if less cataclysm will occur, for when all your decisions involve their effect on the kingdoms of the gnomes and nature spirits, then you will begin to see better weather, less torment manifesting as intense storms and the deep rumblings that portend the return of mankind's misuse of free will.
            We would help mankind overcome, for that is our purpose. As humble servants we seek to involve ourselves in your affairs to assist in the building of a new age culture replete with those inspirational designs and novel ideas that will grace mankind with heavenly intent. We anchor heaven's inspiration physically for you, so we are masters of practicality, action and the outpicturing of godly designs in form, function and fun. For we do sing and dance and desire to inspire you to do likewise if you would have us do so and enter the sphere of your awareness, beloved.
            God's universe is truly amazing and when you are awe-struck by the intricacies woven into the very fabric of life on and beyond the earth, we do smile and know that our lives and work are worth it. And yes, we were the instigators of that "high five" signet that you know, for we do congratulate ourselves often, seeing as mankind often disregard us or are ignorant of our sacred work on its behalf.
            Beloved, we love you more than you know. We are truly your best friends, and though there is no rivalry between our work and the work of the ascended hosts, we feel that we are somewhat more personable in our devotion to you, and so you see outpictured in the devotion of "man's best friend" the honor and esteem in which we hold all men and women and children on earth.
            Love us, beloved. This is all we ask. For when you walk and talk daily with the gracious ascended masters and cosmic beings, remember that we too would deign to receive just a little bit more of that devotion, for it will go a long way in helping us go the extra mile in serving your every need, dear ones.
            All of nature reveres the Buddha. So we honor this new movement of the golden-pink rays of love's fires; for we know you will not forget us, just as we will not fail you, beloved.
            URRR (chanted long)

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