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Nada Rayborn      February 24, 2005

Beloved Lady Master Nada Rayborn
David Christopher Lewis
February 24, 2005 8:20 - 8:46 am
Livingston, Montana

Dearest Children of God,

              I am come to sing a song of love to you this day. I am Nada, mother of Rex and Nada and consort of the beloved Daniel Rayborn, a Messenger of God. I come as a diva of divine love to sing an aria of fire for the kindling within you of holy purpose, beloved. This holy purpose is the mission that you have laid before you to present to the world the message of holy love. Please be seated in the lotus of my heart this hour.

              Dearest ones, love is the fulfillment of the law within you. Love is the fulfillment of wisdom's hope within you. And love is the fulfillment of God's being within the matter spheres. For the Father/Mother God's full complement of love is meant for each one who desires it, and all truly desire it though they know not always the meaning of love in its fullest manifestation.

              We of the ascended hosts do pull on your heartstrings to move you to desire more of God, beloved. For only in the reaching up of your souls to clasp the hands of God and to hold on to those strong but gentle hands will you find that peace and that rest in grace that is the byword of the Father's love. We would embrace each one who wants God's love, for what you desire with a deep longing of your soul, you magnetize to you, even if the reward is not always immediately apparent and presently manifest for you.

              In my final embodiment beloved Saint Germain did tutor and assist me in overcoming a certain stage fright and fear that did cause a blockage of the release of the light through my voice. And so, his great love allowed me to overcome fear and its pressure upon my heart and soul that I finally saw as simply unreal. For in reality, only love is real and only love can conquer that fear that wells up as a tension and a tightening energy that presses upon and constricts both your spiritual heart center and your physical heart. So, many do experience the failing of their hearts in this age due to fear, but also due to the non-acceptance of God's love into their being.

              Will you accept God's light and love into your being today, beloved? If you will, your life will never be the same, for the smile of God's radiance will grace your countenance and you will have that bounce in your step and that twinkle in your eye that all will notice and that will be the earmark of your life, ever and always.

              When you love and embrace God's presence in and upon you, all flows into the oneness of holy purpose and everything becomes clear for you. Your path is therefore no longer so mysterious, but the mystery of love has become apparent and you glory in each new day's opportunity to express kindness, love and that humility of God which is the signet of those who truly love God.

              Oh why have men and women in this age forgotten who they are, beloved? Why it only takes a small turn in the dial of consciousness to know that life is real and that God's reality present in the domain of the divine Self within is the key to overcoming all problems, sense of lack and the doom and gloom of the lesser self. Minding one's Self in perfect poise and peace becomes easy, for the flow of light is rekindled through the harmony of angelic beings who will dote on you when you realize that they can and should be ever present with you, beloved.

              I sing now an aria to your soul of God's personal love for you in this hour.

              Ah ray no-me ahhhh    Tro pee va no seeee    Laaaa crow tu ah may    Veee teee lay sooo    Pooh laaa nooo eeeee    Kaaah ray ooooohhh.    (Sung/chanted)

              Beloved, sound is light, and when we release the music of the spheres into this world, molecules of self are changed. Light and sound rays descend for the transformation of the old ways into the newness of joy in God. Come with me on the trajectory and arc of this music and discover true joy in overcoming through love. Come with Daniel and me to increase the love fires of your heart so that you too may sing the song of your soul's liberation in the harmony and peace of God. We invite you to come to the feet of the Aquarian Master whom we love and serve and to study the 360 degrees of his awareness of God as poise, as divine diplomacy and as the stupendous radiance of compassion that does embrace every lifestream on this planet in God-Love today.

              You have witnessed the greater empowerment that has come to our beloved Knight Commander and his beloved Portia. This raising also creates a pathway for each of us to also come up higher, beloved. So, rise higher today in his love and you shall begin to know love in the full panorama of the divine play of life on this earth.

              So, I have come. So I will continue to sing to your soul this day, aiding you ever higher, if you would have me. May my blessing remain with you and be an ever-present grace this day and every day that you decide to grow in God's love, beloved.

              I seal you in the light and sound ray of divine love. I love you always and remain, your beloved Nada Rayborn, messenger of love and music.

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