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Sanat Kumara      February 23, 2005

Beloved Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days
David Christopher Lewis
February 23, 2005 8:35 - 9:01 am
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Sons and Daughters of the Most High God,

              We come, Lady Venus and I, to be with you in this hour. We would impart a greater portion of our mantle upon these messengers and upon each of you as you are willing and able to bear that mantle. For Earth must receive the light of love of Venus in order for its evolutions to evolve in the love fires of Aquarius.

              The Seven Holy Kumaras come to enfire the earth in the radiance of the sun of love. We stand now upon seven major peaks on the seven continents of the earth to radiate light. And the light does now flow north, south, east, west and in every direction to establish that equilibrium that does stabilize a certain momentum of divine love that we bring on behalf of your Knight Commander and his consort, beloved Portia.

              The Holy Kumaras bless now this Son of Freedom and Daughter of Justice and Opportunity this day. For they have earned the right to stand upon the earth and among you as a God and Goddess of earth's evolutions. As so we announce to you that both have now reached that attainment of being cosmic beings wherein an even greater momentum of their causal bodies will now be accessible to earth and to you as their chelas. So we admonish you to call upon these two, along with the beloved Great Divine Director, to establish their kingdom upon this earth, for heaven must now begin to descend to earth for a golden age to come.

              Beloved ones, stand now to witness to the light and applaud this new mantle that we bestow upon your beloved God and Goddess of Freedom to the earth! (All applaude.)

              Beloved Saint Germain's deep love for you is the very elixir of light that each of you must, from this day forward, imbibe and drink to the fullest, beloved. His great desire to accelerate each of you on the path so that you may partake fully of the resources of your own great causal body is unmistakable. For when you are in his presence you will know complete attunement, complete joy and complete oneness with God's love for your own soul. What goal is greater than to serve this blessed being and to become the fullness of the flame of violet joy, beloved?

              So, we also place a new crown upon the heads of these two, bedecked with certain jewels fashioned by the angels of Alpha and Omega. These diadems of fire will radiate to all who behold them the fullness of the flame of purity and of love for an entire planet. And you will see at inner levels the very radiance that flows all-ways from the hearts of these two, now amplified by the light of the Great Central Sun this day! So, I, Sanat Kumara do now bow to the light of my son and my daughter this day, beloved.

              (Sanat Kumara asks all to bow to Saint Germain and Portia.)

              Sanat Kumara's Prayer:

              "Oh God of very Gods, Oh Alpha and Omega! We come this day to
              anoint your Son, Saint Germain and your Daughter, Beloved Portia,
              with the radiance of love from your heart. We plead before the throne
              of the One God that their love shall be received by the evolutions of
              earth this day as we in attendance here do witness to their great light.
              We pledge all that we are and a portion of our attainment on the altar of
              heaven to support the mission and the cause of the beloved Knight
              Commander and his consort for the salvation of earth in this age! So I do
              now also place upon them, each one, a new cape woven by the attendants
              of the Solar Logoi, who come before this holy body to witness to the light
              here in these two. Beloved angels of love, come forth to attend them from
              this day forward in their sacred mission for earth and its evolutions! Angels
              of Venus and of the Seven Holy Kumaras whom I represent, bless them
              with the fullness of the light of the evolutions of Venus in this hour who also
              pledge their hearts for the fulfillment of the mission of love to earth now.
              I, Sanat Kumara, decree it and pronounce that it is done. Amen!"

              Beloved hearts, God's light is truly great, both within these two and within each of you. Rise now in consciousness, rise in new levels of God-Self awareness as you also pledge your life and your support of these blessed ones in your midst.

              We retreat now to the heavenly Shambhala of Love on Venus. Our radiance will bless the earth for a fortnight. Know love this hour. Know cosmic humility this hour. And know that the only path to walk is the path of divine joy and bliss that you will continue to learn from our Son and our Daughter in this age.

              Ahhhhhhhhh!            Ooooooooo! Uuuuuuuuu! Eeeeeeee! Ellllllllll! (Chanted)

              It is done, it is sealed, it is finished!

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