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Surya      February 17, 2005

Beloved Surya
David Christopher Lewis
February 17, 2005 8:20 - 8:41 am
Livingston, Montana

Blessed beings of the infinite fire of God,

              I am come, Surya, into the earth this hour for the judgment of the wayward souls whose time is up. Surely those who would commune with us are many, and yet those who would attempt to control, monitor and squelch the lightbearers are also many. And you may count among them now not only those who control the banking systems of the world and the entertainment industry and the healthcare systems through the pharmaceutical industry, but those who, through fear of any kind, would limit your ability to worship through direct and personal communication with us.

              We will communicate through whom we may and we may do so instantaneously and without fanfare when we so choose. And it does not require the outplaying of hours and hours of decrees to invoke our presence in your midst, but the simple attunement with our hearts through pure love, undefiled and without the rancor of the lesser self that always demands the gratification of the ego, beloved.

              Thus, did not your own messengers Mark and Mother say that it does not take time, but attunement to know God? And did not these blessed ones receive our words in the privacy of their inner chambers and offices and in the tower at La Tourelle at any and all hours of the day or night when they did prepare themselves through a deep meditation on the God Self, thus allowing us to come forth into the room and into their temple to speak most personally with them?

              So those who would demand proof of our light and our delivery will receive it! And they shall know the full power of the light of the Great Central Sun delivered unto you through these, our anointed messengers, beloved! For the fire of God does descend and all must be ready receptors if they are to know us, our ongoing works and words and the messages that we will continue to bring to humanity! For if God will speak, He will speak, regardless of the machinations of the carnal mind and the justification of those who would justify our voice out of existence because it would ferret out every last vestige of unreality within them!

              So those who do claim that these messengers are tools of psychic imposters will know whereof we come, for we come from the very altars of God, bringing fire for fire and light for light! And I dare say that the true psychics in this hour are those who have not delivered the fullness of the teachings to our people of light but do withhold them due to the psychicism of fear. Fear is the bane of those who cannot get a grip on reality and therefore they must attempt to hold you in their grip of undue control. This is true psychic energy, for it is born of the astral hordes who would deliver you unto their own councils for the control of your light, the crucifixion of your light and the dissolution of your very souls.

              So I come to free those in the earth who have been controlled by a false religion of superstition that would keep the elect from even hearing our words-words of love, words of wisdom and words this day of divine power from the Central Sun! We will deliver our fire, and if those in the leadership of the church would attempt to control you through blackmail and fear, then we will deliver our message freely over the internet and you will not need to all come physically to our events, but you may hear our messages privately in the sanctity of your own homes where you are free from this intimidation, which is truly from hell itself! Yes, I say intimidation and the slavery that they would impose comes from the bowels of hell and is NOT of us or of any ascended master movement!

              Those of you who care not for your persons or what these leaders may think should still come and sit in our presence, for we will be there and we will release the fire of God that none can deny! And even those who will come to spy out our liberty will receive the fire and be tried in that fire to determine if they will bend the knee unto the Christ of their own being or if they would still run in the way of the unbelievers, beloved!

              So, I have released my message. I do charge the auras of our messengers and of those who have been receptive to this new dispensation with the fire from my heart and you will feel a certain strengthening of your beings and of your resolve to continue this path of oneness with us, truly a path of divine love born from the very core of the magnanimous heart of Lanello and the diamond shining mind and heart of Morya El.

              I seal you in blue fire this day! I Am Surya of the Sun. Look up and see me in the sky this day, beloved, for I will circle the earth in my chariot of fire and you will feel the intense pulsations of my heart and being and know that I have come!


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