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Nada      February 02, 2005

Beloved Lady Master Nada David Christopher Lewis February 2, 2005 5:55 - 6:53 am Livingston, Montana Beloved of my heart,               I come to comfort my own, for I am the comfort flame for each of you—if you would have me, beloved. Comfort comes when you may least expect it but when your soul needs it, for you have called and called again and I do answer.               Life must progress, for God does extend his Presence within and around those who believe in his ability to insure the flaming presence of love as a tangible reality for each one. Yes, God is your greatest insurance policy, for the flame that you keep for God daily does insure that you will remain safely within his arms of love, ever comforted by the reality that you are his son, his daughter, and he shall always care for you, come what may.               It is a pity that some will not accept or understand or feel our nurturing presence, beloved, for if they would, we would raise them above their current level of God-Self awareness. The scotomas (the blind spots) of our chelas have ever been a bane toward their ongoing initiation. And so you must call forth the full presence of awareness of your God-Reality in the 360 degrees of your being so that you are never blinded to our radiance and our love, which may come to you at any hour, and often when you least expect it.               I did sponsor this one who comes to you and serves you in much the same way that I served my own family in my last embodiment, silently and without fanfare. And yet we chose to use this one to speak to our own, for we love you and desire to draw you ever higher into the presence of our love (the rose of our hearts), sanctify you and inspire you on your homeward path to God.               Beloved, you should not fear this worded release nor be dismayed that we have the ability to raise up one such as David, for he is worthy and capable of conveying our cadences. For he is truly a heart wed to love and a true example of givingness. Glory not in the human self, but extol true virtue within all when you witness it, beloved, for virtue is a reflection of those God qualities that you know you must outpicture in your lives.               Gentleness, kindness, sincerity and diplomacy in all your words, manners and interactions will win you friends—both on the earth and in heaven—and allow our radiance to shine through you so that you are truly a witness to the roseate love that we bear. When you act from a point of conscious awareness of love, there can be no dissimulation or division, so you must be careful to explore your inner motives before you take any major step or action in your life, and then only take action when you know your words and deeds will truly bring forth the highest good for all souls entrusted to your care or affected by your decision and your ongoing work.               Beloved, conscious cooperation with us is the need of the hour. Many of you have acted forthrightly and with pure motives, but you have not always enlisted our aid and assistance through the simple way of asking for our direct and personal intervention in your affairs. When you trust us and then gain a momentum on plying our trade—which is always to deliver to you the highest good for your lifestream—then you cannot fail to move forward and upward into the arms of love, the love of God.                            We would have you be love in action through a deep meditation on the purity of love borne on God's gentle winds that caress your being and raise your spirit into ever new levels and patterns of perfection. Meditate on the unfolding rose of my heart, for, as the twelve petals gently unfold to greet the sun of your own Presence, the essence of who I am shall be released to you as that divine scent of pure love—the undiminished adoration I carry for each one, beloved.               I see you all as blooming roses in God's garden of life, of eternal life, for I know the eternality of your union with God now, even if you are still struggling to discover your immortal birthright, which has always been available to you if you will simply allow it to be within you and shine through you as that radiant grace of virtue that is God's presence of love that you truly are, dear ones.               I bless now my own twin flame this day, as he has so beautifully expressed on your behalf the radiance of the divine presence in the various representations of the Chart of that God-Self over you in the vernacular of the religions of your world. These images are key to every lifestream on earth, that they might see that true and holy image of Reality that impresses upon the very soul and being of each one an engram of fire that each one will never forget, for it is the very pure radiance of love itself. Light is love, and so the streaming confluence of energy that descends upon you when you see this image of your Divine Self, does provide you with the perfect thoughtform for every prayer, every meditation and every moment's communion with all of us; for we are always one with that presence of pure love that you see.               Dear ones, we extend grace to those of you who do likewise. We extend mercy to those who give mercy. We extend greater illumination to those who are willing to clear the cobwebs in the caverns of the lower self and light that torch that shall burn brightly while you strive to overcome the last vestiges of unconscious and subconscious patterns and the elements of the not-self.               Fear not to go with the legions of Archangel Michael and of Astrea and of Kali and Shiva into the depths of death and hell to cut loose those of your brethren who must be saved from the despair that has beset them through ignorance. You who have taken the bodhisattva vow must become stewards of greater fire, for only the whirling action of pure love manifest as cosmic lightning will free some who would do better if they knew better. And they will only know better if you are there to teach them and compel them to rise out of the astral plane through your great compassion for them, dear ones.               Study the words of Shantideva, for I will use this one and this teaching to impel you higher, even as you go into the world to compel souls to know God through your own example of the Buddhic Way.               I am Nada. I come to seal my own with the unguent of fire from my heart. You shall know my presence in your midst by the increase of your heart's pulsations, for as you pine for God's love, I will answer, for I pine for you to return to me, my beloved. (c) Copyright 2005 The Hearts Center(tm)
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