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Lanello      January 10, 2005

Ascended Master Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
January 10, 2005 9:00 pm - 10:05 pm
Livingston, Montana

New Holy Order of Knights and Ladies of the Flame

Principled Ones Who Study the Laws of Light,
            I am come to commune with those who place friendship with us above friendship with the world. And I stand upon the holy ground of this sacred valley that you call "Paradise" to speak to you of the holy path that I have walked for eons. Beloved, please be seated in the lotus of eternal grace.
            When you accept the messenger of our words, you accept us and thereby you receive the gifts we bring. And these gifts are more than mere words, but the very vibration of our ascended master consciousness. Just as you make great strides in a few short years, often gleaning more of your own divine status as ascended masters-in-the-making, so we continue to transcend our former state in an ever more accelerated way, for we now have much more light at our disposal as ascended beings. And so, the messages we convey today are more vital, more rich and fuller of the essence of who we are today, rather than who we were just a few short years ago when last many of you had the opportunity to hear from us. And so, as this new dispensation is being born before your very eyes, you now have an opportunity to support it and enhance its outpicturing in a very direct way.
            David has sought our guidance along the way, and so little has been planned in terms of establishing an organizational structure, since we honored the current hierarchy of the Church in allowing them to choose whether to accept or reject our words and this new dispensation. However, it is now clear that, having already made their statement in finding David outside their acceptable behaviors, we must move on quickly to establish our outpost of light in the earth.
            Therefore, it is time for me to discuss with you in a very direct and tangible way how I plan to enact this great new model for the continuity of our communion with you, although I have hinted at aspects of it in recent weeks and months.
            To be successful, David needs a staunch group of chelas who will rally to pray for the ongoing release of our words to the world. Therefore, I am establishing a Holy Order of Knights and Ladies of the Flame whose primary job it will be to support David through ongoing prayers and novenas. This Order will consist of no less than twenty-four chelas, a male and female for each line of the cosmic clock, who vow to uphold that line and repel the attacks that will come on that line. These "Guardian Keepers of the Table Round" must understand the inner mysteries of God and vow their allegiance first and foremost to Morya El, Mother and Me for the fulfillment of the original and now the updated goals of Camelot. Guarding the Messengers and thereby upholding us, these will know a deeper walk with God and truly be the avant-garde to protect this new dispensation and mission. You who hear or read this message may apply to be accepted into this Holy Order, truly an inner initiation more than an outer office.
            Then there must be those who will assist in whatever way possible with the publishing of these new communiques, whether that be through transcription, editing, posting on a website or the development of other means of delivering them to the world. These messages will be free to all, with only a freewill offering requested to assist in their delivery. We are grateful that, through the genius of Saint Germain, you now have the means to publish these releases almost as soon as they are dictated. And so our chelas may view them online, print them out and study them without the need for an expensive printing process such as has been the bane of each previous messenger in the past.
            It is imperative that arrangements be made for the swift dissemination of these, our words, to a worldwide audience as soon as we give the word, and therefore plans must be made for this already great body of dictations to be released simultaneously on every continent through e-mail lists that are currently available to you.
            Traveling to many of the major cities will be required to anchor our light tangibly, and so a small group of five to six will be required who can support David in this work. You will see a tremendous support from many who have been disappointed with recent developments in the Church, and so we anticipate a great gathering of the elect when the word is released that there is a new and true messenger of the Great White Brotherhood in the earth. In just a few short years-and they will truly fly by faster than you may anticipate-you will almost outnumber the current membership of the Summit, because the lightbearers will flock to hear and see us in person, as they will feel our very presence in their midst.
            Beloved, many of you can support this mission without moving from your current locales but by simply continuing what you are already doing and by also making these messages known to many who have previously been numbered among your flock. And through a new and creative process using the Internet and other communication services, you may share this message to an even greater audience through your own individual efforts. Do not underestimate how much karma you may balance through your direct efforts in this regard, in some cases making up for karma you may have made in using the Internet and e-mail in less than holy ways.
            We are excited about this new opportunity and we hope that you will catch this fire and be the fiery ones to keep this flame burning and expanding quickly. We will use this new dispensation to make Saint Germain's face and name evermore known throughout the world, for don't you think it's high time for this most gracious Master to have his just desserts in this regard, beloved?
            Those of you who truly support this mission must commit to doing one-half hour of violet flame decrees and songs daily, even if it be while you're driving, cleaning, showering or doing your laundry. For we must have those whose auras shine with this seventh-age action of sacred fire to prove to the world and to those who are coming that you are with it-that you have what it takes to help usher in Saint Germain's Golden Age! Will you make this simple commitment today for the rest of your tenure on this planet, beloved?
            We are gratified that you have ratified our call, for we will be calling upon you to help in many ways in coming days and weeks and months, beloved. For in this new movement, everyone great and small will have something to offer to Morya and Mother and me, and none will be rejected whose heart sings with the love of the Masters and the desire to serve, even if that service be a thimbleful of love given with a heart full of joy!
            It is a new day in the earth. And in this sign of Capricorn we come to employ you, one and all, in the employ of the entire hierarchy of light. Whichever master you love and know and serve will gladly receive your light and use it to assist us and the Knight Commander, for we are all one and do counsel together regularly on how best to move our chelas forward for true spiritual progress for the cause of world freedom.
            Faint not. Be of sound mind and heart and spirit, for you shall win when you are grounded in reality and in very specific actions that will make a difference to real people in real situations because you choose to act forthrightly and decisively to be the One today.
            We love you. We seal you in the Flame of God-Power. We release our thrust for a Purpose-truly a holy purpose. Kneel now beloved. Draw a sword of light from your sacred heart. Extend it upward and see the steely shining light ascending to one great point of light above the earth over the Grand Teton Retreat. See now beloved Morya and Saint Germain together, hands locked, receiving your love and light. With these two to lead us, can we be anything but victorious, beloved? May our mutual love for these two masters, who have pledged their all and given beyond measure to each of us, support them unto the victory of this planet Earth in this hour.
            Rise now and salute them both-these who will lead us forward into the Light!
            Charge, charge, charge and let Victory be proclaimed.
            I AM Lanello and I seal you in the magnanimous love of God this night!
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