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Theosophia      December 30, 2004

Theosophia, Goddess of Wisdom
David Christopher Lewis
December 30, 2004 9:15 - 9:49 pm
Livingston, Montana

My Beloved Children,
            In the light of the presence of divine wisdom I am come, your own beloved Theosophia, Goddess of Wisdom. I come to be with you and with many in this hour of world travail. And I would speak to you of the pulsations of wisdom's flame as a fount of intense illumination for all of earth's children. Please be seated, beloved.*
            Wisdom is the current of the Mother's desire for the freedom of her children. For through wisdom, all who were previously ignorant of the law of the father are freed from the impositions of unreality, living in the base desires of the fleshly life. Those who would bestow wisdom upon the sons and daughters of men have deliberated as to how best to impress upon them a lasting legacy of illumination that cannot be forgotten amidst the travails of living in the maya of present-day life on earth. For even some of our best chelas and those whom we had chosen to convey wisdom's pillars in the temples of illumination in the earth have fallen by the wayside, caught up in a world full of the riches of materialism and yet devoid of the spirit of the father's mind and heart.
            Dear ones, we come to prepare a banquet, a feast of light for you that you will remember, even in the difficult times ahead. This table of our offerings is full of the abundance of the spiritual power that will come your way when you abase yourselves and your desires and when you desire to be wed to the fount of pure reason, reasoning with that mind of Christ and that mind of Buddha with which God has bestowed each one who looks upward for inspiration and hope. When you are ready to receive assistance from us, we answer. When you are ready to receive greater knowledge of the higher walk, we answer. When you are ready to truly tune into and become the fullness of who you are, putting aside every vestige of fear and the loathing of the lesser mind, we will answer you with wisdom's fires.
            Many have walked the higher road of illumination, receiving the intimations of God's mind and heart, and yet, to bring that torch back and leave a permanent mark for many to follow is not so common. Teachers are needed in every culture, climb and city to prepare souls for the greater illumination that the Masters of Wisdom would convey. Sometimes a simple prod or a question to make a soul think out of the box of his current state may be enough for that one to get his wits about him and to be able to perceive a higher light, a higher point of reference than he has previously beheld.
            You who have received so much of wisdom's fires have an obligation to teach and to uplift and to pray for those who are just emerging from the cocoon of mediocrity, ready to receive those solar pulsations that will charge the batteries of self to rise higher into the splendor of light's glory. Your responsibility to speak the truth, even when it may not be comfortable, is for the testing of your mettle to prepare for ever higher knowledge, ever higher truth-that truth that will surely set you free to pursue ever more noble works on behalf of the Brothers of the Golden Robe and those who serve most graciously in the retreats of illumination in the heavens.
            Dear ones, we do not equivocate with you; but we simply must convey that unless more are willing to step forward and to consolidate our words and to learn and train themselves to convey them in love and with the presence of the spirit of harmony, we may not win the fight for the Goddess of Liberty and the Masters of Wisdom's ray who come from the East to save this nation, America. Your schools must be raised up, and calls must be made for teachers with balance in body, mind and soul to come forth who can convey not only the facts of life on earth, but the principles of divine justice, compassion and the qualities of leadership so that the youth may transcend the current generation's spiritual blindness and bring forth ascended-master ideals in the earth.
            You must model the ideal man and woman of the new age for all the youth, for within a generation you will see those new souls (who have never before embodied) coming forth who will respond to the impressions of life on your planet and in your culture that they witness. And if what they have set before them is only decadence and a life of misery born of non-awareness of the God-flame within, what will they outpicture in their world, I ask you? Train up a child in the ways of God and that child will follow God all the way home unto eternal life. Leave a child to his own devices, locked away in his room to simply be a passive receiver of the latest in technological wizardry in video gaming, and he will not have the power or the impetus to be a world server for us.
            Parents have the responsibility to promote the highest moral principles, and this is their most important role as parents—being true mentors of truth to their own children. Those who would simply live to experience pleasure and all manner of diversions from the spiritual path will have the karma of the neglect of their own offspring. And they will rue the day that they allowed the world's images to so blatantly pass before their eyes, conditioning them into desiring an unreal world, making it that much more difficult for them to be overcomers.
            We do not wish to convey fear, but we do warn and instruct you to change the course of your lives so that your children will come into their own and surpass this generation's life of malaise which is not so pleasing to us in its current display of worldly intent, beloved. Will you study our lives and our works more fruitfully? Will you try to employ even just a little more of our message unto your own children each day? Will you create those avenues for our fires of truth to be delivered unto the youth such that their way will be made plain before them?
            I know that you will respond when your hearts are motivated by love. So I now seal you in wisdom's love this day; for when those who learn to love to do well do learn their lessons well, wisdom does translate into living acts of love that will surely benefit all who are touched by our angels of mercy which you are.
            I seal you in a quotient of immortal golden fire this hour. May you receive it with humility and become wisdom in action through love.
            I am Theosophia. I will come again when you are ready to receive more light, more wisdom and more of God's desire to have you as His own.

*This message was not dictated before a live physical audience, though I had the sense that it was being given on the inner to a large body of lightbearers, including those who had gathered at the Inner Retreat for the New Year's conference. Therefore, I am leaving in these words, which somewhat surprised me when they were delivered.

Please note that I have slightly edited the original message I received to correct some grammatical errors and added some words to clarify and expand the release, all at the behest of the Goddess of Wisdom.

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