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Ratnasambhava      December 28, 2004

Ratnasambhava 6:56 - 7:26 am
David Christopher Lewis
December 28, 2004
Livingston, Montana

RAT NA SAM BHA VA (chanted 3x very slowly)
            I come to dispense light to the earth. I come to dispense light to all students of the Buddha. I come to dispense with all anti-light, anti-Buddha substance that has limited your ability to partake of the fires of illumination, depressing your crown until you cannot even feel the golden elixir of light cascading upon you from the mind of the Five Dhyani Buddhas who have come.
            Depression sets in upon you when you are not in tune with that diamond-shining, golden flame of illumination that we bring; for if you were, your crown would be exuding the warmth and brightness and excitement of wisdom's glory! And so, some feel the weight of that depression upon the crown chakra that the anti-buddhas always bring to prevent the flowering of your joyful Godhood as the Buddha where you are.
            Who would be Buddha among you? As Gautama did step forward to the Lord Sanat Kumara to take up that calling to hold the flame for millions upon the earth, so we look to those who would step forward to receive a portion of the mantle of Buddha in the earth and thereby assist him in this sacred dharma.
            Become one with Sambhokaya in this hour. Become one with Dharmakaya in this hour. Become one with Nirmanakaya in this hour. When these three merge you may hold the candle of the Buddha for millions. Keeping that flame means to do so at all costs and at all times, sacrificing the merriment and frivolity of an outer world that seeks always to be entertained. You must entertain the Buddha within, for there is no greater dharma than to remain in the peace-commanding presence of divine joy as the keeper of the flame of all life.
            Ammoghasiddhi, Vairochana, Amitabha, Akshobya and I require the supreme sacrifice of the one who desires to walk with us in peace. And the confluence of the five streams of our oneness does promote a peace that your world has not seen for aeons. Invoke this peace. Promote this peace through the practice of entering in to the mind-the five-faceted mind-of the Dhyani Buddhas; for you shall find those secret rays awaiting within the higher spheres of your meditation upon light wherein you may understand the initiations of fire.
            Be initiated by my fire this day; for Ratnasambhava would have you as my own, on loan for a while, to train you in the peace-commanding presence known by your own Buddha Gautama, your own Buddha Maitreya, your own Buddha Issa (Jesus), Padmasambhava and all who walk in the lineage of the All-Buddha, Sanat Kumara.
            We work on levels that you know not, and yet you shall know one day. We promote the internal senses of divine knowing wherein outer knowledge is often cast overboard to experience the God of Self who tutors you in the gnosis of the realms of spirit and the realms beyond spirit.
            Awaken, oh world, to your divine state! You have slept in the unknowing state for ages! The Dhyani Buddhas gently shake you this morning to awaken you unto a new world of freedom in the new dawn of illumination's fires. Wash with us. Don new garments of holiness. Greet the sun of your Presence, bow to this new light and meditate with us this day on your part in the great drama of life, new life in the Buddhic state.
            I Am Ratnasambhava. Let your mind dwell in mine. Let that mind be one with the All. I have come. I remain with you in peace this day

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