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Akshobya      December 27, 2004

David Christopher Lewis
December 27, 2004 8:22 - 8:48 pm
Livingston, Montana
            From the lotus of the heart of God, I Am come. I am Akshobya and from the point of the center of the sphere of divine knowing, I release golden rings of fire that now expand to encompass the entire matter cosmos. These rings are concentric spheres of illumination that permeate every particle of time and space, irradiating all with cosmic rays of the Buddha in the center of life.
            Enlightenment does not come cheaply but is won when you merge with the mind of the One in the center of all. When you are and remain in that centrosome of the cosmic egg, no peripheral substance or energy may sway you from the Buddhic light, that divine knowing of the nothing and the all.
            Empty your lower mind now. Allow it to be a clean, white and golden sphere of pure energy, devoid of mental aberrations, distractions and the hurried unknowingness of the west. Allow to flow from within the space of this pure sphere the energy of God's knowing of all. Release any impulses of this plane and simply let that pure mind be within you now.
            In this stillness you will know God. In this simple technique of the relaxing of all sense and non-sense, you know pure being. And in this presence now we come to be where you are.
            I Am Akshobya. I desire that you shall desire to be. And as our desires merge there is no longer desire but being. Essence of the Buddha now flows around and through and in you as that enlightened state of grace. In the knowing of the now, you lose self into the oneness of the Dhyanis and we become that oneness where you now are.
            Cosmic Consciousness is our native state. And so, if you would know us, know the cosmos as self. Know the self as cosmos. Be all that you can be by the knowing of be-ness as surrender of the nothingness of self into the allness of Self as Buddha light.
            Do I speak in riddles, beloved? The riddle is the attempt of God to rid you of that point of unreality that has supplanted the point of God-identity. And so, the spherical sounding of our message is meant to call you to spin in the sphere of our radiance until the Tai Chi of the riddle is seen as no conundrum at all; but the spinning disappears into the golden sphere of our presence, which is now your presence.
            We come. We go. We know you. If you would know us, come and go within the sphere of our knowing; for then you will know yourself as Buddha.
            Akshobya I Am. I return to the sphere of perfect knowing. Come with me now and experience who I Am. For when you return you shall be the one.
            OM BUDDHA OM BUDDHA OM (chanted very slowly)

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