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Lanello      December 24, 2004

Ascended Master Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
December 24, 2004 5:40 - 6:08 pm
Livingston, Montana

Dearest children of my Heart,
            I Am come into your midst this evening on the day of the celebration of my birth. I come to witness unto you of the great love of my soul for the Master Jesus, who came 2000 years ago to save to the uttermost the souls of all mankind.
            We are come again this night to spread our wings of light around each of you, to enfold you in the great Presence of divine love. Angels of Christmas now gather all around the body of this congregation to uplift you in the spirit of that Joy that is the very presence of Jesus himself in our midst. As you experience the joy of Christmas with your families and friends, may you know that Christ's presence is always with you. For even in the commercialism of this day and age, yet the Lord comes to be with mother, father, son and daughter to share the very light essence of his Christic consciousness with each one.
            The sharing of gifts as an outer ritual is meet for you, dear hearts, for in giving and receiving of the love that you share, you enact the sacred ritual of the blessing of God that is bestowed upon all without dissimulation, without preference, without any desire for a return of that divine gift. So Jesus came, as the very gift of God Himself unto the world, knowing full well that that gift would not be received by all; and yet, in the very giving of Himself within the spirit of Jesus, God anchored anew the presence of love in the earth such that all could know the path to return unto the presence of God again.
            When you accept the spiritual fire that Jesus brings each Christmas, you can reenact the communion ritual anew wherein God does extend Himself within the body and blood of the Christ unto each communicant, each congregant who comes forward to receive of that light. Communion is a holy ritual that some have not fully understood; for if they did they would enter into it with the highest humility, having prepared the vessel each time for the receiving of an ever higher light, an ever new spirit wherein that one does transcend the former state and is truly born anew as a new creature in the Christ consciousness.
            Beloved hearts, I extend to you a portion of my spirit this night, for here at St. Mark's Church I desire to plant an electrode of light that will be a permanent focus of my presence in the earth. And so, as you come and return to this place on a regular basis, you will feel the radiation, the love, the upliftment of my focus so that you will truly know the path to eternal life that is set before you this evening. So, beloved, enter into this sanctuary in holiness, in silence, in the peace of the Buddha; and during each advent season I ask that you remove your shoes and leave them in the entryway as a reminder that the place wherein you walk is holy ground, sanctified by many ascended masters who have walked this very ground since this Church was consecrated on May 1, 2002.
            If your spiritual sight were opened this night, you would see unlimited numbers of angels and masterful beings who have assembled to witness the birth of the spirit of love within this community. And so, close your eyes now and visualize every master you know, every angel to whom you have prayed, and feel the full flowering of their momentum within you as a blessing for all time.
            Dear hearts, the sacredness that we desire for you to walk in is a state of gentle and listening grace that comes through practice. And so, greet each other as living masters; for when you do there shall never be inharmony, but only the spirit most holy dwelling within you, each one.
            Beloved Gautama now comes to anchor his presence in this forcefield. (Pause.) He will return to give unto you the thoughtform for the year 2005 during his New Year's release in a week's time. For he desires again to communicate to you of the portents of the New Year, of the needs of the masters and of how you may, each one, contribute to the great work that must be accomplished as we move forward into the Aquarian Cycle. May you invite those who can teach you more of the Buddhic Path to come to this sanctuary, which I have recently renamed "The Sanctuary of the Magnanimous Heart"; for these disciples of the Buddha will truly be a witness of all who have entered that state of divine bliss in the reunion with the Father and the blossoming of the crown through that enlightenment that comes to those who love the Mother as this one does.
            I go now to prepare a place for you in my retreat over the Rhine this night, where you may come and commune with me and the Mother and the Buddha about our plans to expand the light upon earth in the coming years. I love you with a love that does not require the return current of your devotion; and yet, when you sing to me and to Jesus, I shall be there; for I did witness the great light of his presence and recorded in the scriptures a portion of his life for you to have as a record of divine love on earth.
            I bless you now and seal you as you continue to meditate on my heart and on the sacred presence of beloved Jesus in your midst this hour.

            Please note that the Livingston Teaching Center was renamed Saint Mark's Church in December 1987 by beloved Mother after Lanello's embodiment as John Mark, one of the Gospel evangelists. This was prior to the purchasing of the physical church at the corner of "D" and Lewis streets in downtown Livingston on May 1, 2002, shortly after the end of the Dark Cycle (February 23, 2002). Although the dispensation of the direct sponsorship of The Summit Lighthouse activity by El Morya and Lanello was withdrawn in a subsequent dictation and transferred to The Hearts Center activity, Lanello sponsors individual students of the light who call to him with open hearts and minds, leaving aside all prejudices about his ability to work through any organization and individual around the world. He reminds us of his call as Hiawatha to all the native tribes to come together in unity and also of his original intent of the Keepers of the Flame to be a non-denominational fraternity where all are welcomed, regardless of their religious affiliation. Please see the preambles to the Summit decrees 10.08 and 10.09: "...and all Ascended Master activities, worlds without end." Lanello says that these words were intentionally used to specify to his students that the Masters have sponsored and use other activities and not just one.

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