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Shiva      December 22, 2004

David Christopher Lewis
December 22, 2004 8:31 - 9:01 am
Livingston, Montana
            Ho! I come to clear the way for the sons and daughters of God in this age. I Am Shiva and I rise from my mat in meditation upon the fire of God to be with you for an instant in time, your time, for time is not where I Am and where I dwell; for I dwell in the infinity of Love of the Infinite One.
            Beloved ones, I set before you a course to travel. It is a sacred dance that requires you to continue to be on the move at all times. For when you are moving, the fallen ones cannot get you in their sights, for you are constantly moving forward and upward into the light of Shiva. I Am an active one for we do not remain in stasis, but are ever transcending ourselves as the God of the Universe ever transcends Himself. And so, if you would be actively pursuing God, you must activate yourselves beyond your current level of consciousness. You must dance into the light that I wield on your behalf and be able to withstand the tension that comes as that light does flush out of you every element of anti-Holy Spirit energy.
            Yes, I Am the Holy Spirit representative for those of the Hindu tradition, but I am also the ideal upon which you can meditate when you need a boost of energy to get beyond the doldrums of your current condition where you are stuck in the muck of that yucky substance of self-pity and self-condemnation or your plight of not quite being right with God where you are. Well, if you would be right with God, then get on the right side of the ship with the Master of Aquarius and give those Violet Flame decrees and calls and fiats that will catapult you out of your sympathetic state into the state of Oneness with God where you are!
            I Am Shiva. My dance is a dance of fire. It is a dance of the atoms and molecules of self. And when the transmutation occurs, those elements fuse into new elements of a higher light, denser with that light substance of the Holy Spirit wherein you become a new creature in Christ, in Krishna, in Buddha where you are. As you transmute more of the denser substance in your aura and in the kettle drum of your electronic belt, where do you think that energy goes? Well it goes into that kaleidoscopic cauldron of fire that is your Causal Body from which you can again draw it forth to accomplish those feats of chivalry and those heroic deeds that will be the bane of those who would take from you your very soul; for they know that they will have no more control over who you are when you rise with Shiva to take God-Dominion over your world!
            Yes, I Am a scientist of the Spirit, beloved. For I do know the equations of light and darkness and the exact quotient of fire that is needed for each of you to be hurled into space to meet your God Presence in that divine communion which you need on a daily basis in order to get used to the accelerated fire that will be your normal state when you are at last free as an ascended being. You must become comfortable with a higher state of vibration, for if you would be immortal you cannot simply continue dwelling in that mediocre state of non-accountability and the non-acceptance of the gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit who comes with that indomitable fire to goad you higher!
            Yes, call to me and to the Maha Chohan, that fiery one who often hides the fullness of his intensity from you in a cloak of pink and white. For when you meet the Master and converse with him you will feel that impulse to improve, to transcend, to be unshackled from all that has limited you in the past: namely, those points of unreality with which you still identify, but which really have no more place in your world!
            For those of you who want a more accelerated path, we are ready. We have always been ready, for, as you say, when the pupil is ready the teacher appears. Some have decided to go all the way and earn the full 100% balancing of their karma. Some think that this road is too hard and so they settle for that 51% mark. Whatever level you now dwell on, consider this: It is easier to go for the full bulls-eye of that divine union with God, for, in truth, nothing less will suit you if you truly love God. God is the goal, beloved. God is the goal of all. Only God will be enough for you when you realize that everything else is unreal. So if you would be real, get the fullness of God by surrendering even the slightest sense that you are separate from God in any way. You are not separate from God!! God has always been with you and inside of you!! God is ready for you to embrace the fullness of that God presence. It is simply the twist of the dial of consciousness and you are there. There are no more excuses. There are no more opportunities for equivocation. You simply must be God!
            Beloved, you know my fire when I come, for I am a joyous one, lifting you up and making you smile in that Presence of Love that I bear. I only pray that you will also bear that Love and learn to know me in the fire of the eternal dance in the now.
            I seal you in God! I seal you in the light of Shiva! And I continue to dance with you the sacred dance of the hours! For together we shall be warmed by that eternal fire that glows in the center of the circle of our oneness in God.

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