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Heartstreams Database-Messages From the Ascended Masters

Lanello      December 21, 2004

In this file you will find:
1) My letter to the Elders explaining what was happening with me
2) Lanello's Thirty-Three messages
Thank you for your attention to these.
David Christopher Lewis

My letter to the Elders

Winter Solstice, 2004

To my dear friends, the Elders of The Summit Lighthouse,

            This Christmas it is hard not to be reminded about the wonderful times we have had together with our precious masters and our beloved Mother. How many times over the past few years have we wished-and even prayed-for the return of those days and times when we could feel so powerfully the rays of the sun of Helios and Vesta shining down upon us in this community! It is times such as we are in now that make these memories so poignant. And how often over the years have we wished that El Morya would return-our Once and Future King-to once again give us our lessons and tell us tales of the valor of the knights in our midst!
            Well, my dear friends, I am writing to tell you that the Spirit of Camelot is rising once more to take precedence in our community of lightbearers! El Morya and his Son, Lanello, have determined to grace us all with their wisdom and love this Christmas season. They have spoken to me and asked me to convey an incredible gift from their hearts to yours.
            I am writing to let you know that I have been contacted by the precious masters who initiated The Summit Lighthouse-Beloved El Morya and Beloved Lanello-and they have asked me to pass on to you a series of messages they have given me that are directed specifically to you, the broad leadership of the organization and its staff, and to every person who has been associated with this activity. I cannot convey the joy I feel in my heart at their coming into our midst and the feeling of hope the reading of their words has given me this season. Truly our greatest hopes and the desires of thousands of Keepers of the Flame, past and present, have been answered in the communiques from the heart of El Morya, Lanello and other masters which I have attached to this email.

The Messages
            The Father of our organization, Beloved Lanello, began speaking with me in June, just after I relinquished my office as manager of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity. He asked me to write down what he said so that I could share his thoughts with you. Beginning in late September he asked me to pen a series of thirty-three messages to you, which I did. Since then, as I have been preparing his precious words to deliver to you, several other masters, including El Morya and Saint Germain, have also spoken to me of their deep love for all of us and for our activity. As I concluded my preparation of Lanello's material for you, El Morya gave me specific instructions regarding how I should deliver the stunning news of a NEW DISPENSATION OF LIGHT that Lanello has procured from the Councils of the Great White Brotherhood.
            The Master's plan was for me to take Lanello's thirty-three messages plus a few other masters' messages to ______, whom they hoped would deliver these to you. In obedience to their request, on December 15th I asked David to present these materials to you, but he has declined to do so. Therefore El Morya has asked me to deliver them to you myself, via this email message, as his missal to you this Winter Solstice 2004.            
            Attached to this memo you will find four documents:
1. Solstice Message from El Morya [included in this letter]
2. Lanello's New Dispensation [in this file]
3. More from Lanello [attached to my letter of January 21]
4. Messages from Other Masters [attached to my letter of January 21]
I have also included El Morya's message at the bottom of this memo so that you might move quickly to consider what is on his heart this Christmas season. I suggest that you read the rest of the documents in the order listed above.

            What you will discover is the most exciting news since the founding of our organization: LANELLO HAS RECEIVED A NEW DISPENSATION TO WORK DIRECTLY WITH US AGAIN, to add his perspective and vision to ours, and to communicate regularly with us as he did when he was our founder and leader!
The Amanuensis
             I have no doubt that you are shocked to discover that masters such as El Morya, Saint Germain and Lanello have recently begun talking with me about the direction they would like to see our activity take in coming months. Let me say that I am also still amazed by this stupendous opportunity. To date, I have received over 100 messages from the Masters, many of which are stupendous releases of light and instruction that will surely re-energize the worldwide body of lightbearers upon their release and publication.
            Most of you know me personally and know of my long-term commitment to the ascended masters. As you will read in the three-page introduction I wrote in the file entitled "Lanello's New Dispensation," although I would prefer to remain a silent chela who simply follows the path in a very non-controversial way, apparently this is not what the masters have planned.
            Some of you may question the worthiness of my soul to be offered such a rare opportunity to represent the master's thought to the broad community. I cannot begin to tell you why this has come to me, though in his messages, Lanello does reveal a few things that might help us understand why the Brotherhood has asked me to perform this function.            
            Those of you who don't know me well might find it interesting to know that I have been deeply involved with The Summit Lighthouse in many ways since I was just a boy of eighteen. I have served most of my life on staff, except for brief periods when I lived in the local community. For the past six years I have taken a major leadership role in Saint Mark's church, serving as both president and most recently as treasurer. During my years of service to Mother she personally initiated me into several orders including the Sons and Daughters of Dominion of the Water Element (1976) and the Order of the Good Samaritan (1980s). I have served as a permanent staff member and was chosen by Mother to be an Elder in the Church before this position was a recognized role in Church governance.
            Most importantly, I am devoted to the masters we serve one hundred percent, and want nothing more than to assist them to make their dreams for this activity come true.

How to Respond to the Master's Request
                        El Morya is sending this package of material to every Elder. As you read El Morya's message you will see that he is asking each Elder to respond to his message in a very direct way through a third party whom El Morya has chosen to collect your votes and your thoughts, and to do so before January 5, 2005.            Zara Lasater, who was born into the teachings, has offered to collect your answers. You may contact her by emailing her at (Please do not call or e-mail me personally about this but go to this neutral person.) Please do not neglect this step so that the master will know exactly where you stand regarding his and Lanello's offer to once again participate with you as you look to the future of The Summit Lighthouse. Please note also that if you do not respond, he will take that to mean a "Nay" vote.
            Based on your response, El Morya and Lanello will give direction as to the next step to be taken regarding Lanello's New Dispensation. As I was preparing this memo to you I asked the Masters if there was anything more to convey. These are the words that they gave me:
            "We desire to continue to communicate with our chelas throughout the world beginning immediately and therefore the normal process of waiting one year for the Elders to approve of you and your training is being superceded by us ourselves, as you have proven yourself through your thirty years of devotion to our cause. This approval is still a probationary approval based on our ongoing testing of your soul. However, the Elders need to know that there is no time to waste and that we cannot wait another twelve months to release the light necessary to counteract the plans of the enemies of righteousness. They need simply to look around them to see the most urgent needs of the hour. We have been preparing you on inner levels for many years. In order for you to succeed through the Summit, however, you need the unanimous support of the Elders. If this is not forthcoming we will begin a new movement." (See El Morya's message of Winter Solstice shown below.)
            I honor and love each of you and respect your office as Elder, which office, as you have read, I did hold before most, if not all of you were placed into this office. My prayer is that you will feel the fire and excitement that I do for the opportunity we are being given today. May we all pass every test and win all the way home!            

Blessings on this auspicious day.

David Christopher Lewis

Here is El Morya's Solstice Message:

Ascended Master El Morya
David Christopher Lewis
December 21, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Hail Chelas of the Sacred Fire,

            I, El Morya, come into your midst this day in the fullness of the presence of God that I bear on behalf of the chelas who have been faithful to me and to the messengers of the Great White Brotherhood and their mission. I come to be with you in this Christmas season for the accomplishing of a purpose-and that purpose is to rekindle the light of the original purposes for which I founded the Summit Lighthouse activity through your own messenger, Mark Prophet. For I did come to expound to him how we would draw forth the flame in a greater witness to the sons and daughters of God who came with Sanat Kumara, truly the great personage of the Father for both Venus and Earth as the Ancient of Days. And the power that flowed through Mark on our behalf was a tangible manifestation of the light of God that never fails, for those who knew him and witnessed the light descending as a cascading waterfall of radiant energy could not mistake the light that we, as the Brothers of Truth, did release.
            I come again now to anchor a great light in the earth through this one, but also through each and every one of you if you would have me. For I would be where you are day-by-day and hour-by-hour if you would have me. It is time for us to walk and talk with you as has been prophesied, but you must be willing to invoke the light, to hold the light and to maintain your constant vigil of this sacred walk with us if you would truly have that communion of the saints in which we would share.
            Some have railed against the leadership of the Church as being the very core of the current problems and the current situation in which you find yourselves. I say that it is not true that they are the core of the problem, but that the problem lies within the collective dweller on the threshold of all, that energy which is unwilling to be released into the flame of an ancient karma and an ancient bond that holds you to matrices of imperfection in the not self. And so, when any of you tie into that unconsciousness and lack of discernment of the reality of God within, you allow entr�e of this substance into your world of condemnation and judgment and the vicissitudes that cause a split and a division within your ranks.
            And so, I come to seal up that schism this day in the greater body of God and in those who have contacted the teachings of the Brotherhood through not only the Summit activity but numerous other activities that we have promoted. I seal this schism because it is time for us to move on, and if those who would lead will not let go of the forces that have continued to be allowed entr�e into your midst, then we must move on and begin another movement of light in the earth.
            So I do give the leadership of this activity one fortnight from this day, winter solstice, 2004, to realize the implications of their non-acceptance of the words of Lanello recorded through David Lewis, however imperfectly they were transcribed. For we did commission this communique, and if it be rejected outright, then we must begin anew to draw forth fresh new tracks in the sands which will become a permanent focus for us to continue what we endeavored to accomplish through the Summit.
            When those within the top echelons of your leadership do not recognize our voice, it is a sad day for the Brotherhood on earth. And so, we send this particular message to each of the elders this day, and each of you has an opportunity to receive the full package that was presented to _______ on December 15th for yourselves, for he did reject outright that presentation given in the true spirit of your Father and founder, Lanello.
            These are not easy days for you or for me, beloved. I have had to step back and observe, almost from the sidelines, what direction those in your leadership have taken in recent years, without the direct intercession of my voice in your midst through your messenger. And I did warn you through her that the Damocles Sword was above your heads and that change needed to be made in order for the movement to survive as a viable outpost for us in the earth.
            The Freedom Flame that Saint Germain would have spread throughout the earth has been held in abeyance because of the lack of mercy on the part of some to allow this transcendent teaching to be forthcoming in a delivery mechanism that takes advantage of the gifts and talents of all of our chelas. And therefore this messenger-in-training did warn many in the leadership that without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit within that leadership, all is for naught. For without the very vehicle for the delivery of our light-the power that Lanello received from on high due to his calling upon the Lord day and night in his youth-you will not see the ongoing work conveyed in the true spirit in which we desire to convey it. And so, some have become almost mechanical in their work and in the structuring of your Blueprint in a way that does not allow for the fullness of the spirit to be fulfilled through ongoing revelation conveyed through those who have the fire fully kindled within to release it unto new generations of lightbearers yet to come. And so, you rely simply on methodology and systems rather than on the full empowerment that is required for the conversion of souls, don't you see?
            I release my fire to burn through the layers of density that have settled upon the community of God worldwide. This fire does consume a certain miasma, a certain overlay of darkness that has clouded your vision and kept you apart from your true love of the path, that spiritual journey that does require the supreme sacrifice of self in order to give to the greater mission of the Brotherhood in heaven and on earth.
            Thus, it is time for my own to awaken where they are, to again take up the path in a new and more dynamic way and to move forward the ship of my activity, dear hearts. My ship is moving on, with or without you. If you would receive this messenger-in-training, who is a worthy vessel to convey our words, then embrace him and receive the flame of Lanello within your midst thereby. If you would reject him outright because you feel an uncomfortability due to the message that I convey, then allow him to move on and express our words without condemnation and rancor and the resulting karma that you will make in rejecting our very presence in your midst.
            Those of you who stand with us must make your vote heard before January 5, 2005 via an independent one that we will choose and make known to you through this one. If you respond not in the affirmative, then we will accept your vote as a nay and will discern that you desire to continue the current course of the ship of the Summit, wherever that may lead. I pray that you will commune deeply with me on this matter and make your decision in a spirit of objectivity, for some of you have lost your ability to be objective, and thus you may never recognize us when we come to adjust the course of the ship when it is approaching treacherous waters.
            I seal you in the flame of God-Truth. I AM that flame of the Will of God, for I have taken the hard road, the road less traveled, in many embodiments. And because I did choose to serve God above the state and above the hierarchy that in my day was not aligned with God's purposes, I did suffer the ultimate fate of mortal death in that life. And yet, I arose again to serve my Lord in a new and more expanded opportunity until I one day rose into the very arms of my God, received into eternal realms of light, where I continue to serve my God unto the dawn of everlasting joy.
            I AM Morya. I stand in your midst as your guru and the lover of your souls. Receive me and know God's will this day, beloved.

Lanello's Thirty-Three Messages

Lanello's New Dispensation
            I, David Lewis, am presenting the following material to ______ on Wednesday, December 15, 2004 at the specific direction of Lanello, which you will read about within the material. You may ask the following questions: How are these messages received? Is there a precedent for the masters in communicating with mankind in this way?
            As many of you know, the family of Patricia Harth, who wrote down communications from their husband/father, was given a dispensation to be able to receive communications directly from the etheric retreats. These conversations were sponsored by the ascended masters and were edited and published under the title A Special Dispensation I, II and III, and the publication for the public, Messages from Heaven. My understanding is that one or more family members were able to pray and meditate and then sit quietly and hear communicated to them, mind-to-mind, the words of Leo. Most of these messages were not received audibly but "heard" mentally in the listener's mind via thought transference (though some of Leo's communiques were received audibly).
            The exact same process in which Leo communicated with his family is how I am able to receive messages from Lanello and other masters. They do not appear to me, but I feel their presence, their radiation and their particular vibration and individuality when I am writing down their words. Obviously, they must use my mental faculties, the richness (or lack thereof!) of my vocabulary and the spiritual lexicon that I have incorporated into my awareness. Some of the original messages are very simple, for I was then a novice at this process. Later messages have become longer, livelier, more insightful and, in many cases, very timely, poignant and even prophetic.
            I began receiving these communiques on Monday June 7, 2004 in the privacy of my own home, early in the morning. The day before, Sunday June 6, 2004 I had a mystical visitation from Jesus and Kuthumi during the Sunday service at St. Mark's Church. I had been prompted to arrive early to the service and found that the person who was scheduled for the A/V station was out of town, so I filled in. When Rev. Patrick Danahy called for a song, I picked the song to Jesus and Kuthumi. During this song, although I was not fully engaged in a devotional state due to having to control the various audio dials and levers, I was completely engulfed in a stream of radiant energy that pulsated through my entire body such that I was almost carried away in a state of samadhi. This was surprising to me as I was obviously engaged in the mundane A/V work and not participating as an active congregant.
             I had desired to begin keeping a private journal of my ongoing spiritual experiences and to recount all of what I have experienced in the past 48 years, so I arose early the next morning and, after doing my daily Scriptural Rosary and other prayers, I got paper and pen ready and began to write. Immediately a presence of intense love flooded my being and words of a sublime nature filled my mind, which I recorded. At the end of the writing I was stunned when my hand, almost involuntarily, wrote the word "Jesus."
            I read and re-read this message many times, and I have included it in the additional messages [see Journal of Love]. Being obedient to the message, I arose early the next day and was again surprised to receive a beautiful message after which I penned "Kuthumi Lal Singh." Little did I know what would continue to transpire day by day. All I can say is that I am closer to the masters in a more direct and personal way than I have ever been, and the radiation I feel daily when receiving their words is stupendous, just as real and wonderful as that received during the hundreds of live dictations I've experienced over the years. I have included these messages in the document of messages from masters other than Lanello.
            I am aware that I am undergoing ongoing training, and so I work at first doing all my spiritual work, always including a long rosary to Mother Mary, a Solar Ring with three Tubes of Light, calls for protection and a specific call to Archangel Michael to protect me-and always a challenge to the master who is addressing me to make sure that he or she is truly the real ascended master and not an imposter of the masters. I simply will not attempt to do this work if I am not first sealed and protected spiritually. For this reason, I have maintained a daily schedule of arising early in the morning to first do my prayers and decrees. I have also maintained a nightly vigil of doing thirty-six Astreas and I try to get in between thirty and ninety minutes of violet flame decrees daily.
            I would like to state emphatically that what I do is not psychic channeling, automatic writing or communication from the astral. I have been on the path far too long to now compromise all that I have gained and sacrificed for to engage in a practice that would jeopardize my ascension. I am a very "conservative" person who tries to maintain a strict regime of spiritual practice, which has, by God's grace, allowed me to maintain my deep love for the messengers, the masters and our activity. My consistency of service both on and off staff, my volunteer work at St. Mark's and the fruit of my labors through practical works expressed in my business, music, love for family and in service to my community are proof of the spirit of my heart, my love for Mother Mary and the grace that I have now been blessed to receive in these messages.
            I feel that my prayers of many years to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit and for the overshadowing presence of all the masters, the mantles of the messengers and also my early contact with and finding of the teachings (at 18 years of age) have contributed to my being chosen to receive this gift, which now seems very natural to me, almost as if it was always there. By God's grace this is happening, and the blessings, the holiness, the sensitivity and the radiation I feel is more pronounced and deeper than it has ever been during my life and my spiritual journey with the gracious ascended masters.
            The messages that I have received have been a private revelation to me, but it has been obvious to me that their authors intend them to be released to all of their chelas, as the masters have expressed to me that they desire these messages to be released through The Summit Lighthouse as "A New Dispensation." They have also asked me to state that Mother and Lanello are aware of the consequences that will befall the activity if the elders reject me, but that I am simply being obedient, come what may, and that going through this process is also for my own testing of obedience as they have directed.
            In addition to all the messages that I have received from Lanello, I have been asked to include some other specific messages from other masters, apparently because of their specific message of deep love for us all at this time. It has been very difficult for me not to share them with a wide audience of spiritual friends because of the beauty of the words and the joy I experience while receiving them.
            You will read in some of the later messages from Lanello some specific direction for the Elders, which I ask you to consider very carefully. At times, he uses the term "messenger" or "amanuensis", but it is also very clear that this term is used in a greater context, and that there will be many "messengers" with a small "m" who will carry forth the message of truth contained in the full panoply of the teachings released through Mark and Mother. In other words, these messages are a continuation of what would have been released if others had taken up the mantle of messenger as the masters had planned. It appears that I was obviously not their first choice by any means, and as those of us who have been in the activity for decades know, the continuity in the messengership was curtailed when the torch was not passed by Mother to one whom she personally trained. Thus, they are working on this "backup plan" so that they may continue to communicate to their chelas worldwide.
            I have been very reticent to step forward and to present this material because of the obviously controversial nature of this subject. I have chosen to keep the confidentiality of these messages so that the Elders themselves may review them first and verify their validity by the vibration that they carry. In effect, it appears that this is my formal application for acceptance as an approved messenger under the auspices of The Summit Lighthouse. I understand that there is specific process that one needs to undergo as outlined in the bylaws and/or articles of incorporation. I am willing to submit myself to this process, although it is also obvious in some of the messages that the masters may not be willing to wait a full twelve months for their words to be made public to their chelas. There are a couple very pointed messages that give timelines for you to consider, one being a fortnight from the time that a certain message is read, and the other being a request for an audience for me before the entire body of Elders before the end of the cycle of Capricorn in 2005, which would be around January 20th. This obviously does not leave much time for the material to be reviewed by all involved, but I presume that Lanello has a purpose for setting the dates as he has. Again, I am simply being obedient and will only know the whys and the wherefores after events have transpired and all have made their choices.
            I also want to state for the record that some of the messages were uncomfortable for me to receive as they do talk about me personally. I prefer in many ways to remain anonymous and do not desire the limelight, but have sought to work and pray in private. Apparently the masters have other plans. I can only surmise that it has to do with my prayers over many years to balance 100 percent of my karma in this life and my willingness to lay down my life for the cause of the Brotherhood.
            I humbly submit the following messages as authentic releases from Lanello and other masters for you to read and to consider and for you to take the next step.
            I am God's servant,
            David Christopher Lewis

The Ascended Master Lanello #1
David Christopher Lewis
Monday, September 27, 2004
Livingston, Montana

            Hail, chelas of my heart! I come to release to you an increment of fire for the sustaining of your lifestreams unto the fulfillment of your victory in love. When you meditate on and become the fullness of love in action, I am there, for my magnanimous heart is omnipresent in my holy ones who call on the Lord day and night!
            How do you know that this voice, this oracle, is a legitimate one who carries my flame, my essence? By the vibration of intense love that you feel now as you look upon my photo1 and realize that I can use any voice to reach you at any hour of the day or night when you are in alignment with your inner calling and you can thereby hear the Love Call-that "Indian Love Call" of Hiawatha-within your own heart, mind and soul!
            Ah, how I would embrace you each one, as you would be raised up in Spirit to where I AM-as you would become unascended masters-mastering your e-motions, your tests, your trials and overcoming as my beloved has. She has bowed to the initiation of love by bearing within her body the very weight of the earth body herself- experiencing the pain, the fatigue, the loss of physical energy-all the while receiving a step-up in the mastery of Buddhic energies of the five secret rays and initiations on your behalf.
            If you would be Buddhas and bodhisattvas of my heart, learn to bear this world grief and pain and do not seek to simply cast it aside as unreal or not fit for a chela. For when enough of you learn to bear more of this world energy, then I can call my beloved home to return to my arms as the one and only twin of my soul and spirit. And in completeness-ascended-we can lead you on ever higher in the Buddhic initiations that you seek.
            Yes, the Buddha is silent and sits in meditation upon the world and all its inhabitants. And he holds the very physical balance for life on Terra. If you would assist him, learn to become peace in action through the inactivity of the lower self while your Higher Self is very active as the one holding the dorje and uttering the sacred "Vajra" to disassemble, and then reassemble, atoms, molecules and cells-and then whole systems-unto their God-Reality.
            Yes, it is time for you to take up the mantles that I would bestow-my cape of ability-which is there for you, each one, as you claim it and as my angels place it upon your shoulders. Did you think I'd leave you bereft in times of sorrow, pain and world travail? No! I would dispense to you the fullness of my mantle, my magnanimous heart and the mind of my mentor, El Morya, who ever goads us higher on the path of the Summit.
            You who claim to have a mantle-release it now unto me-and now see thousands of mantles descending upon my 10,000 who have been called to be witnesses of the Word in this age. For not the few but the many can and do wear my mantle when they fear not to claim it in my name-as the disciples feared not to claim Jesus' mantle and thus they could cast out serpents, heal the lame and sick and raise the dead! Yes, raise the dead ones out of their ruts and the doldrums of inactivity in God and set them on fire with Love!            I have said, "Love is the key." Do you believe it? Then go and be-yes Gobi-my own as you wrestle with the carnal minds of those you've been called to lead (in private in your calls) and then proclaim the Good News of the Everlasting Gospel to the earth far and wide.
            How did you think that this movement would proceed higher and eventually cover the earth while you sit at home and watch your TV or work on your pet projects? You must unite in action and work with me, Morya and the Mother and the Knight Commander and his twin flame to preach the Gospel of Aquarius to the 144,000!
            We have given you all the keys. But if you unlock not the door of your Higher Self through magnanimous works of love, we cannot act-act-act-through you. As I called you in my poem to be "up and doing2," I call you NOW to take up those serpents, fling them into the fire and then enter the Fire of God-to merge once and for all with your Real Self. As you do this daily, I can release more fire, more love and more of my magnanimous heart to effect world transmutation.
            Breathe deeply now and allow this fire I have released to permeate the Self, the very fibers of being, and to penetrate your soul, your four lower bodies and especially your emotional body. Breathe in my fire and see yourself as fiery, spiritual beings, glowing with the energies of the sun-the Buddhic light and the presence of enlightening love. Yes, see and know that you are of the One-never apart from the Atman, the Aton, the Atom of God-but ever alive in the stillness of the core of being.
            Silence is the need of the hour in the earth. Surcease from war, surcease from the false peace that the unreal ones would attempt to impress upon Mother Earth. Impress them now with the Buddhic light you carry on my behalf. Be still and know that I Am God! And sing that song your new messenger of love has penned3, for I did inspire those words through him to sustain you in times of trouble. Walk softly; speak softly to each other as the Christ and the Buddha did speak. Honor each other as true Buddhas and bodhisattvas of my heart. And in so honoring each one, bowing internally to the light of the Presence within each one, you cannot dishonor nor engage with that one in inharmony. Call to God-Harmony daily. For He is in need of you and you are in need of Him-to proclaim harmony where inharmony has prevailed. When you experience the distasteful vibrations of rock and rap and unreality, call and see harmony acting to dispel the anti-vibration of evil.
            Know this, beloved: I can be where you are-"everywhere in the consciousness of God"-when you are harmonious, when you sing the song of the soul. Sing of love, sing of light and sing of victory.
            My victorious ones, I seal you in Victory's song. May you sing it now, proclaim your Buddhic attainment and go be the Mother where you are.
            In silent meditation upon the reality of your true Self in God, I AM Lanello, ever present with you in love.

The Ascended Master Lanello #2
David Christopher Lewis
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Livingston, Montana
Dearly Beloved,
            I come to you this day from the altar of the Most High God where I have worshipped the living fire of the Spirit Most Holy. In every retreat of the Brotherhood there is that physical focus of the eternal flame which cannot be quenched, for it is a fire enfolding itself, a living repository of the essence of God, the essence of Divine Love, which we are. When we worship and become this living fire, all else pales into illusion in the world of form. Many seemingly primitive cultures worshipped both the flame and the sun, which of course is also a living fire. They were not so primitive at all, but were focusing on the primal essence of life itself.
            How often have you focused on your own spirit as a fire enfolding itself? When you give "The Keepers Daily Prayer" or the "Call to the Fire Breath," are you fully ensconced in the flame? Have you entered it and become one with it? When you do so, your dross-your human creation-is easily and quickly burned away and becomes as the ashes and the smoke of the past, nevermore to be soot but rather sought after by your soul and fiery spirit!
            I AM a Living Fire this day, come to burn away the elements of self that have for far too long kept you in bondage. Why your very mind, which should be the repository of the ideations of the Godhead, has often become the lodging place for the hidden thoughts of unreality, which are not the musings of the hidden man of the heart, but the nonsense of the conglomerate of a modern culture, the mass consciousness of untruth which can never lead to the One Truth of the Infinite One!
            Bow to the fire and it will serve you well. Seek it not and it shall burn you, even to the point where you will become a crispy critter, not fired in the kilns of heaven but processed of the human, earthy condition.            
            Have you noted that when you bask in the sun of your Presence, and also the physical sunlight, that there is a recharging of your batteries, of the reservoir of your spiritual impetus to strive and become one of us? Have you sought each day to strive upward, as a seed becomes the full flowering of the plant, equipped with the essences of life within that will literally impel you upward into the fiery arms of God?
            If you cannot take a giant leap each day, at least allow the spirit to move you out of the shadows and into the light of day! Open the door, step out into the sun and sing your praise to Helios and Vesta-the God and Goddess of this system-whom I did worship as Ikhnaton of old in Egypt. And my adoration was truly one of a deep knowing, a gnosis of the inner life of which I was called to be an example, along with my twin flame Nefertiti, to my people.
            Yes, we worshipped the one true God, the God-flame resident within the sun consciousness that is the very source of all life on Terra. For without the constancy and dedication of Helios and Vesta, this system and all life on not only earth but in the solar system as a whole could not exist.
            Why, your own Bapu, El Morya, so loves the first ray of the dawn that he would truly have you be up and doing early to catch those first pulsations of the Sun which lead directly back to the Source. The very birds of the air and all creatures of the light stir, stretch and sing when they feel the presence and the pressure of the light as the flaming orb of Helios and Vesta as the sun rises to greet life on earth and says,

            Awaken unto Reality! Become one with all life, for cannot you see that your warring and your hostility is as nothing before the Sun of your Presence this day? Awaken to life, to being, to the gift of opportunity to worship and grow and fulfill your reason for being. For if you would not dwell in the light, then your darkness will cover you and your time will be short, for none can live without the light of God for very long. Cast away the shadow of self and step into the light, for we will inspire, we will impel you higher. Call to us. Become sun-centers where you are. For we need many to become our focal points on earth for the distribution of the fires of Aquarius, which shall literally change the face of the earth in the twinkling of an eye!
            Ye are God's. Ye are gods! Act the part and shed the snakeskin of the past. We decree it on your behalf! So be it, my holy ones!

            Beloved Helios and Vesta are preparing for the transfer of their mantle to the God and Goddess Meru after which your Mother and I will, in turn, receive the mantle of these glorious ones of Titicaca. Many of you will serve with us, and thus you must be raised higher in spiritual fire to prepare for the fire you must bear for the earth as well as other worlds, both near and far.
            Truly you have been prepared, and though many of you may have temporarily enjoyed the shade of mediocrity and of the slower path home these past few years, worlds are turning, cycles are moving on. And if you would maintain the necessary spiritual speed of the steed of Morya, you cannot simply latch onto our coattails and be dragged along, but you must mount the steed of the Master of the Dawn and ride into the battle, fully clothed with your Christic and Buddhic garments, woven carefully through faith, constancy and dedication.
            Who will ride with me? Who will mount as on eagles' wings and not be afraid to soar close to the sun of being? You say "Yea" today, but will you take up this calling for a year, a decade and an aeon?
            Move on, my chelas and know me as the Flaming One, ever moving, ever striving, ever leading you into the final battle for the Victory of the One! All for One and One for all! Invictus! We are one!
            I am your Lanello of the Diamond of the Sun. Weary not, for I am with you.

Ascended Master Lanello #3
David Christopher Lewis
Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Chelas Mine!
            Praise the Lord, the Almighty, the Lord of Creation and Father of all life! Praise the flame of the Divine Mother within all life manifest as the principle of caring, sharing and the bearing of the divine son and daughter of God! Praise the Spirit Most Holy manifest as the fiery afflatus of the victorious ever-present energy of God in nature! And praise God for his servant sons and daughters come to square the circle through the God-Control of the energies of the mental quadrant through disciplined love in action!
            I am come to charge you with the essence of love! I am come to win for God those chelas mine whom El Morya entrusted to my care in many embodiments-those who were the fiery ones, kindled anew by the Holy Spirit, whose energy I bore and sought to impart in ever greater measure in each succeeding embodiment.
            Oh for ten righteous chelas who can bear the gifts and the energies of that Holy Spirit and be able to withstand the darkness that comes to snuff out the newborn light within the soul! Oh for a hundred righteous chelas who will preach the word and become orifices for my words to be enfired within the greater spiritual community of lightbearers!
            It is not easy to bear fire in the breast and in the beating heart unless you have matched that fire through your constancy and daily devotions. Some have continued to call forth that fire day and night, morning and evening, no matter what the cost to their human condition. This, while others have sought a surcease from the fire because they cannot stand the constant heat that requires an internalization, a chemicalization within the soul itself as it becomes wed to and melded to the God Presence above.
            When you enter the refiner's fire, there is no turning back! You must be fully clean and home free in the white-hot flame that is both a blinding heat and a cooling, refreshing energy of the spirit. For once the process has begun, to retreat means that you will not be done, but will remain uncooked, unrefined and not wholly holy!
            Would that you could see the fullness of all that you can and should and will become-and truly already are in the here and now if you would accept it-so that you could have that perspective of the value of the path, of the striving and of our words! Would that you could fully internalize the fire we bear and the essence of love we impart to a dying world! For we require of our fiery ones a certain malleability-an ability to be molded-to become what God requires for your final victory.
            Internalize, internalize, internalize all that you have read, heard and had impressed upon you [of our messages.] Receive our holy offering as an unguent, a salve to the wounds of the past and rise in stature to claim our mantle if you would become gods in the earth.
            The flame of love and of the Holy Spirit is uncompromising. How is this so? It is a fire so steely white that no force of darkness dare try to enter where it is kindled, for that unreality will be vanquished on contact with the one who truly bears our fire.
            Your own amanuensis can impart to you the experience he had when a certain fallen one tried to annihilate his being and how, when that energy of absolute evil, focused by beings that used this fallen one as a conduit, did make contact with the impermeable tube and sphere of light surrounding the lightbearer, did cause the dissolution of that fallen one who had been used as a tool of the force. You are indomitable and indestructible when you are one with God through the Spirit Most Holy. And again, Love is the Key!
            When you love without compromise, God will fulfill his promise to you! And he will never compromise if you fulfill your promise! Can't you now see this word-Com-Promise-in its true context-the commitment to your promise? And yet the word has been twisted and now means the opposite-Con, or anti-promise. As you fulfill your vows and your raison d'etre you shall receive the rainbow light, even as I, as Noah, received that eternal promise unto my soul and unto all future generations.
            The Four Winds proclaim the coming of messiah within you! Ancient peoples have prophesied certain earth changes and the fulfillment of cycles in the body of the Earth Mother. Prepare for the worst, and pray for the best. Are you truly prepared in every way for what may come? Are you finances and your lives firmly anchored in reality? Have you played the charade of belief in a credit card society and that somehow you could spend more and expend more energy than you were willing to first earn and then bear in your coffers?
            Get real! Get reality! Get the Holy Spirit who IS reality NOW! And in your getting of the twelve gifts-yes, the nine plus three-you will traverse the Cosmic Clock, prevail over those points of unreality on each line, and win your ultimate victory in Christ, in Mother, in the Spirit and thus return to the Father for another round ever higher on the path of life.
            Become who I AM! Become who you are in God! Become the fullness of Love! And when you do, the kindling fire will seek you out as the hound of heaven to impart its secrets-yes, the secrets of eternal life. For when you can breathe fire, ye shall be immortal!
            Breathe in my fire now and know me as one who has entered the fiery furnace and returned unscathed to proclaim God, God, God!
            I Am your Lanello, baptized with Fire. I seek to baptize my own this day! Will you have me?

Ascended Master Lanello #4
David Christopher Lewis
Thursday, September 30, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Sons and Daughters of the Solitude,
            "To Know, To Dare, To Do and To Be Silent." This maxim of the Keepers of the Flame throughout cosmos is apropos to discuss in this hour. If you chart these sacred words on your Cosmic Clock, you will see that "To Know" falls on the 3 o'clock line at the beginning of the mental quadrant. It explains the ascended masters' admonishment regarding deep knowing, realization and gnosis-insight into the sacred mysteries of the spiritual life. When you truly know, you can make right choices and your mind is enfired with the higher mind of God in all your decisions.
            "To Dare" is charted on the 6 o'clock line of the clock where you receive the emotional impetus that will back future action in the physical on the 9 o'clock line. "To Dare" and to become the daring one, the striving one, is to break free from the mold of those who are "a moldering" in the ruts of a decadent civilization to become the daring, intrepid one who seeks after his Lord with passion, compassion and a true spirit of the mastery of the emotional body. No ascended master ever won His or Her Victory without daring to overcome the status quo of the carnal mind and the lesser self, which dwells in the veils of illusion. To break free requires an energy of verve and drive, an impetus of spiritual fire that challenges us to come up higher in consciousness, an attitude of be-ness and of oneness with the Divine.
            "To Do"-Oh to do! I would see the active ones ever striving for immortality be those who, through the gifts of the Holy Spirit on the 9 o'clock line, are the practical ones whose actions are responsible and responsive to the inner God-Flame. When you keep the flame of life you take on the responsibilities of the called-out ones who know that without their vows and their mastery on all lines of the clock, the Cosmos itself would cease to exist. For law, order and the cycles turning are governed by the obedience to the principles of God resident within the flame that burns continually on your heart's altar.
            "To Be Silent" on the 12 o'clock line is the true mastery of God-Power. When you are truly one with the Father as Judge, as the Supreme care-giver of the universe and the Eternal Buddha of all Creation, you simply "think therefore I AM" and no outer words are needed to dispense light, energy and the creative fires that stir the cosmos. To choose to remain in the eternal now as the Father of Silence is a choice that all will one day understand, for in the awe of Divine Awareness, no words can explain the grandeur of the infinite expression of the totality of God as Brahman, the unknown behind the All. When Silence is truly known and experienced, the peace that passeth all understanding becomes your daily and hourly requirement. Each communique becomes sacred and profound, and thus you speak less, squandering less of your vital life force, and the words you use are chosen well-from the wellspring of eternality in the Now.
            Why do I share with you this explanation of the Brotherhood's ancient motto? Because some have forgotten and they abuse the privileges afforded them to know us and thereby be true proponents of our words and the active participants in our divine schemes for world and cosmic transformation. If you fall back upon old habit patterns and continually mess up our plans for your victory, can we entrust you with the delivery of cosmic energies and the creative fires of heaven that can literally cause the eruption of a Vesuvius or the horrific storms as of those in the atmosphere of Jupiter itself? We say nay! And therefore we must entrust our Love, our Light and our ongoing instruction to and with those who demonstrate the mastery of body, soul, mind and emotion-a certain equilibrium and balance that always seeks to maintain the equipoise of the center, thus not dwelling on the periphery of life but always in the core, the center of the One. Therefore, when you have mastery of this maxim, you embody the Maxim Light with the Buddha of the Ruby Ray in the center of the Earth, and nothing can sway you from your centeredness in God, in Christ, in the Mother and in the Spirit Most Holy.
            We are Ascended Masters because we chose, and continue to choose, to master all energy flowing through us. Yes we have free will, but with the mastery we have achieved in God, we cannot abuse or misuse light and therefore we are limited by our own understanding of cosmic cycles, cosmic law and of the Godhead's governing and causative principles.
            Become the Becoming Ones through Love. Come into the be-ness of Love. For when you dwell in Love, you are Love. And when you are Love, nothing can stop the stream of that Love to transform a cosmos into the fulfillment of the eternal dream of God.
            Alpha and Omega salute you this day as you dream the dream of God and make it a reality where you are. I AM Lanello. And I too am a "Beautiful Dreamer," for I live in the Eternal Now awaiting my bride with whom I daily confide of the Love of God.

Ascended Master Lanello #5
David Christopher Lewis
Friday, October 1, 2004
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Beloved of the One God,
            I greet you this day in the fullness of the Presence of Love. When you greet one another with a handshake, a bow or a smile, will you acknowledge and see the divinity within that one? For in so doing you magnify God in the Earth. Magnifying God means to focus more light upon the earth. And when you focus, you can draw down greater light, greater love, and greater energy of the One Spirit that dwells within all life.
            Focusing on the One is the need of the hour. For in a fractured world where souls focus on division and all that separates brother from brother, war and a marginalized society, schism and hatred are inevitable. But when you focus on the divinity within all, you uphold the golden rule and thus the Golden Age may come.
            I am Lanello. And I call my own to come up higher. Will you aspire to inspire others through your highest desire to be God in manifestation? Will you know that you can reach for the stars and draw down that very stuff of cosmic energy of which the Cosmos itself was created, amplifying the fullness of divinity here and now-in the eternal now? As you transform yourself, you raise the entire Cosmos. As you see and become the divine, you are enabled to enable others to also see and become the divine. And when the many are in the habit of practicing the sacred science of the Presence, imbibing spiritual awareness and releasing it to all life, none can hold back the transformation that shall occur. Whatever you hold constant within your consciousness you become. Would you become an Elohim, able to hold vast systems of worlds within your aura? Then meditate perpetually on Cyclopea, Hercules, Heros or Arcturus and see how your life will be quickened.
            We would train you in the self-mastery that thrusts you out of you current level of comfortability, a certain complacency born of self-satisfaction. We would enroll you in our troops to march to new vistas of God-Self-Awareness that you have not known, for when you see from a higher level, your previous attainment no longer remains desirable or comfortable. Oh how men dwell in mediocrity through the same old same old, day in and day out. Use Saint Germain's alchemical formula and TRY new methods, experiment using innovative spiritual techniques, and most of all become as a little child again with the awe of new discovery and an awareness that anything is possible in God, as long as it is performed in love and to the glory of the Father-Mother of all life.
            We would have you regularly and jointly conduct group alchemical experiments, using all the techniques of the science of the spoken word, meditation, the Ritual of the Cloud and visualizations to enact specific change on the world scene. Those of you with artistic and graphics expertise can create thoughtforms and images for meditation that, when used in greater numbers, can literally transform the earth, the people and the culture of the entire civilization. I assign you first and foremost to create visuals that will change the very culture of music on the world scene. For the decadent beat and the rhythms of hell are wreaking havoc at many levels, and must be reversed and replaced with the higher vibrations of Aquarius. Utilize music, images and rhythms in consonance to create a model for what you desire to manifest, and then collectively utilize this matrix weekly as a powerful practice until you see results both in the media and in your communities.
            You have the power to change a Cosmos! Will you use it? Will you no longer dally but rally to this cause for Saint Germain? Join us as the fiery ones who not only desire a better world, but will be the ones to make it happen!
            I am Lanello and I ride on my white steed with Morya, K.H. and our Knight Commander, looking for those who will join us in this sacred work. Ever present with you, I bless, I bless and I return to the One.

Ascended Master Lanello #6
David. C. Lewis
Saturday, October 2, 2004
Banff, Lake Louise, Canada

Beloved Friends of the Ascended Masters,
            We look to you to raise our brethren on high. We look to you who know of us to make our presence known among mankind. For when men of good will know of the higher road, the easier road to eternal life that leads past the byways of iniquity and the delusions of life as it is lived by the majority of men, many will be quickened to study our words, which they will glean as the highest teaching thus far released to mankind in the current era.
            Our words are immortal, for they carry our flame of immortality within them. Words uttered by mere mortals carry their vibration, but our words contain the seeds of consciousness that contain keys you can use to become truly ascended masters in your own right. As cups of light these words convey the fullness of who we are in the here and now since we have fully attained our reunion with God through the path of Pure Love. Would that you could study and meditate on these words in the current universities of the world, but may it suffice that you study them in the universities of the spirit until that time when the ascended masters have become a household word and their publications are known for their pure vibration and their extraordinary power to raise the hearts of men.
            Studying to show yourselves approved by God should be your daily goal, for when you know the truth and the truth has set you free, you shall be able to pass along to many hearts the keys to freedom to. When you visit our retreats at night and then practice visiting them consciously during any hour of the day or night, you shall glean the secrets to becoming world teachers in your own right! We need mentors of the spirit, capable of transferring our words and vibration to the many! Will you settle for an aristocracy of those who claim a special mantle to be the only ones who can convey our light, or will you, each one, work and study daily to prove your own worth and capability to become our shepherds?
            The Summit was not formed to become another mainstream church led by a priesthood who claim a certain exclusive right to preach, to teach and to heal! It was envisioned as a Wayshower to the common man and woman of the new age and to allow for a sacred path of oneness with the ascended masters-the right of each lifestream-under his or her own vine and fig tree-to become our chelas and students according to a simple but profound path of balance in body, mind and spirit!
            We would shuffle the deck, so to speak, to allow the cream of the crop to rise to the heights of leadership-those true shepherds whom we have called to lead in humility and honor, who have abased their human desires for the greater glory of God. Structures must be created to allow a greater representation among the students worldwide, and the same few who feel they have a special mantle cannot and must not grab the whole loaf of leadership, voting themselves into the same positions year in and year out to the detriment of our plan to expand this organization.
            Many have recently been excommunicated whose communiques, though sometimes lacking in tactfulness, were really messages of and from us. Unfortunately these landed on ears stopped up due to pride, arrogance and a desire to lead from a holier-than-thou attitude.
            We are becoming impatient with those who claim their right at leadership who have not brought forth our keys to a victory that must be won. Upon your hearts and your free wills rests the destiny of the Summit Lighthouse! Will you rise and take dominion or simply let this grand experiment of Morya, Saint Germain and me pale into oblivion? It is not just money that is needed, but a spirit able to be quickened at all levels through the power of the Holy Spirit!
            The staff structure must be changed to allow many more to serve again as a community and not as simply a business organization. Many would and will return to the flock, and thousands more will come, when the structure is in place to allow the devotees to serve on a volunteer basis, leading humble lives, but where their basic necessities are met.
            Return unto me, oh my chelas, and I will quicken you to the path you must follow in order for my words and the words of the Mother to reach many more who are ready. Align your hearts with mine and I, along with Padre Pio and other ascended ones-Saints of Jesus' heart who have many keys to bestow-shall extend those true gifts of the spirit. Listen, listen, listen and obey, and we shall not leave you bereft, for our Presence will come upon you if you are ready and in a state of listening grace.
            Call to me and I will answer! Sing to me and I will sing through you. Pray to me and see me above those who come, and I will heal their souls through you. Fear not to touch them in my name and by the Power of the Great Spirit and you shall know the power that flowed through me-the God-Power of a Capricorn wed to the Father of all.
            Saint Germain is ready! I am ready! And Morya has always been ready for you to step up to the plate and bat for God here and now! Will you study our pitches and know when to swing and when to pass, when to look for that signal to bunt and sacrifice for another to move on and when to swing away and hit for the fence? Study, study, study and know yourselves, know your opposition, and most importantly know our words, their vibration and their import in and to your lives and to those for whom you are responsible-those whom you vowed to save, to nurture, to extol and to love with all the love of your hearts-the little birds who are ready for your meal, your words of love, given in humility, kindness and especially charity.
            You are worthy to represent us if you claim your Self-worth in God-the God of Love, the God of Hope, the God of Faith. From Banff I send millions of legions of Archangel Michael to cut loose souls who are ready for you. Will you be ready to receive them?
            I love you in the fullness of Truth! Purusha! We are One. Lanello I AM and I return to the One, ever ready for you to know me as your own.

Ascended Master Lanello #7
David Christopher Lewis
Sunday, October 3, 2004
Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Beloved Hearts of Fire,
            I come to release fire from the Heart of Alpha and Omega, for fire is the need of the hour. Fire must descend upon the earth through your hearts if a golden age of Freedom would come. And the predicament of the hosts of heaven is how and when and through whom to release that fire in order to bring about a safe transformation of hearts. In the past, messengers of fire through whom the ascended masters could communicate and anchor this fire were required, trained and used at almost any hour, because they had prepared themselves through the disciplines of the spirit. We now require many hearts to release this fire, as the fire that must descend to counteract the darkness is greater, especially in the Middle East.
            As you know, I took my leave from you at a time when there was intense conflict in this area of the globe. Should Alpha and Omega decide to receive back your own Mother and my cohort at this time, the results could be catastrophic, unless many of you step forward to bear the fire we require to replenish and renew the earth. I come to quicken you and impart ampoules of fire that will cause a certain chemicalization within you. And yet, cycles are moving on and you must have this fire in order to help your Knight Commander with his plan.
            There have arisen within and around your movement souls who claim to proclaim our words. My question is: does the fire descend upon you and truly cause a quickening of your hearts when you hear their words? If not, the words, not truly being from our abode, contain not our fire and our ability to cause change in you and in the earth.
            I pause now to release this fire and pour upon you these ampoules of fire, which you should experience as a cool heat, a rush of energy that is both fiery and cooling. (Pause for 15 seconds as the angels release the ampoules.)
Fire of the Holy Spirit descend now upon these holy ones! Fire of Zarathustra and the Maha Chohan, descend upon their hearts and minds, quickening the Christic Mind within each one! Fire of Morya and Saint Germain, blaze through to empower these souls unto their higher calling as devotees, as world teachers and servants of the Most High! Quicken their third eyes to behold the Power/Wisdom/Love of the God-Self within. Quicken their souls to receive the blessing of the Soul-ar (Solar) awareness of Arcturus, of Zadkiel and of Saint Germain as well as the twin flames of each one!

            It is done! I have released fire! I accelerate fire! For a fortnight I ask you to imbibe and retain this fire and invoke it nightly before you retire as you come to my retreat in Germany to receive further instruction on how you may play your role to be representatives of the Holy Spirit in the Earth.

            Meditate on Fire day and night and enter the fiery furnace of your God early-so as not to be burned when the fire comes to try you!
            I am your Lanello. I was tried by my Guru and found favor in his sight. May you find favor in His Sight also as you become his fiery ones this night!

Ascended Master Lanello #8
David Christopher Lewis
Monday, October 4, 2004
Jasper, Alberta, Canada

            Behold Love. Behold Legions of Love. Behold the enfolding of the Love Ray.            Now we come to impart a greater love to the Earth! You live in a Cosmos that is governed by Love. For love is the highest karma-truly the manifestation of the energy of the Father-Mother God in its purest form and formlessness. Love is the foundation upon which all creation exists, for without love, all is bereft of their reason for being.
            When you dwell in love, we are there. When you express love, we are there. For all ascended beings have learned to garner love in their path to reunion with the Divine. And this garnering is an allowance of love to flow through all the fibers of self until nothing else exists but love.
            Our love is unmovable. Love was the healing light that Jesus displayed during every so-called miracle, for as he allowed the love to flow through him to cause the needed change in the lives of those who sought God's grace, he simply became a pure instrument for the fullness of God's love to transform bodies, souls and minds.
            Would you become a pure vessel of love for God? If so, you must allow the intensification of love within your every atom, cell, organ, chakra and system. For if you would heal or teach or raise souls out of imperfection, you must become that pure vessel, washed clean through love.
            Yes, visualize the washing now of your spirit by the waters of God-love. These living waters of fire are the same energy that streams forth from the sun of your system, for they revivify, they renew, they empower with love. And each day love is born anew within and you have an opportunity to express, to become, to praise the God of Love with your hearts, ever growing in love's fires.
            Love is sought after by all, yet few truly know the fullness of its power, for they settle for that lesser love. The love of which I speak is tangible yet elusive, profound yet simple, expansive and yet able to dwell in the smallest of subatomic particles. Your scientists have discovered that all matter is actually energy and that energy is affected by the consciousness of the beholder, and thus experiments can be altered by the patterns resident within those who are experimenting with life, even with the secrets of worlds within worlds within worlds. And since this is so, wouldn't it behoove these scientists to experiment with love, as did a George Washington Carver and a Luther Burbank and numerous others, to discover how love can truly change energy and thus change matter? The mystics east and west have proven this formula for transcendence by first becoming one with love.
            If you would see the growth of your members, you must also become this Love and once and forever dispense with its antithesis, which is always fear of loss, non-belief and an indifference to the spirit residing within each heart. Use your calls to Cyclopea, including the new one penned by your amenuensis* to visualize perfection within all. For as the pure in heart see God, the pure in heart will also see God in all hearts, raising them first in their etheric bodies and lastly in their physical bodies, cycling the energies through the four quadrants in perfection through love.
            Yes, be alchemists of Love! Yes, practice love in all your work, for in Love there can be no division, no internal or external strife that breaks asunder those sacred bonds of Oneness that you have woven over many years, lifetimes and eons.
            You have known and we have repeated that Love is the key. I give you now, each one, this key to place within your pocket and keep there daily to use at any and all hours of the day or night to unlock the door of Love unto God. When you have a need, simply turn the key and step through that door to Reality and you will feel and know our Presence of Love to assist you, to quicken you and to raise you in an instant into that pure vibration that knows no limits, but only Love.
            If you will only use this key, we intend to pour the Aquarian fires of love to and through you in ever greater measure daily. Receive this key from my heart this day and become Love.
            I am your Ever-Present Guru, Lanello.            I won my victory through Love. May you also ascend daily in Love's Fires. Blessings my children. I love you always and ever unto your Victory in Love.
*Lanello is referring to a new decree to beloved Cyclopea and Virginia entitled "Perfect Vision," which was inspired on September 12, 2004.

Perfect Vision

Om Mani Padme Hum

            In the name of the Light of God that never fails, we call to beloved Cyclopea and Virginia and the All-Seeing Eye of God and all Silent Watchers for Terra and the Angels of the Emerald Ray to enfold the earth and all its evolutions in the perfect image of immaculate grace, cosmic understanding, divine direction, universal peace and holy love as we call forth your Presence in our midst this hour through this our prayer:
Virginia, Cyclopea dear, your healing light is ever near.
We gaze into the Eye of God, behold the One-the flaming Yod.

Let now your vision be our own, as everywhere your seeds are sown
And Terra now accelerates and rises to her true estate.

Our perfect vision is your plan, to love as God loves every man.
We see through your All-Seeing Eye to raise, illumine all on high.

Renew God's fiery, blazing light within our minds so free and bright
That sensitizes us to love, the healing balm from realms above.

As angels sing with voices gold, the Music of the Spheres behold!
Dissolve, consume and purify. Transmute the Earth in twinkling eye!

We look to Thee, Most Holy Ones. We see a blazing emerald sun
Within our mind and forehead too, to keep our vision sure and true.

We see each soul as you would see-a shining beacon, pure and free.
No stain of error, bane or sin. We see perfection and we win!

(Repeat 3x or 9x or in multiples of 3)

            In the fullness of your cosmic vision, we accept this prayer manifest here and now with full love, wisdom and power, anchored in the earth and tangibly manifest in our lives and in the lives of all evolutions of light throughout cosmos!

Om Mani Padme Hum

Ascended Master Lanello #9
David Christopher Lewis
Tuesday, October 5, 2004
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Beloved Hearts of the Mother,
            I am always with you when you dwell in the heart of love. For where else can I be but in support of you when you are the magnanimous ones, ever ready to do the Father's will in honor of the blessed ones who have gone before you and laid forth a pure path that you must simply walk with integrity, honor and a sense of the oneness of all life that breeds acceptance of holy purpose, holy grace and holy love.
            If you would dwell in the heart of God, dwell first within your own heart and see the God flame resident there as an unquenchable fire that can first rekindle your own love and then the love of millions. As one with God is a majority, when God dwells fully within you, you have the power of the universe at your disposal-truly that one verse that is the song of Alpha sung in devotion to the creation as the OM. Will you please sound this sacred mantra from this day forward before and after each prayer and decree as a reminder of the oneness of all life?
            When you center in the OM within, you thus center within God, for OM times OM always equals OM! And to be the fullness of God in manifestation, you must not forget the universality of all, but conceptualize and then materialize all you need as issuing forth from that OM, that One. If you have had problems with supply or with your ability to precipitate or to complete plans, projects and alchemies, you have simply left the center and dwelt somewhere in the periphery of self, the lower self. Thus, learn to act always from the core of being and follow the middle path and nothing shall be impossible to you.
            Beloved ones, the mystical paths of east and west are truly one and you must recognize that, although the path which we have presented you contains the fullness of what is required for the fulfillment of the ascension for thousands and millions of souls for the coming 2000 years, our messages do not preclude augmentation through what we would term "continuing education," first through your study of our words in the retreats and then through your own study of the highest that the world has to offer through the latest technological and scientific developments-if they are released through balanced hearts who have more than mere physical progress as their goal.
            Dear ones, meditate on us and we will assist you. Call to us and we will be there. Frame your needs in the context of the greater need of the Brotherhood, in some way fulfilling our need to raise a planet and its people, and then we will help meet those needs in a most tangible way.
            We need chelas to come up higher and to present themselves as worthy vessels to receive our light, our words, our intimations and our cosmic energy to raise a planet! But where are those who have vowed to band together to present a joint offering that is greater than the sum of your individual offerings? You must unite-within or without this organization-to present to the world this path that leads swiftly and surely to the eternal life that many seek, but for which they are fooled into believing will come through a simple profession of faith or a one-time commitment, act or sacrifice.
            You should take your cue from the intensity of the belief and sacrifice of many who give their very lives to their misguided cause, albeit in vain! Can you not sacrifice something of your personal concerns, pleasures and lives to add to the momentum that can be so much more when you combine your energies in the true synergy of the Aquarian Master's plan?
            I desire to see you pass your tests, resolve your deep-seated psychological issues and move onward into the balancing of karma beyond the emotional quadrant and into the physical plane. For when more than a few get past that 75 percent of balanced karma, you can invoke and will see many victories won in the anchoring of our messages into the marts of mankind, as Jesus has called forth.
            Do not fear to swim through the astral plane as cosmic divers, striving with those deep and unconscious and subconscious records, for when you do, you will master more than just your own path. Learn to swim and dive and conquer that fear of the deep by holding your breath or using the breathing apparati of the angels. When you see those mackerels and ancient records of past civilizations, past failures or past momentums, consume them by the power of the Violet Flame coupled with the Aqua Ray-a Secret Ray indeed-that I now reveal to you as a tool for the mastery of the emotional, water quadrant. Call forth angels of the Aqua-Teal Ray to come to Terra to assist you. These angels are adepts in the mastery of these energies and will help all on the Buddhic path to quell the untoward astral energies. Use them, for they are ready, and you are ready if you choose to be.
            Beloved, have a focus of the Aqua-Teal Ray available in your sanctuaries. As you meditate on this sacred light, you will begin to see greater results in your alchemies, your supply and your conversion of souls.
            I bless you and release to you now an unguent of healing light to transcend the pain of bearing world hatred, world sorrow and world indifference.
            Be now my chelas who will not remain indifferent to the world's need but who will make a difference through the Path of the Ruby Cross! I love you, I support you and I am your Lanello, ever present in the center of the OM within you, each one.

Ascended Master Lanello #10
David Christopher Lewis
Wednesday, October 6, 2004
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Dearest Hearts of Fire,
            I greet you in the simplicity of the heart of the child, the child of light whom you are. All children are of the light, for before they are tarnished by the world's vibrations of inequity, they dwell in the arms of the Divine Mother who comes to assuage, to uplift, to impress upon all her children the fullness of the love of the original intent of God as that softness, gentleness and loving care for all life.
            As you meditate upon the gift of life that is the child, will you remember the strains of my keynote, "Greensleeves," as I hold within my arms now each of you as a child of God, a child of the light? For when you hold your own soul in the embrace of the Mother, you cannot do harm to yourself or to any part of life. The great commandment- to love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul-is always followed by its corollary-to Love one's neighbor as oneself. As you love, honor, trust and care for your own soul as the Holy Christ Child within, you magnify this command and can then embrace other souls as your own. Are we not all from the same Father and Mother, truly born on the winds of Cosmos as spirit-sparks from the one eternal flame? And if we all are kindled from that same fire, we will not also one day return as fiery ones to the same Father/Mother?
            As you trust in the Father and the Mother, you know as their child that all is good, all is well-there is no fear of the misqualification of light, but the reality of love and protection is ever near, ready to snatch you out of harm's way should you temporarily lose that tethering to the spirit of your Godly parents. Trust is the need of the hour. But don't trust in the human of anyone; trust that God is where you are, ever present as the truest friend you have. To gain trust you must be true to the best and highest principles that equate with the Godhead. When you outpicture every divine quality in humility, knowing that the God flame is the doer and the door, then others will receive you as a representative of our hosts, knowing that the trust they place in you is trust in the divine within that you have become.
            Children believe in their parents, knowing that they would never be untrue to this belief. And yet in today's world this trust has been shattered due to a lack of parents' belief in both themselves and in the God-flame within. This can be cured by praying for the hosts of light to protect the highest calling of parents (as well as teachers of all ages) to truly become representatives of the Father/Mother God where they are. Pray for parents everywhere, for there is an all-out attack on parents, on the family and on the divine matrix for the Aquarian family. This is why you see all coming to a head for resolution before the violet skies of Aquarius can fully come. Fathers and Mothers are being torn away from each other, and ultimately away from their children. This creates a division within the family and then within the psyche of the child who misses the wholeness that is needed for each child to outpicture the balance of the Alpha and Omega energies within.
            Call to Confucius to come and once again bring to people of all races and nations the keys to a sound and whole family environment, for many souls are ready to embody once the proper values are taught in the schools and universities-principles of kindness, reverence for life, and respect for the role of each family member.
            I come to you to convey the importance of accepting your responsibility to play your rightful role where you are and to fulfill your duty to your own soul and to the souls in your care. Call to me, for I will assist all who sincerely desire to fulfill their role and to become the Divine Manchild where they are.
            Inherent within my words are keys to the victory of you becoming a child again. Embrace a child, meditate on the Christ child, the little Buddha, the playful Krishna, and you will know me as the Eternal Youth, who, with Sanat Kumara and Venus, will ever play with you as you seek the Divine Manchild within.
            Loving you always as my own children, I remain Lanello, your father and friend forever.

Ascended Master Lanello #11
David Christopher Lewis
Thursday, October 7, 2004
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Beloved Saints of the One God,
            In my heart I hold the key to your victory and Love is the key. In your hearts you also hold the keys to the victory of millions, for in this chain of hierarchy of Love, each of us is meant to play our part in the grand drama of life, of the path of divine grace.
            When you enter my heart, I also enter yours and Christ and Buddha also enter and live within us both, amplifying our state of oneness with the Christic and Buddhic initiations of a higher Love that transcends all that we have known. Moving inward and upward in these internal initiations of Love, all is won, nothing is lost, all is lost, nothingness is won, and the Tai Chi of the coursing of the Heart of God is outplayed through the giving and receiving of Love. Study the Heart and become Masters of its pulsations, its movement and its cycles. For in embodying the fullness of God's heart, you understand the revolutions of the flow of light-giving essences to the entire creation. And you can also externalize this process as you internalize the great in-breath and out-breath of the pulsating Heart of God.
            I did not simply become the magnanimous heart through a non-awareness of His Heart. I AM this Heart through a constant attention and attentiveness to the needs of God-yes, the very real desires of a Godhead who at once embraces all of His creation and yet would be embraced by it-if each one is willing. Attention upon the pulsing heart of the Great Guru is the key I release this day, for many have forgotten their hearts and thus pass on without truly knowing either the Love of the Beloved or the flame within that beats their own heart.
            You have heard it said "Follow your heart." Well, I tell you it is not enough to simply follow it, you must enter it so that it becomes the all-in-all of you. You are your heart and therefore it is the doer, the door to life, and thus you don't truly follow it because it leads all the elements of self-it is your self. Do you see?
            All look for Love. Will they find it in you? If you cannot yet be that one through whom Love flows, then when will you surrender to the magnanimous heart, claim it as your own, and then become Love?
            I assign each one to study my dictations from beginning to end to see how, even as an Ascended Being, I progressed in the Love I bear. And when you chart my messages on the Cosmic Clock and meditate on the thread of my message, truly internalizing all I have released, you will put on my magnanimous heart as a tangible garment of grace that others will witness, embrace, emulate and desire to also become.
            Each servant son and daughter who desires true chelaship in our ranks must become my voice, my mind, my eyes and my heart through a constancy of attention and through a deep, abiding reverence for life. Your Keepers of the Flame Fraternity must consist of the Reverent Ones, and thus, Reverence For Life should be the bywords, the axiom, the summum bonum of each member who truly desires inner membership in this order.
            Beloved Ones, when you truly desire to be my heart in action, I will come to grace you with those elements of my magnanimous heart that will literally catapult you to new levels of God-Self-Awareness. And when you are one with your God-Self, millions will follow in your footsteps and a Golden Age will dawn. I release unto you the pulsations of my heart now, as you breathe deeply and place your hands upon your chest. When you need a boost from me, repeat this exercise and see my heart beating within your own chest.
            We are one in Love, my beloved. NAMASTE
            I Am Lanello, ever within you the Heart of the Beloved.

Ascended Master Lanello #12
David Christopher Lewis
Friday, October 8, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Dearly Beloved,
            In the morning light I come. In the stillness of the Buddha I come. In the peace of inner knowing I come. And my coming to you in this hour is for the transfer to your soul of the gift of love. This love is meant to allow the soul of each one to come into congruity with the inner blueprint. For when you are aligned with the inner design of divine love, all your words and works are stamped with the Father's love and all life is thereby blessed.
            Can you retain within your outer awareness the deepest love you have experienced while dwelling in that secret place of the Most High? What is it that allows you to carry this Sacred Presence of Love with you at all times and in all places, in the heights and the valleys of your comings and goings? It is an awareness of the sanctity of the One. It is the humility of self that allows the greater Presence of the God Self to be and to act and to occupy where you are. This being is not a complacency, an idleness of purpose or action, but an intense inner resolve of gnosis that simply allows God to be where you are.
            Have you struggled in this allowance process. Have you been at times bereft of the knowledge of which direction to take or the purpose of your life, your mission or the work at hand? Struggle not, but breathe deeply and know the Presence as an inner fire that is ever burning, ever self-converging to retain the vital essence of God where you are. The beloved Great Divine Director, the mentor of my own teacher, El Morya, has given us the assignment to see ourselves as spheres of light, as radiant beings of fire. If you can retain this visualization and thoughtform in your awareness in an ever-greater circle of knowingness, you cannot fail to begin to outpicture more of your Divine Self through all that you do each day.
            At times we forget to experience the Beloved Presence of God when we contact those returning cyclic energies from past choices, and yet, this is the key to the overcoming-remaining centered in the core of being-so that all karmic returns can be greeted with equanimity, tolerance and an absence of the reactive mode that can thus create the need for another round of experience in this cosmic schoolroom, this dramatic stage of life on Terra.
            Wing your way now in consciousness to the Great Central Sun. See the flaming orb that is the life-giving essence of Love for the Cosmos. See this Sun of pure life, pure love, pure energy infolding and unfolding, cleansing and pulsating and now super-imposed over the sun of your own Divine Presence. And then see streams of light descending to envelope your entire aura, engulfing you in the cool warmth of infinite grace, divine awareness and sublime Love for all Life. And now see the sun of your own heart expand to contain all life on earth as your aura also grows to nourish lifewaves, systems and the atoms that comprise the greater universe of which you are a part.
            As you experience this Cosmic Awareness, know that you can contain more of the stuff of the Presence-the very elements of creation-as you allow this Radiance to remain a permanent focus of Love in your Being. Take five minutes to rest in surcease from your daily struggles to experience this Oneness, this harmony, this resonance with the Great God Self, and you shall begin to experience the allness of what you will contact and know as an ascended master.
            As things equal to the same thing are equal to each other, by congruence you will experience the totality of God if you allow the worthiness, the sanctity and the oneness of this experience to become a greater portion of who you are in God.
            Stillness of the Buddha. Stillness of the Cosmic Aum. Stillness of the rhythm of the heartbeat of God within. Close your eyes and know this stillness each day, for in this knowing you will know God-God-God where you are.
            I have come to calm the planet through you. When you can retain this peace in the 360 degrees of the circumference of being, you will see a greater peace in the earth body and in the evolutions of Earth.
            My peace I give you. My peace I leave with you. But I shall never leave my beloved ones who retain this peace at all costs, for this is the pearl of great price which I now deposit within your hands for you to keep. Retain this my offering in the inner sanctuary of Self and you shall know my Presence ever.
            I am your Lanello, a Buddha and a lover of peace.

Ascended Master Lanello #13
David Christopher Lewis
Saturday, October 9, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Hearts of the One,
            Ever has oneness of hearts been the key to the victory, for it is difficult for the solitary climber to scale the heights of being without the aid of the experts-those who have mastered the initiations of life and can teach and assist them at all levels of attainment. We are those who dwell just above you in consciousness, and yet are ever ready to extend our hands to clasp yours when you need that boost up the crags and the steep and sheer rocks of the summit heights.
            The Lighthouse of Love is meant to be a beacon of hope to all mankind. And yet many have lost their first love in support of this mighty focus. Why is this? Although there are numerous reasons, suffice it to say that it is not the result of the failure of the ascended hosts to aid the individual chela when he or she has pledged his troth to the masters of love, wisdom and power. Many still retain their tie to us through sincere devotion and the application of the truth in their daily lives, and yet some have broken the bond through discord, reverie in the fleshly life or a misty forgetfulness of their first love in the Maya of self. We come to raise you above the mists of self-indulgence and a backing away from the highest path up the mountain of attainment through group service, surrender to your God-Self, the sacrificial giving and the selflessness that always puts the Will of God first and foremost in one's life. The drama that is being outplayed by many souls may truly be their "last hurrah." We only pray to the Father that this last step will be the passing of those final initiations that will propel the soul into the arms of God through a true mirthful and balanced and sane spirit wed to the divine Spirit through Love.
            Gautama Buddha would initiate many as world teachers under the tutelage of Jesus and Kuthumi-if those initiations be passed that qualify the soul to teach and preach the Word.            These require an understanding of the basic precepts and a non-acceptance of inharmony and treachery into their heart of hearts. Many have fallen through pride and arrogance on the 3 o'clock line of the Mental Quadrant, and so the beloved Helios comes to purge from the would-be teacher those elements of non-God-Control that would be a detriment and a block to the free flow of wisdom's fires, of the divine illumination that we seek to convey.
            You must be purged! You must be tried in the spiritual fires before your consciousness can be made permanent as the enfired one-free from cracks and imperfections-by the kiln of the Great Artisan Himself! Call to us to be stripped of all those elements of self that have weighed you down and promoted paths that limit you, and then you can be cloaked with our garments of perfection and robes of righteousness that will be your calling card as a world teacher in your own right.
            Oh Mankind, how you settle for the baubles and trinkets of mediocrity when you could have the golden sunlight literally drench your being daily through the acceptance of our light and inspiration into your beings! Oh hearts of fire, how you could be transformed daily into perfection could you but see the great chandeliers of heaven blazing just above your heads issuing forth diadems of light substance to clear your beings of the little shadows of nonsense that would thwart your every effort to step upward into the light! We are your friends, truly the greatest friends you will know, if you would be receptive to our intimations and guidance and see us as the first fruits of the Father above. We are ever ready to pluck the grapes of Hesperides from the vines of heaven and place them in your hands for the ingesting and the full assimilation on your path home to the throne of God!
            We love you with a love that will not die, for we have been fired in the kilns of heaven as permanent atoms in the heavens. Yet we will not be satisfied until the skies are abundant with the stars of manifold lifewaves from Terra who have decided that this is the hour to soar and to reach for the Sun of Being, leaving behind all imperfections and elements of the Not-Self! Strive daily to achieve something of the Gifts of the Spirit! Awaken early and sing the Song of the Free, for if you would be free you must claim your freedom from lack, freedom from the back-breaking toil of the earth earthy, and then rise on wings of fire into the heights of God-Self-Awareness to lend your hearts and heads and hands to the Sacred Work at hand in our octaves, claiming your rightful place in our ranks as servant Sons and Daughters of God. We cajole, we enfire, we inspire through love. Would you join our ranks this day by merging with that flame once and for all?
            I am grateful for your response. May it become a daily commitment to place your hands in ours so that together we may make great strides for the Lord of the World for the tutoring of all who are ready for the proffered gift of Love. I am and I remain your Ever-Present Guru Lanello-ready to catch you and thrust you forward to the Sun of Victory.
            I love you always. Amen!

Ascended Master Lanello #14
David Christopher Lewis
Sunday, October 10, 2004
Livingston, Montana

            Energies of the Love Ray descend! Energies of the Power Ray descend! Energies of the Wisdom Ray descend! May Love, Wisdom and Power as the three-fold action of the living flame of God be amplified within the Earth and upon the altars of the Temples of light in the retreats of the Brotherhood this hour! May you feel now the expansion of the flame upon your own heart's altar this day! I Lanello come to expand the love fires within the hearts of my own. For if you would see an expansion of this movement, you must first see a mighty movement of the expansion of the flame within.
            At every juncture when your Mother and I would see an increase in those coming to our beloved Summit Lighthouse of Love, we would first be required to bear the intensity of the opposition to those souls within our own beings, and thus our mentors would turn up the heat and add more kindling to the hearth of our own burning lamps to see if and how we would be able to bear the greater load of this fire so that the many could enter the portals of truth. And so, as we grew, our staff also grew as that ever-present support, that rod of protection to also bear the burden of the Lord in this age. Every avatar and messenger has required a community of devotees to surround and protect that one if the mission would be fully accomplished. And so, we, as your true servant leaders, would be able to serve ever more fully when a portion of the brunt of darkness that always comes to forestall the words and works of the Lord would be born by our friends, brothers and sisters and fellow chelas on the path of grace.
            You have seen a certain decline in your rolls and in those who come to the altar to worship and give of their energies simply because you no longer have the base of protection to hold that balance in the earth where you are. And yet we have purposely scattered our devotees across the earth so that many more seeds may take root, building a true grassroots foundation for expansion on an even greater level than you have seen. How then will we both expand our base and expand our worldwide movement? It will happen through this turning up of the dial of your heart flames in the manner your Knight Commander has given you-the increase in the rheostat of the light within and the maintaining of and gradual increase in what you are able to bear on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
            Yes, constancy is the first quality that Keepers of the Flame need to outpicture. And we say it again: we need the constant ones who are willing to lend their hearts, heads, hands and voices to this cause. If you would have us compel them to come in, you must first be the compelling ones-faithful to every detail on your path, including the invocation of the Sacred Cloud, your daily mantras to the violet flame and especially your calls to the beloved Elohim Astrea to cut loose those souls who are ready to receive us in their homes, hearts and minds.
            You would do well to reinstate the staff's daily giving of 36 Astreas together- preferably at the end of the work day-to clear both your personal and your community forcefields of all that would deter you from the mission at hand. I guarantee you that, should you be so bold as to again maintain and yes even require this ongoing vigil, you would see an almost immediate swelling of the ranks of those who will generously support your mission, both in their supply and in their givingness at all levels.
            Yes, we would see the Victory of the Summit Lighthouse! Yes, we would see each of you be the Victorious Ones, for there is no other option than Victory. Give those fiats to Victory when the energies get tough and see how his legions will literally lift you off your feet in new spirals of the golden light of the Sun, energizing, quickening and impelling you higher until you shall all literally laugh the laugh of the Victorious Ones and sing that love song of Victory in which all who have transcended this plane have known and gloried.
            It is time to expand the gates! Open your hearts to our love fires, for love is the need of the hour and we intend to increase it, release it and see it sustained in your auras daily! Will you now accept this my gift to you today?
            Beloved of my heart. I seal you in the Victory of Love. Call to me and I will be with you-ever the Victorious Buddha of Love in your midst. I am Lanello and I stand in defense of the Summit which I now declare to be the way home for thousands more this day. See them coming, for they are ready for you. Are you ready, beloved?
            I thank you.

Ascended Master Lanello #15
David Christopher Lewis
Monday, October 11, 2004
Livingston, Montana

            Look up and behold your salvation, for the hosts of the Lord are camped round about you and they are ready for your command to call them into action this hour! Legions of angels are awaiting your Word to enter the battle of Armageddon for which they have been trained, not alone for and on this planet, but on other systems of worlds. But they must have your calls, your fiats and your welcoming hearts to do the bidding of the Lord and obey the directives of their Commander in Chief, Archangel Michael.
            This is the hour for Victory! This is the hour to be awake and at your altars praying without ceasing for the slaying of the demons that assail the mission of the Great White Brotherhood for world freedom. If you cannot maintain your vigil for freedom, then whom should we call upon or look to? We scan the globe for those who have the will, the determination and the constancy to invoke the Word daily and hourly, and nary a few are able to stand for the Hosts of the Lord and call them into action.
            This last three weeks before your national election are crucial to the salvation of souls and of nations. For as many are passing from the screen of life and numerous laggard lifewaves are passing on to Sirius for their final judgment, reinforcements from the legions of truth, freedom and victory are needed daily and hourly. You have called them forth during past labors and during times of need, and so they would again come to your aid to fulfill the prophecy to defend the Woman and her seed in the earth.
            Yes, step up your calls to Archangel Michael and Astrea and to Jesus for the judgment of darkness in the earth and you shall begin to witness a certain crackling light in the atmosphere, in the higher octaves, as the blue/white light descends to both judge and invigorate and to change the very molecules of the heavens and the earth for the transition to Aquarius. This is a purging fire, and if you have felt this purging in your physical, emotional or mental bodies of late, know that it is in preparation for you to contain more light, greater spiritual fire.
            Yes, I am still a Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood on Terra, and as one who carries the Word, I also bear the responsibility to call for the troops to arise, take their swords and enter the fray. Bravo for the light you have invoked this past weekend. But do not lay down your swords and shields until the Victory is proclaimed by the real Commander in Chief-the Lord God of Hosts-when he calls you forth to receive your ribbons of light and your spiritual metals of honor for bravery and nobility in the fight for the salvation of souls.
            As I survey the world scene and see the ongoing struggles of souls for a piece of turf on which to live or for certain resources or for the right to live in peace without fear of reprisal or terror, I am reminded of many past struggles that we have been engaged in in past eras and civilizations. Had we had the spiritual tools that you now have in your arsenal, our struggles would have been easier and our battles shorter. For the key is always the backing of our work and Word by the Hosts of the Lord.
            You have the keys. Will you vow to me today to use these keys? Will you be renewed in your faith and fervor and never look back to what might have been, but always look forward to what can be? Will you place your hands in ours and allow us to lead you on the path of righteousness? Will you once and for all surrender to the Will of God in your lives and know that that will is not only good, but it is the easiest, the purest and the noblest path back to the Father? When pursued by grateful hearts, this path will bring you the ultimate joy and happiness of eternal life.
            Yes, I am still a master of the blue ray! I descended from the God-Star and took my training with the Mercurian Master Morya aeons ago! And he is still my master and the one to whom I bow, to whom I look for that sure and steadfast guidance when we two discuss the next course of action to take on behalf of a planet and her people.

O Morya! COME NOW to the aid of these thy servants. Forget them not, as at least some have not forgotten Thee. And as you have impressed within the very chambers of your retreat in Darjeeling the fiery image of the Forget Me Not, I pray that you will once again rekindle the fires of your heart to warm the hearths of your devotees in this activity, call them to greater service and lead them again into battle.
O Morya! We love you and we feel your love this day, pulsating as that pure stream of the Father's will so clear, so fragrant, so gleaming. Impart to us a greater portion of that will to succeed and to speed on our steeds to be with you and the Victorious Ones! This we pray, beloved Morya, with all our hearts, and souls and minds!"

            My beloved friends, will you join me this night in Darjeeling with the beloved Master Morya to re-pledge your hearts to our sacred cause and then to listen to his great wisdom of the needs of the hour and of what each of us may do to fulfill our part in the great plan of the Lord of the World and of the Darjeeling Master for world Salvation?
            Your beloved Mother and I will greet you at the door. As you place your hands in ours, we will direct you where to be seated for this most auspicious meeting and communion with the Chohan of the First Ray.
            I seal you in the light of your Presence which shines ever more brightly now around these hearts, the Shining Ones ready for the next round in the great drama of life on Terra.
            I am your Lanello and I bid you to be the Conquering Ones on behalf of Morya, my Lord.

Ascended Master Lanello #16
David Christopher Lewis
Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Livingston, Montana

            Roses from my magnanimous heart I now deposit within the environs of your heart and aura, for it is the time and place when Divine Love must take up her abode within you, each one. Yes, the person and principle of Love is real, and when you choose to be Love, Love will have her way with you! How does Love have her way? When she is allowed entr�e' into the recesses of your being, she displaces all that is anti-love that you have allowed to reside there and she magnetizes back those soul parts that will allow you to be whole and thereby be more of Love in and to the earth. Every avatar has been a focal point of Love in the earth. And thereby, that one has been a burning lamp for the consuming of those forces that seek to degrade, to deny the full flowering of Love in each one.
            What are these forces? They are elements of illusion; elements of the unreality that always come as a foreshadowing of Love. This penumbra that seeks to block out the Sun of your divine potential is but a chimera, a mirage of what and who you are and are fully to embody 'ere your full mission commences.
            Go within now and contact this rose of Love that I have deposited within your central chakra. Receive now that floral essence as an aroma of the givingness of God who has never let go of the perfect image of you as a son, a daughter of Light. When you know your own being as a flower in the garden of the Divine Lover, you witness the grand mosaic that is woven as the antahkarana of a cosmos. And as this great web glistens and vibrates under the influence of the Holy Breath of the Infinite One, you are engulfed in waves of that energy of the Spirit of Love that enlightens, that renews, that causes an ever unfolding Renaissance within your mind and emotions that allows every breath of yours to be the outpicturing of that outbreath and inbreath of Love.
            Would you be a messenger of Love for me? Would you, too, be the Avatara of Charity for my beloved? When each of you decide to allow us to take up our abode within, then Love will shine through your countenance and the smile of the Infinite One will brighten your face as grace, mercy, forgiveness and kindness become your calling card to extend to all whom you meet on the highways of life.
            In the sacred lotus of Self I come. I am the Buddha of Love. I extend the compassion of Maitreya, who must have you as forerunners of his own coming. I sit in silent meditation upon your becoming the allness of Love. As we meditate together in this sacred moment, let us listen to the strains of music from Venus-so nobly captured by your Messenger of Music-and know the Love of our beloved Sanat Kumara and Venus, who would-through me this day-initiate you who would be initiated in the accelerating Love fires of the Buddha of Love.
(Play music of            )
            As you ascend and descend the spiral stairway of love, may you ever know the sacred Love call that is beckoning you home to the heart of God. I remain your Lanello and I smile the Father's Love-ever-through you.

Ascended Master Lanello #17
David Christopher Lewis
Wednesday, October 13
Livingston, Montana

            I come to warn. I come to intensify light. I come to increase your devotion to the Will of God. And my coming is a tangible manifestation within your midst that you will feel as that pressure of light within your aura and four lower bodies that forces out all that is less than the God-Perfection that you seek! Do you truly want all of God? Have you come today to surrender to the Will of the One? Then lean upon me as your guru and do not give the option to your carnal mind to be at the helm of your life!
            It is time to put beneath your feet those elements of self that have enslaved you for lifetimes. You have the keys! Guard the mind, guard the heart and guard the eyes-all portals to the entree' into your consciousness of the vibrations of the world. Seal these portals with the blue and violet flames from the untoward energies that, in an unguarded moment, may allow in those diabolical and viral substances that can wreak havoc with your being-normally washed clean through the Words of Truth that you utter daily in your devotions and dynamic decrees.
            This is a time to be on guard and to increase your spiritual protection and the protection of the portals of this nation and all freedom-loving nations from those astral vibrations that would seek your demise. As you climb the spiral stairway of attainment, you must plant your feet firmly upon each rung and then claim your right to maintain that level and tier of attainment, to ward off the forces of the night that would challenge you and assail you and rail against the Christic Light you carry.
            I did learn well in my final embodiment the machinations of those who would annihilate all that Morya and Saint Germain sought to build through the work of the Mother and me. And so we established certain matrices of protection for our forcefields, and those who knew me knew of my propensities toward initiating various safety devices and backup systems for the maintenance of the shield we required from astral vibrations. You would do well to visualize and set up both those external and internal systems and plans and daily practices that will safeguard your ability to maintain the attainment and the forcefield you have created or wrought.
            Every retreat of the brotherhood has these matrices. Should you do less? Your temple is the temple of the Living God! Do you treat it with the reverence, holiness and respect that you would a holy avatar, messenger or master? Maintain balance, equipoise and a certain surcease from the intrusions of vibrations, noise and currents that compromise your highest purpose and plans. No matter what your jobs or responsibilities, see to it that your feet touch the earth regularly to contact those earth currents, that your eyes take in the solar rays of Helios and Vesta and that your skin feels the winds of the Holy Spirit somewhat daily or at least a few times each week. Those who are out of touch with nature eventually lose a certain sensitivity to the caring mode of the Mother-and our chelas must all master the Mother Light 'ere they can rise on those currents of ascension's flame at the conclusion of their mission and life.
"Ye are Gods." Do I yet need to remind my beloved ones how you are loved of God and how precious you are to our cause? Nay! For as victorious ones, you will surely arise, shine and declare the glory of the Lord's sacred work throughout cosmos and say:

            I am alive forevermore as a Son, a Daughter of the One! I am worthy to receive the Spirit Most Holy and those Sacred Gifts that I will share with every part of life. For no more will the Flesh hold sway in my life, but Victory and Love and Truth and Holiness will be the bywords that lead me onward and upward into the arms of God!
            Yes, I am His son, His daughter! I claim my station in life and God's ability to place that cape of attainment upon all whom He wishes, including the humblest of workers, the least of those my brethren. For none can truly know the heart of a soul, and I may be serving beside a Buddha, an Avatar, a Goddess to be. Therefore I judge not, but I see only the glory of the Presence of each one I meet and thus I too am raised unto all Glory.
            Oh God I am Yours this Day. Use me at all hours to save this planet and this people. For your time has come and I am ready!"

            Beloved, utter this my prayer regularly and you shall feel the fire of my Presence with you. May you pass every test! And may those tests be for the salvation of the spiritual path this day as you rise to greet the Lord whose love ever surrounds you, each one.
            I am your Lanello-ever present, ever ready. And like the battery of energy you use, I will be there for you-to the end of time and space and the dawn of the new day of Love.

Ascended Master Lanello #18
David Christopher Lewis
Thursday, October 14, 2004
Livingston, Montana

            I am come. And my coming is for the renewal within you of holy purpose. You are come for this holy purpose. And what is your personal mission? First and foremost to Love God and to allow God's Love to flow through you. And second, to serve God's creation through the continuing outflow of Love through the Word and works of charity.
            Much has come lately on the wings of charity. Those in this nation are among the most charitable of peoples, for they recognize the need and the responsibility of those who have an the abundance of blessings and riches to share with those whose needs are great. This givingness creates the flow of light that nourishes the children of the Mother and allows the gifts of Chamuel and Charity to be expressed in an ever-widening circle of Love.
            Love is the duty of every Son and Daughter of God. Yes, I say-a duty and an obligation, for Love so freely given by God must not be allowed to be dammed up or curtailed in its expression, but be freely distributed in the full panorama of life, in manifold acts of kindness, random acts of charity. When Love truly flows from your heart as a river of life, you have no wants or desires, for you are self-nourished by this unguent stream of divine givingness. This is the key to the sustaining of life and of immortality-the free flowing of God's energy through all the apertures of self through Love.
            When Love is unconditionally given and received, received and given, then the lifestream of that one becomes a crystal stream-a pure channel of the Love of the Father/Mother God. Fear is the great antithesis of love and of everlasting life because it causes a drawing back, a tightening, a clenching of the chakras which are then closed to the ongoing flow of light from the Sun of the Presence. Conquer fear, fear of all kinds-fear of the self-emptying process, fear of the future, fear of the loss of loved ones, fear even of Victory, for it requires a thrust ever upward that may seem difficult. And yet, once you are on top of the mountain through striving, the effort, as Morya says, is always worth the small inconveniences and the brambles along the way.
            How I would displace fear within my organization! This is one of the last vestiges of the Piscean consciousness that must go before Aquarian Love may truly manifest! And yet many will simply not let go, but are tight-fisted in their intent to control, hang on and demand of our chelas a certain proximity to their notions that we have long ago forsaken as outmoded and outlandish! The leadership and membership would do well to have a session wherein they study fear, dissect it, even embrace it temporarily in consciousness to know its diabolical underpinnings, in order to then complete a labor to once and for all put it under their feet and rise to greet the dawn of Love. When they study how fear has taken hold at many levels within the Summit culture, they must then claim and invoke and become the real antidote to fear-God-Mastery through Love and Charity!
            Yes, we inspired you to embrace Charity as the key to the Victory. But it is not simply a program to be exported to the field, but a permanent foundation that must ring as a clarion bell from every heart, from every office, from every hearth where the Love fires of my magnanimous heart are burning bright. You cannot fail when Love guides your every decision, your every move on the chessboard of life! And yet, how many moves, communique's and group decisions are made that embrace almost antediluvian concepts that should have been discarded in millennia past!
            It is time to move on and up! It is time to embrace the winds of change that I sent in recent years that you have come to see as the very antithesis of where you would lead my sheep. And yet, self-satisfied and smug in your seats of authority, you reject some of the very ones I sent to stir the stew and rile the pot in order to awaken you out of your complacency-including the one through whom this missive is being dictated and delivered!
            Oh my beloved, feel now my Love pouring through you and quickening your spiritual centers as proof of the truth of these words. If you are the least bit sensitive to my flame, you will know me by vibration!
            Love is the key! Charity is the way! Devotion is the door! And sacrifice and surrender to the Divine Will is the requirement of the hour!
            I depart now to return to the deliberations of my guru in Darjeeling, for we have many pressing matters to attend to. May you press on to Victory through Love.
            Ever I remain your Lanello. "Try me," sayeth the Lord, for I am ready to lead you higher as you aspire for the spire of the Summit peaks.
            Invictus! We Are One!

Ascended Master Lanello #19
David Christopher Lewis
Friday, October 15, 2004
Livingston, Montana

            Into the fray I come to lead my own into paths of righteousness. If you would be warriors of the spirit you must learn to tread lightly upon the foothills and to wince at the golden sunlight and to traverse the canyons of darkness with a full regiment of angels at your side. We come to prove to you that our words are truly those uttered from realms of light, as this amanuensis is simply a sounding board for our words and has no desire for personal vainglory or financial gain. He simply receives our intuitions and writes-regardless the nature of the worded cadences received.
            I am pure truth. I am the understanding of the Father and I am the pure love of the Mother Light. I am your teacher and remain so at many levels, though some have forgotten to call to me in deference to others with whom they feel a closer tie. And yet I hold many keys to the fulfillment of the mission of The Summit Lighthouse, for within my causal body I claim you as those who have been the warriors, the fighters for the right in many past ages. And in this age we are meant to transcend this octave and teleport to higher echelons of spiritual attainment-becoming truly avatars on behalf of coming lifewaves who will need guidance, support and that helping hand of the inscrutable ones who desire only God-Perfection, God-Love and God-Wisdom for all.
            You are beloved of me and of the Mother. We have not forsaken you, though at an outer level you feel adrift on the seas not knowing which next best step to take, which direction to turn the helm of Maitreya's Ship. Beloved, we have come again to warn and to cajole you to intensify your spiritual work, for our previous words have not been heeded. And you feel the physical weight in your outer and inner bodies, causing, as it were, a certain sleepiness, a dazed awareness out of kilter with the needs of the hour. We come to enlist your support and to seek your ongoing aid to promote the highest path home through dedication, intense activity and striving and an annulment of some previous promises made that compromise your path home.
            Yes, you have made promises at subconscious and unconscious levels of being to act and be a certain way-contrary to the specific needs of the hour which may require a flinging off of those outworn values of ages past. Are you spontaneous and responsive to our words and cadences? Will you carry out our plans no matter how seemingly outlandish the direction may be-conserving only your true devotion to us as the vane that shows the direction the winds of the Spirit are blowing?
            We often obeyed immediately even though the directions seemed innocuous to our outer minds. Thus Morya, the Zen Master, tested and tried us to see if we were truly ready to become as little children first, so that we might grow into full adulthood when our lessons were learned and test passed. Saint Germain has called you to TRY and to pass every test. Are you truly trying and are you passing those tests, which come-rallying ever higher with the angels of mercy who will add momentum to your sails when your hearts are in the right place?
            Yes, pass those tests and pass on those gems you have learned in the process, for others will value your advice when it comes from the surety of cosmic law wedded to the holiness of experience in the NOW of the expression of divine love.
            I come to increase your tests, turn up the heat and see of what mettle you are made! Will you flinch and fall back into old momentums, or will you pick up the dropped stitches and become the conquering heroes that you truly desire to be?
            Heroes all, I say: Don your armor and garments of perfection! Be trained by the seraphim and the legions of fearlessness flame! Enter the fray and pray on your knees each day for strength and honor and courage to overcome the self in order to be who you are-my Warriors of Light in this Age!
            I lead you ever upward into the Light! Lanello of the Order of the Diamond Shinning Mind of the One God, resplendent and resident within these my own.
Excelsior!            Excelsior!            Excelsior!*

*Lanello requests that we kneel in deep prayer as we listen to the song Excelsior, composed written by John Fox.

Ascended Master Lanello #20
David Christopher Lewis
Saturday, October 16, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Ones,
            You are the light of the World! It is time for this light to blaze forth, not only from this haven of light, but from many focuses of the Brotherhood in the earth. And so we would see a great expansion through heart-fires united in love rallying in a great unison of the spirit on behalf of the cause of world freedom.
            Your President has publicly declared that the means to spread the message of hope and to overcome terror is through the fires of freedom to be kindled in areas where there has been oppression and injustice. We applaud this declaration and seek to assist the forces of light in accomplishing this sacred mission, for Saint Germain, the Goddess of Freedom and the Goddess of Liberty are on the march. But they need reinforcements and devotees who will invoke those legions of light into the conflicts and battles that are being waged on behalf of the Brotherhood of Light on earth. Yes, the very souls of the people cry out for surcease from war, and yet their inner cry is ultimately for freedom and the right to live openly in the liberty of truth, rather than to be in a peace that is a false peace of the subjugation of the inner potential of the soul to live as Christ, as Mohammed, as Buddha to be.
            We are marching across the globe and the Hosts of the Lord are almost becoming weary-as your own troops at times become weary and need that constant boost of spiritual fire to continue waging this war against oppression. It would do you well to continue to convoke an ongoing nightly vigil of Astreas, Michaels, Suryas and Violet Flame, to suspend other endeavors, and to move forward with the Hosts of Light, pinpointing those trouble spots, using your maps and directing light rays into those areas that need the spiritual blitzkrieg of our forces. The more specific you are, the better, for just as your "smart bombs" are targeted to a very specific target on earth, our legions act with extreme accuracy in carrying out their orders. Yes, be commanders of Light and set forth your maps and your plans so we may utilize your anchor points in this dimension to then thrust forth our holy legions into the fray.
            This is truly an all-out war, and if you could see all the forces acting and the legions of fallen ones conglomerating to do harm to the forces of light, you would set aside all else to be in your seats invoking our legions continuously.
            Archangel Michael, come now and overshadow these your chelas and empower them to be your shock troops in the earth where they are-truly those whose auras contain engrams of fire that we can use to convoke greater and greater light for the battle of Armageddon in which we are engaged! Beloved Hercules, come now and wield your own sword to slay the denizens of darkness in the Middle East and within this nation! Beloved Mighty Victory and legions from out the Pleiades, come forth with cosmic reinforcements to do battle this night with the legions of the Buddha and of Zarathustra to contain the forces of darkness and remove them from the earth.
            We pray that not one more soul of Light shall be taken in battle whose time is not yet come, and that mankind will see and know the salvation of our God in the earth that comes when the people return to the worship of the One God and come apart from the fleshpots of sensuality and materialism to sit under the rod of the Lord Our Righteousness!
Beloved Ones, utter this prayer with me to set forth the platform for your fiery services and we will be with you and overshadow you for the victory of love in the earth.
            We have come! We are One! And we would have you be one with us as we traverse the skies, descend where the calls compel our intervention and act, act, act to compel souls higher until the dawn of Victory shall be sustained over the 360 degrees of the earth continuously and forever, by God's grace.
            We love you! We need you! And in this time of need call to us, for we shall be there-in a flash-even as you invoke our Presence where you are. In Victory's name, I AM Lanello-a General in the armies of the Lord in this hour, ever ready for you to enter our battalion of Light!

Ascended Master Lanello #21
David Christopher Lewis
Sunday, October 17, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Friends of Light,
            I come to deliver you from want. I come to deliver you from lack. I come to deliver you from the sense of non-acceptance. For these three non-qualities are responsible for your being non-responsive to our need to commune with you and raise you into the arms of everlasting joy.
            We would foster within those ready to make the ultimate leap into reality the consciousness of the all-abundance of God manifest in the beautiful creation that is available for each one. If you fully realized your unlimited potential to draw down this abundance and utilize it in your daily activities, your misery and that of many in the earth would cease.
            What causes the shadows of despair and the lack of hope to cloud one's being? The sense of separateness from the Father/Mother God that eclipses the soul's inner communion and sense of belonging to the Divine Family. When you sense and know that you belong to God and his appointed family of ascended ones-truly relatives of the fire of cosmos-then you may appropriate all the resources available to you in a concerted effort to fulfill your life's calling, truly raising your families and entire communities into higher realms of spiritual understanding and inner communion with us.
            If you would truly commune with us in a new and effective way, you must not relegate this responsibility to a few messengers, leaders, priests or ministers. Your daily communion must be thoughtful, planned and in a guarded and hallowed space and time set aside as the most important thing in your day and the most vital project in your ongoing journey in life. If you truly desire immortality, you must think on, meditate on and fully desire to become more of the eternal verities of the Godhead, embracing those divine qualities as your own and putting them into practice in a concerted and planned manner. You would do well to study and emulate the methods used by Benjamin Franklin, for they did serve him well as he undertook new routes of the discovery of the mystical secrets of heaven and made them practical on earth.
            "Thy kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven!" How are you making the etheric cities, the new age inventions and methods and concepts tangible on Terra? How are you drawing down those fruits from your causal body and then serving them in cadenced measure to the sons and daughters of God in your immediate sphere of influence? How are you becoming a co-creator with God, which causes the Father to smile, as this is his greatest joy for all who have gone forth to experience the evolutionary drama of life as creative sparks offered the gift of free will?
            To become ascended masters is your goal. The how and the why and the when are up to you. We would offer our hearts and our experience and unlimited aid, but you must ask and then be willing to be up and doing and give us that quality time through your daily prayers and communion with us.
            Your culture has created so many diversions, so many opportunities to dwell in the nether-world of illusion, that it is only the few who understand the nuances of the path and the real benefits of a dedicated approach to nearness with us; those who will truly meet us on the mountain and recognize the proffered gift when it is offered and bestowed.
            We would bestow you with greater light! Will you accept it and allow it to permeate and take up permanent residence in your being? Then take up the training and the exercises of invoking and sustaining greater spiritual fire, and then we shall come to inoculate you against those astral viruses and diversions and lift your heads above the clouds to view the glories of Paradise that are waiting for you to take that leap beyond the mortal meanderings that weigh you down and limit your ability to sustain that sacred tie that binds you to our apron strings.
            We love you more than you know. Seek that eternal dawn of love and hear the bluebirds of happiness singing the song of our love for you each hour, for within that melody you will discover the keynote to your victory in the eternal fires of love.
            I am your Lanello, awaiting your presence to grace our abode when we may place the kiss of eternal joy on your lips.
            Blessings to you, each one, as you strive to love God more each hour
Purusha. Purusha. Purusha. (Spoken quietly.)

Ascended Master Lanello #22
David Christopher Lewis
Monday October 18, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Beloved of my Heart,
            I am come into your midst for the fulfillment of the prophecy of the coming of the Holy Spirit to comfort you. As the Good Shepherd comforts his sheep, so I come to comfort you in the full mantle of that Good Shepherd. As you know, the beloved Maha Chohan was embodied as a humble shepherd in one of his final embodiments, and through his attunement with the love of God in nature, he was able to contact the hem of the Divine Mother, commune with angels and higher powers and enter the secret chamber of the Most High, from whence he drew forth the inspiration that would empower him with that flame that he has kept in harmony and constancy ever since.
            As you are proving the path of the Keeper of the Flame daily, so you may keep that flame on behalf of many lifestreams, and in some instances for entire towns, cities and nations. Is your flame burning bright with an intense heat and a deep love for God in all His people? Are the lamps of your chakras trimmed and fueled with that oil of the Holy Spirit that allows the clean combustion of all the elements-fire, air, water and earth-unto the glory of the Son of God within you? Do you feel the immensity of the light increasing within you day by day as your love fest with the Mother is manifest as compassion for all life that is in need of her nurturing?
            Keeping the flame of life is your most important obligation, for if the threefold flames of our best servants are not kept in harmony and constancy, then how may we use you as vessels through which to pour forth the waters of Aquarius unto the children of God? Yes, you are tested with our love to see if your love may come up higher to match that love and then bear the increase of love's fire in the earth.
            Many souls are coming into a greater awareness of the path of initiation and of the development of those soul faculties that allow a greater communion with the God-Self within. The path of the eastern adepts is gaining a foothold in the West so that as the paths of East and West merge, there can be a return to that wholeness that is required for world stability, for greater transmutation and for the prophecies of the ancients to be fulfilled in you.
            All newly ascended masters have taken time to meet with and to study with the beloved Maha Chohan, who, as you know, is the Chohan that the seven Chohans have asked to preside over all of the seven rays, for all of us seek a greater integration with the God Presence whose radiance permeates all of cosmos, and the Maha Chohan is a master of the art of the integration of all the rays into the daily workings of the wheels of life that turn as we play our roles in the great drama of Love.
            Would you play your part with my bands-those who would increase the fires of their hearts, allowing a greater integration of my magnanimous heart with their own? Would you allow the angels to inspire you hour by hour and include you in their own messaging system to ask you to make the calls at any hour that you are called upon? I learned as a messenger that I was on call at all hours to pause from the work at hand and to go within, look up and see the glory of God manifest as angels would wing their way around the globe when the invocation was uttered on behalf of many souls and for many crises that occurred during our tenure of service. Now we would have the many come up higher to receive our intimations so that you are ready at a moment's notice to make those calls and to go into battle mode to send forth those fiats that will cause a swelling of the light and the literal transubstantiation of the waters of the astral seas into the wine of the violet-purple and crystal rays that are even now beginning to glimmer in the higher atmosphere of earth.
            Beloved, we need you. And since this need is mutual and you need both our continuing guidance and teaching, we would make the process easier through a certain lifting of the veil between heaven and earth. Those of you who have remained faithful, and many of you who desire to increase the intensity of your service, will begin to know a greater communion with my heart.            Some of you will begin to see glimpses of my countenance in your meditations and during your prayers and decree sessions, as I am afforded a dispensation to become a little more physical in my presence in the earth. This is accomplished because my name has been included in each of your preambles and you continue to call to me to enter your world as your Ever-Present Guru and friend.
            As you rise higher in the balancing of your karma, and thus you invoke more and more light and feel the greater blessings of that light in your four lower bodies, so you rise higher, especially into the etheric levels of being, and thus you are actually closer to us, allowing us to draw closer to you. So you see, this ongoing communion is allowing for a greater merging of our presence with yours. It is not so mystical at all, but truly we would part the mists of illusion and precipitate the crystal of the Christ Consciousness within you for all to see.
            Close your eyes now and see me as I truly am-a simple shepherd walking with you on the path of the love of the Infinite One. I would lead my sheep forward into the New Jerusalem, the City Foursquare, where all are welcomed as the beloved of God, with all that they require for that deeper communion with the Lamb and the Lamb's wife. As you shepherd your own soul and the souls of many others, see us walking hand in hand with the Lord Jesus and Kuthumi and with the Maha Chohan, truly the Good Shepherds who come in this hour to tutor us and to lead us into eternal righteousness.
            I am Lanello. I am everywhere in the consciousness of God. I am alive forever within you.

Ascended Master Lanello #23
David Christopher Lewis
Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Livingston, Montana            

Dearest Hearts of Living Fire,
            I am come in response to one specific soul's call to me for assistance. And I do place my presence over that one for the stabilization of light that is required for the resurrection fires to increase for the ultimate victory of that soul. And so, you may receive this object lesson on how the heart-felt call compels the answer when that plea is in accordance with the universal laws of karma and the cyclic return of light and light's spirals as those choices set in motion, often in millennia past.
            Is it not true that many of you are dealing with and coming to grips with those momentums set in motion in long, seemingly lost ages past? And so, as you rise higher, the spirals of the karmic coil you are working on are those that have been woven, as it were, very tightly around the core of your being when you were almost as a babe in your spiritual evolution. These coils are often more difficult to unwind because they are very tightly wrapped about the center of who you are, who you've become. And so it can be painful to expose those elements of self that, though firmly rooted in who you are, are ultimately not truly real in the true Reality of your God-Self. And so you "kick against the pricks" and wrestle with those momentums of the dweller that a portion of you has given obeisance to. This can be quite unnerving, for it is truly a painful process to let go and eliminate aspects of your personality and of your ego-center.
            I come to aid in this sacred alchemy, as I have also unmasked the unreality of my former self and put on the fullness of my divinity, or as I often called it "the Monad of Self." And even after my ascension I worked to unravel those skeins, those layers of the onion that became a protective layer to the inner ego, but truly did not have that true substance or and did not contain any real meat that was worthy of being imbibed as the fruit of the spirit.
            When you have unmasked unreality, the key is to then fully let go and take off that worn-out garment, nevermore to restore it to your closet's previous hanging place. And so, you must use that mantra that Morya has given us-"I am changing all my garments, old ones for the bright new day...." If you can let go of all your old garments and receive the new clothes and mantles we would bestow, you will be ready for the next step-the resurrection in the light.
            And so, I come to assist the one, and thereby the many, in casting off those worn-out garments of the not-self in exchange for the robes of righteousness that you are earning through your service to life. These robes will allow you to sustain more of resurrection's fires and maintain the light you require in preparation for your ascension. Many of you will wear these robes for only a few short months, but we hope to see many of you able to retain them for many years-anchoring that resurrection coil physically in the earth until the Father calls you home.

            O beloved, how great are the mysteries of heaven! How glorious are the spiritual blessings that you will receive when you are fully wed to your Divine Self and can thereby travel on wings of fire to experience all that God holds in store for you as a Son, a Daughter of the Most High!
            I have come to give you a key to your victory. I pray that you will remember my words and also the love that flows now from my heart to yours-truly a river that will never cease-if you will never cease your striving to receive the next initiation, and the next, and the next.
            May you pass every test. For when you do, the next one may just be the one for which your soul has been waiting for eons, the one that will unlock that final coil, remove that final onion skin of the lesser self, revealing the full and beautiful presence of who you truly are in the eyes of the Infinite One!
            May you see as we see-with compassion, with eternal love-and thereby win all the way.
            I Am with you always in the eternal now of your Oneness in love.

Ascended Master Lanello #24
David Christopher Lewis
Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Dearest Chelas of the Infinite Love of God!
            Greetings on this auspicious day. For this day I am empowering this amanuensis to receive a greater portion of my fire to carry on the work to which I have set him. Having remained faithful to my directive to receive these transmissions to this point, I now prepare for a step-up in the light released and in the action that I desire to convey to you to prove to you the authenticity of this release. Although there will be some who will doubt and even rail against this pure lifestream, I have handpicked him to convey to you the essence of what I would release to the entire world body of lightbearers in The Summit Lighthouse activity. This is no small matter, for it requires a dispensation not only from the Lords of Karma and the Darjeeling Council, but also from the Solar Logoi.
            I desire to tell you that I have prepared this soul to be able to receive my intimations for many embodiments. And so, his own father was born on the same birthday as our own beloved El Morya and conveyed, along with his mother, a certain seed of our consciousness that was required for purity of heart and a certain core fire of spirituality and devotion that would carry him throughout his life on earth. And so he found the teachings at an early age, shortly after my own ascension, for I plucked him out of the Heartland and brought him to the feet of the Mother where he did instantly recognize her mantle of authority and decided to take up this path, even forsaking all else in his life-his higher education, his family and a career.
            And so, David has truly earned this opportunity through self-sacrifice, constancy and a purity of heart that is a reflection of my own magnanimous heart. If I would tell you how his calls have literally reached and touched the roof of the heavens, I would only begin to convey to you the attainment he has earned and the mantle that we now bestow due to his constancy.
            You may say, "Well, he is writing these words himself." Yet I tell you that I am actually writing them and conveying them to him through his own Christ Mind, which he has invoked to overshadow him these many years of his devotion to us. It is not a complex process, for Elizabeth and I also received this mantle and training to be pure vessels for the Masters' words to flow through us without hesitation or interference, and so we were stripped and purged, in our own training, to divest ourselves of those elements of ego and of the self that could be a hindrance to this alchemical and yet natural process.
            Now I would tell you that I intend these words to be read by the leadership of The Summit Lighthouse, including the Board of Directors and the Elders and then the Managers and then the entire staff, so that all are informed of the opportunity I now give to my staff and chelas to communicate directly with me in a new and most profound way through this process. This is as exciting to me and to the Mother of the Flame as we hope it will be to you, for we have sought a means whereby our thoughts could be your thoughts and our inspiration could truly be conveyed directly and without compromise or vacillation.
            Therefore, I am directing that David convey this message, along with all previous messages I have released and given him since the feast day of Archangel Michael, September 29, to ________, whom El Morya did knight as Sir _____, who will review these, my words, which I will authorize for publication upon their completion in the coming weeks.
            Sir David did recently witness to the congregation in Livingston-my own beloved Church, St. Marks-the purity of David Lewis' soul and how David "signed him up" as a new Keeper of the Flame nearly thirty years ago. These two Davids truly carry the flame of the Knights of the Round Table for this activity, and I will inspire upon each of them more of my words so that they may carry the Summit forward into this next cycle of growth, reintegration and the challenges that will come.
            Oh, my beloved, the glory that I desire to convey to those within this activity will truly outshine all your past victories if you will believe that we are still actively working with you, if you will call to us and if you will take up your mantles and complete the assignments that we will give in the near future.
            This, my message, although shocking to beloved David, is also an answer to his own heart's prayers as to how he may serve us to his full capacity and in the most humble and pure way. This dispensation was prophesied many millennia ago in the archives of the Brotherhood and is made available upon the completion of the action of the cubing of the three of both of David's parents, who have both recently celebrated their eighty-first birthdays, which is, as you know, an auspicious year, as it is also the birthday cycle when both Gautama and Jesus took their leave of their physical bodies in ages past.
            Beloved chelas, it is time to raise the sails of the ship of The Summit Lighthouse, the ship of state, piloted by beloved Maitreya as the Guru of your World Teachers. We have much in store for you in the holds of this, my vessel, just as I was instructed to build and house in the Sacred Ark all that was required to carry on the civilization of light after the great flood and the destruction of Atlantis. We would bring forth miracles through you through the rainbow of eternal promise. May the love fires of your hearts be ready to receive the great blessings of the Holy Spirit that we will convey to all who remain faithful to the Path of the Ruby Cross.
            Onward, beloved! I will steer the ship. Will you join me as my crew as we set out upon this new course and together brave the winds of Aquarius and the waters of the rising astral sea, which we shall ride and outlast until we arrive at the shores of immortality with beloved Saint Germain and Portia.
            I bless you and seal you each one with a kiss of hope upon your brow. Know me. Speak to me. Command me. Use me. For I am ready always.
            I am Lanello. I am Love in action through you!

Ascended Master Lanello #25
David Christopher Lewis
October 21, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Hail Chelas of the Sacred Heart of Mary,
            All of heaven praises the Sacred Heart of the Cosmic Virgin, for within that great, beating heart is contained the fullness of God's love for all life. Within that heart is contained her meditation upon the immaculate conception of all sons and daughters of God as well as the creations of the Elohimic and Angelic worlds. The Mother does hold within her the egg of life as the ovoid of fire that is the precipitation of the divine design for the evolution of each soul, each creature of the Father. And when that egg receives the blueprint of life as the seed of Alpha, the full flowering of the creative process begins, and God is multiplied again and again as love is fully precipitated and anchored again and again within the cosmic womb of the Mother of All Life.
            Honor Mother. Obey Mother and her intimations and directions. For Mother holds the keys to your immaculate design in God. If you would outpicture your highest calling, you must be in tune with Mother, leaning upon her heart and breast and every breath. Mother is pure, Mother is sanctified through unqualified love for all her children, and Mother is uncompromising in her defense of her offspring, especially the unborn and the newborn.
            It is the return to Mother that is the need of the hour at all levels of society. For if reverence for life is not stamped upon this civilization as a primary directive and an underlying and basic divine, human and civil right, all will be lost. The very fabric of a civilization will unravel if it is not woven upon the terms that the Mother requires for the fulfillment of life-that is, to allow life that is conceived to fully bear fruit and not to quash it, stifle it or destroy it before the fruit of the union of father and mother may be manifest.
            You see weather changes and the intensity of wind and rain and flood and fire and the eruption of elemental life in the earth. This is due to the rape of the Mother and the abortion of her children in the earth and the resulting affect upon elemental life who serve under the earth mother. Call to the elementals to be freed from the impositions of the fallen Atlanteans and those from Maldek whose hatred of the divine feminine is so great that they are blinded to the reality that their position to defend the so-called right of choice does lead to the ultimate destruction of first their own bodies and then their souls. And in the process there does occur the unleashing of a horrendous karma and burden upon the earth itself.
            What is the strategy of the Mother to overcome this insanity in your modern culture? Begin with teaching the children to honor and revere life. If you can win one generation for the light, then you can turn things around. If cataclysm and major earth changes must occur, it is because you have failed to get the message out and to be proactive in doing it in an inspirational, artistic and practical way using all the media at your disposal. Every true artist of the spirit should create at least one image or recording or composition that honors mother and child together, showing the fullness of love manifest in the beauty of the divine child who has at least reached this plane through the birth process!
            In your honoring of Mother, you must join in the battle for this nation's energy sources to be changed over to be those natural sources of sun and wind and geothermal and water power that will allow all to enjoy the modern-day conveniences of life without further burdening the earth mother through pollution and the need to engage in wars and the struggles that result when resources are scarce.
            Long ago I hosted a conference dealing with energy and the need to carefully implement new, Aquarian means of fueling our industrial needs and our civilization's growth. You would do well to utilize this teaching, update it with more current information on recent progress made and then create and give specific calls and inserts on the swift development of those alternative energy sources which will truly help to bring about a Golden Age civilization. By doing so you are honoring mother earth and bringing a smile of sweet love to the face of the Cosmic Virgin herself.
            I come in defense of life. I come in defense of the Mother at all levels. When you return to your love of Mother Mary in the giving of the Scriptural Rosaries daily, you will have an empowerment that will truly bring about miracles in the earth. And when you, as I have previously stated, come together to give your 36 calls daily to beloved Mother Astrea, you will see many positive changes in your lives, your work and in the reach of this community and teaching into the world community.
            Love the Mother and she will listen to you, your heart, your needs and the unspoken needs of your soul. Love the Mother and then the Father will also come to her side. Together they will cause a shifting and an elevation of the consciousness of the people of earth-wiping away the tears of frustration born of ignorance and of the ignoring of the call of the Mother for her children to return to her heart and to the basics of love, love, love.
            As beloved Jesus exclaimed that he would have nurtured all of Jerusalem as a Mother if they would have allowed it, so I too ask you to allow me to lead you back to your first love of the mother light from whence you were born.
            Visualize with me now the Cosmic Virgin within the womb of cosmos. See yourself inside an egg of pure light, descending to earth on shafts of golden sunlight. Welcome now your own divine self, born anew on earth as a Son, a Daughter of God. Honor this new and beautiful soul, a pure soul without stain, without guile, but radiant in the glow of the pure light of the Mother. Embrace this newborn life as the true and immaculate spirit that you are this day. And greet the spirits of thousands of other souls, also born of this sacred process of life.
            As you now feel this love for your own soul as a pure creation of God, so carry this love and express it to all life. For when you do, all whom you contact will know that twinkle of the eye, that glint of the love of the Mother within you, and they shall also one day return to her loving care and know their own soul's purity in God.
            I Am Lanello. I am the love of the Mother with you always.

Ascended Master Lanello #26
David Christopher Lewis
Friday, October 22, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Ones,
            We desire to begin a new and exciting chapter in the history of The Summit Lighthouse. And this journey begins with your personal involvement and the re-dedication of your hearts to a victory that has been prophesied and is already won in higher octaves. However, we need your hearts, heads and hands to make it a reality here below.
            I desire to see the expansion of the Summit through a shift in how the activity is directed so as to involve many more of you in the actual "running" of the organization at all levels. These changes are profound and yet very simple in the way in which I desire to accomplish them, for I will lead you each step of the way.
            First and foremost, I desire to see the dissolving of all animosities between the Board of Directors and the leadership of this body with many of the members who have become disenfranchised due to their perception that a wrong turn in the road has been taken and that The Summit Lighthouse has now become a haven for those who would theocratize the teachings into a box of orthodoxy. This present problem is a very real threat to the survival of the activity in the form in which El Morya and Saint Germain and I envisioned it nearly fifty years ago.
            If you will review some of the original writings that El Morya penned through me in the Ashram Notes, you will discover many keys to the original blueprint that he set forth for how he envisioned the ultimate expansion of our body worldwide, heart to heart. For it is not so much in numbers of members that we are concerned, but in the expansion of the hearts of first the few and then the many to hold the balance for world transmutation.
            Some very faithful members have challenged the current structure of the organization and especially its leadership model, pointing to other possibilities for the inclusion of a wider and more diverse body of those who, as elders and leaders, will direct the major decisions to carry the Summit into the new millennium. There is much value in looking at these options because the current model is not working to the satisfaction of the Darjeeling Council in terms of building consensus and trust that is required for my chelas to retain their tie to and involvement with you.
            The structure that we set forth in the early days was based on our highest understanding at the time, also considering the fact that there would be a direct tie to hierarchy through an embodied messenger who could give direction at the Word of the masters at every turn. Since beloved Elizabeth has retired, this direction has not been forthcoming to you until now, if you would accept our words through David.
            Beloved ones, how may we move forward unless through direct and divine intervention in your affairs? Yes, we expect each of you to be sounding boards for the mission and to use your own attunement in all affairs, but it is true that now a very small group of individuals are plotting the course of the ship, and their course is not heading due north to the Polestar of Victory, but into troubled waters that have alienated both the crew and those who are ready for the ship to land so that the crew can begin ever new and exciting discoveries!
            We would direct the ship through the compass of truth and through the stars of the heavens-the very causal bodies of the Ascended Masters, who will continue to convey their words of wisdom to you if you would receive them with open hearts. However, if you would reject our amanuensis, then you can simply continue on your current heading, which surely will not lead you to the shores sought by the crew, and the other ships that will follow.
            I admonish you to discuss among yourselves the options that are available, knowing that the current model you have is not complete, nor will it bring about the full involvement of those who are entering at other ports worldwide, who will also be seeking a greater involvement in your global mission to expand the reach of the teachings thus far presented.
            Use me, I beg you! Use this opportunity for a direct word from me! Ask questions. The answers will be forthcoming swiftly and in attunement with my heart and Morya's heart, if you will safeguard this vessel, not be divisive, and realize the import of this opportunity.
            In the full love and grace of God, I offer to you my magnanimous heart to use as you will. I have come to stir you to action! For action is the need of the hour!
            Onward Courage! Come to my heart beloved, for I will be waiting to commune with you. Lanello I AM, and I raise the flag of the ship of the Summit for all to see! May you glory in it and win all the way home to the heart of God.

Ascended Master Lanello #27
David Christopher Lewis
Saturday, October 23, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Ones,
            I come to impress upon your hearts this day a greater portion of divine love unto the fulfillment of your mission to increase Charity in the Earth. Charity is the essence of God, for God is Love manifest throughout all that is. Charity is the full expression of Divine Love in manifest action in the world of form and in the world of formlessness, for love springs eternal in the very being of God and his angels, first as a seed ideation and finally as the accomplishment of that ideation.
            Would that you could precipitate Charity in the earth plane instantly upon your meditation on Self. For when Charity is realized as the pink flame called forth as tangible blessings to those in need, the entire creation is raised because more love-more of the essence of God-is where you are!
            If you would be fully Love, call to Chamuel and Charity, for they are available 24/7 and have been somewhat forgotten by many because of your continuing vigil with the Captain of the Hosts, Archangel Michael. And although a dispensation has been granted for the anchoring of Charity upon your calling to the Angels of the First Ray, still the specific action and dispensations that Charity brings can be even more fully manifest when her name is uttered in your prayers and vigils.
            Ah, the Heartland of America! Yes, I was born and raised within a few hours' travel of that roseate archway to the West wherein the Archangel and Archeia of the Third Ray do hold sway to assist in balancing the pulsation's of the heart and the secret ray chakras of the people of this nation and of all who would travel to St. Louis either physically or in their finer bodies during sleep or soul travel. Would that you would assist Charity's angels in instructing mankind on how to increase the fires of the heart through the giving of the rosary, the heart meditations and the I AM the Light of the Heart decree! For as your heart expands, you become a whirling vortex of fire wherein greater world transmutation may occur. And thus, your physical works of charity will be richer and more fulfilling in God's eyes when they are accompanied first by your deep meditation on the pink and rose colors of Chamuel and Charity's flames of Love.
            I come this day to ask you to reconsecrate your hearts to love. Meditate on the music of love in the simple waltz rhythms and reject all anti-rhythms of the heart in the rock and rap and voodoo beats that have become so common in your culture that you have almost become inoculated to their hideous beat and their repercussions on your chakras and all your sacred centers.
            Keepers of the Flame should maintain a forcefield in their homes and if possible, places of work, free from the incursion of these astral forces, for they form a criss-crossing in the very atmosphere and bowels of the earth of the vibrations of the pit, which is also a great burden on elemental and angelic beings to deal with.
            Use your current technology to create a safe and sanctified forcefield through the constant streaming through your auras of decrees, sacred songs and chants, the music of the spheres, and if possible, the playing of all the various dictations of the masters on both audio and video. You now have the necessary technology and wherewithal to "stream" these, our messages, through your systems and visual monitors at all times, so what are you waiting for? We need more of the vibrations of heaven on earth, and so, when you give the "Our Father" prayer of the beloved Lord Jesus, think on and act on all the intimations we inspire upon you to make the etheric realms of light more tangible on this earth. This is your job! This is your calling and we will assist you to make it happen!
            Beloved Ones, I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God, and I expect each of you to expand the rings and sphere of influence of your causal body by practicing love through physical acts of kindness, generosity and the giving of your very life-essence in some manner each day. When you volunteer your love, your aide and your mercy, you expand the Heart of God on Terra. If you withhold Love, where will you turn when it is your turn to be on the receiving end of our currents and of the assistance you will need during your own Gethsemane?
            Be angels of Mercy, Angel of Charity where you are! Practice Love, for it is the higher Practice of the Presence that you can commit to, for if you would be fully reunited with God, you must become Love in all ways.
            Each of my incarnations was an expression of a facet of magnanimity, and your final life, like mine, should be the culmination of the fullness of Love expressed through your work on whatever ray you serve.
Charity is the open door to God's heart!
Charity is the golden doorway and opportunity to know Love.
Charity's flowering is the natural expression of the joy of the child within you that glories in simple acts of kindness and givingness.

            Stop to pick the flowers of the Mother growing along the hillsides of your ascension path and place them in the crystal vase of your heart and my heart as we offer them now to beloved Mother Charity as an expression of our Love. As we gaze into the pools of her eyes flaming with the intensity of Love, we shall know Oneness, we shall know surcease from want, for all that we shall seek and know is Love.
            Love will always find you if you dwell in the Presence of Charity.
            I am with you always, your Lanello, ever present, ever available to those who Love God in the Eternal Now of Charity.

Ascended Master Lanello # 28

Dear Friends,

            The following message was dictated by beloved Lanello to me on December 14, 2004. When I asked him what I should do about the missing message #28 he stated that this message should be used as a placeholder until the day that I find the original message. Thank you for your understanding and acceptance of the frailty of the human element of my person in receiving the words of the master and in being obedient to his directives. I beg the Master's and your forgiveness for not safeguarding the original message carefully so that it could be included in the original 33 releases.

            Very truly yours,

            David Christopher Lewis, messenger-in-training

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
December 14, 2004 4:00-5:03 am
Livingston, Montana

            Into your hearts I come. I Am Lanello, your ever-present guru. And I am here to deliver to you a portion of my Selfhood in God.

            God is grateful to you when you are grateful for all that you have. When you are gracious, light beams issue forth from you in the ray of God-Gratitude and you bless all. Gratitude is an unguent and a calming light because it mirrors acceptance of the divine gifts and graces that God bestows. When you accept joy, when you accept wisdom, when you accept love into your keeping, you are then able to give from the sacred fount of your expanded three-fold flame, for you have fanned that flame through the humble acceptance of God's offering to you.

            God is always offering Himself to us, beloved. The predicament of life and of living in your plane is that you do not always realize this and continually seek to be receptive, with an open heart, to God's offering. You see, light is continually flowing to you from your Presence, but most do not receive it as the greatest gift of each moment, and so the cosmic flow recedes and then you have sin, disease and death.

            If you will look up and allow the light to flow, all your problems and concerns will be as naught, for then you will have all you need at any hour to fulfill your mission, your daily work and your sacred calling to serve all who come your way seeking from that same fount of effervescent joy!

            Dear ones, if you would truly be our hands and feet, learn to let go of some of your preconceived notions about the path that have caused a breaking down of your ability to receive light, to receive our intimations and to then progress upward into the light continuously. Some of you have become hardened in your hearts to the extent that you cannot even feel or see or hear us when we are near you, begging for you to simply be silent, listen and communicate with us. Yes, we ever seek to communicate with you, but then we cannot get through if you are caught in the dilemmas of life, for communication is a two-way street and there must be not only a sender but a receiver.

            More than anything, Elizabeth and I learned as messengers to be humble receivers of the masters' words. Our training was in learning to still the mind and to listen and then to be able to convey what we received without hesitation, without interference and without judging or seeking to alter the message. In this mode, we ever sought to maintain that state of holiness and listening grace that allowed the masters' entr�e to our world and to our auras at any hour or moment, for they do see clearly from their octave and vantage point-ever more clearly than we did in our embodied state.

            It is time that we have many messengers for us, for our words, our assignments and ongoing work. This does not mean that we will have dozens of psychic channels who pretend to speak for us, but it does mean that we will have thousands of devoted chelas who are receptive to our daily promptings because they have prepared the vessel of self through constancy, holiness and that gratitude that allows the flowing of God's light to occur without abatement, without the clogging of the pores of consciousness through doubt and fear and all the poisons that cloud the mind, the heart and the eyes of the soul and of your solar awareness.

            Yes, we need messengers for us, Lanello and Mother, for this 2000-year period is our dispensation to be the Two Witnesses for the Seventh Angel-your Knight Commander and his twin flame, Portia-but this does not mean that you cannot be messengers, evangels and communicators of our word to the world!

            I have already admonished you to study my dictations from beginning to end, for you will find that golden thread that is woven throughout my discourses that ties them all together as a sacred gift from my magnanimous heart. You will discover certain secrets and consistencies behind the worded release that will filter into your consciousness, giving you those graces of the Holy Spirit that I was able to receive because I prayed to the Comforter daily to be able to comfort all of my friends throughout the earth.

            Beloved, I consider you a friend if you would have me as your friend. I consider you a brother or a sister if you would have me as a brother. I consider you as a fellow saint if you would have me as your own Saint Lanello, that jolly fellow who did bellow for God at times, but who was nearly always mellow for I anchored the yellow ray of wisdom for my own!

            I stand now to bless you. For I have been sitting in my great, comfortable armchair this night discoursing with you. It is time for you to receive from my bag of gifts. For I come as your own Santa to pull out of my bag one gift for you, each one. It is a gift from the Holy Spirit, beloved. I have pleaded with the Maha Chohan to be able to extend to my own one of the sacred gifts that he is able to dispense. Each gift is personal. Each gift will contain a certain percentage of one or more of the nine or the twelve gifts from the Lord of the Seven Chohans. And the amount of light contained in this gift is dependent upon your own acceptance and of your ability to both retain the essence of this gift while also exhibiting the ability to give it without dissimulation to all those in need with whom you come in contact.

            Some of your gifts fill only the palms of your hands. And some fill the entire expanse of our aura, for you have proven yourself as a worthy vessel through the continual giving of yourself to others in the mastery of the path of the ruby cross.

            Do not be concerned about your gift in relation to others, but be accepting of it in the spirit of love that we share with you in this hour, and realize that you may expand this gift by your own desire to work to give more of yourself each day to God.
            I Am Lanello. Feel now my radiation. For you will not miss it if you will simply relax and receive me now. (Pause to receive Lanello's release of light.)
                        "Oh sweet child Jesus. I have come this night to bestow my
                        gift to your own. I kneel now before you, dear one, to worship
                        anew the light of the Christ that you bore to the earth. I receive
                        you, dear Jesus, as my Lord and the savior of my soul. I accept
                        your love anew and I now truly know what child is this that has
                        come to grace the earth. I sing to you, beloved Jesus, the sweet
                        melody of my keynote as my lullaby to you, dear Lord. For I do
                        love you so and would have these, my witnesses and my
                        messengers to be, know that I, Lanello, do continue to serve you
                        all the days of my life as your own son, John Mark, now Lanello.
                        I ask you, dear Lord, for forgiveness for all. I ask you for your
                        blessing upon these, your own. For in this holy season we do
                        come to renew ourselves in your presence. We are grateful for
                        your offering and for your supreme sacrifice. And we pledge
                        anew that we will walk all the way with you unto eternal life."

            My friends, I seal you in the love of the sweet heart of Jesus. May we sing to him now this sacred melody, as we meditate at the cr�che of light this hour. (Sing song "Sweetheart of Jesus." Then sing Lanello's keynote, "Greensleeves" or "What Child is This?")

Note: During Lanello's prayer to Jesus I could barely contain the light that was pouring through me and tears of joy began streaming down my face. I could feel the most intense love of Lanello for Jesus that was as profound a love that I have ever felt in my entire life. I Am grateful to Lanello for his words of love shared with me early this morning. I was somewhat consternated to have fallen asleep on my couch very early last night before doing my normal evening Astreas, so I found myself awakened shortly after 3 am and did my prayers then. I guess it was all planned, as the stillness of the pre-dawn hours was needed to receive this most precious message from our beloved guru.


Ascended Master Lanello #29
David Christopher Lewis
October 25, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Beloved spirits who are becoming more of God each day,
            I come to deliver fire, for fire is the need of the hour. Fire is all consuming, and if you would be subsumed into the heart of God, all the elements of self that are not meant to be displayed on the great screen of your auric field must receive the fires of the Holy Spirit that will consume, consume, consume and then release those subatomic essences back to the primeval soup of the One for recycling and for rededication within you.
            We are One, and it has ever been so. Would you retain this Oneness ever within and around you and truly know who I am within you? Those in the East can more easily merge with Self, as they are not inhibited by the materialism that bombards you hour by hour. As you practice your meditations on Oneness, visualize the Eastern masters about and above you so that you may accept their attainment in the process of merging with the Infinite One, for although you are gradually gaining in mastery, we would see many more break through the last vestiges of unconscious knowing to become true knowers of God as Self.
            When you know and are known of God, you own His Spirit. And when you accept this ownership, you are no longer simply tenants, able to come and go in your commitments, but you have the full responsibility of owning up to the God Presence that you are in the earth. This is the point of reckoning where you may not turn back to become less of God, lest you vanish from the path and lose all identity as God. The subtle difference between losing self to become the All and losing the All to become the self is not so subtle, and that subtle serpentine force will tempt you just at the point of your final journey into pure being to forego your path and merge with nihilism instead of the One.
            Yes, I have sponsored the prophet who penned The Power of Now. And there is much to be won and accepted as pure truth in this book, which resonates with all those who are in the mode of the return to the One. This one, Eckhart Tolle, has been a disciple of ours in the East for millennia. We saw this teaching as an opportunity for the awakening of many in the West to know as we know, to see as we see and to be as we are. This publication should be a text studied at your Summit University courses in Buddhism, with those who are well-versed in Buddhist thought offering you the opportunity to compare and analyze the similarities of these modes of inner awareness.
            I come with Gautama to enfire your crown this day, and as you begin to enter the season of greater physical darkness in the earth in the northern hemisphere, see the blossoming of that yellow fire from your crown as illumination, the peace of Buddhic attainment and the blessing of pure knowing within you.
            I will continue to speak to you and instruct you at inner levels of your being this day as you meditate on the Buddhic light, as you still your outer awareness and become one with me.
            I AM Lanello, and I impart one petal of light from the crown of the Buddha to those who have striven to know me, to study the Word and to be the Buddha where they are.
            Become who you are where I Am and you shall see the Buddhas walking among you in peace. Peace be with you always.            

Ascended Master Lanello #30
David Christopher Lewis
Tuesday, October 26, 2004            
Livingston, Montana

Beloved David,
            This morning I desire to speak directly to you about your mission and what we have in store for you. It is with some hesitancy that we move forward with this initiation, as we are concerned about the effect that your desire to serve will have once those who are not aligned with us read and discuss among themselves our messages. Will this create an even greater schism among the body of God within those who study our teachings? Or will it, if successful, help to mobilize many back to our ranks and to service?
            As we both know, the structure of the organization is such that we cannot guarantee that those who read these words will receive them in the spirit of the prophet and thereby receive the gift of the prophet. Therefore, we give you the option of declining our offer if you so wish, or to move forward with the full outer understanding that although we and you may have the highest and the best of intentions, it is possible to fail, not because of your motives, but because of the free will of men and women.
            We know that many would be roused to a new fervor for the path and that they would thereby be blessed in multitudinous ways by these, our messages. But we are also aware of the specific auric emanations of those who will, no doubt, question our messages and then heap a mountain of their own unresolved energy upon your head and that of your family. Therefore, we admonish you to speak to your immediate family members, and also to your father, to see how they see this alchemy progressing, as your primary obligation at this time is with your family, as you have stated to the leadership of the church when you recently withdrew from your service at the Ranch.
            Thus, although your motive is to do our will and to be a mouthpiece for us to reach the leadership, upon reviewing each one's state of mind who will read our words, we find that there is actually little hope that this process will be successful and that you would, in fact, be allowed to be our amanuensis within the current structure of the church. You see, we care for you very personally and although we know that you would lay down your life for us, we would not have you prematurely crucified in such a way as to permanently hamper your ability to motivate change within the organization except through a more "covert" way, as you would say.
            Thus it may actually be best to anonymously publish these, our messages, through a roundabout way through a trusted third party who will vow silence and confidentiality, and thus prevent the certain intensity of reaction that you would receive if you would deliver them yourself.
            Beloved David, we honor and trust whatever decision you make in this debate, and so we will await your response as to how to proceed before we continue deliberating as to how best to move forward with the messages that we seek to relate through you.
            I am your father and the lover of your soul.

Ascended Master Lanello #31
David Christopher Lewis
October 27, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Ones,
            I am come to anoint a Son of God who has dedicated his life to God. And this anointing is unto a holy purpose-to bring forward the Word of God in this plane. This anointing is not unto the glory of man, but the glory of God in manifestation within man. I was privileged to be the nexus and the instrument for the anointing of many men and women unto their sacred mission as servants and knights and ladies of the flame. And many of these souls are now ascended masters in their own right-because they followed the path of initiation and were faithful to their inner calling. So this one whom I anoint this evening, upon the occasion of this auspicious lunar eclipse in the earth, is a dedicated chela who has lain down his life in many previous embodiments on behalf of the flame of truth, and has decided in this hour to again lay down his life for the glory of God in the earth.
            We do not anoint with the oil of the Holy Spirit lightly, but bless and shower our grace upon those who have earned that spirit through constancy and a fervor of heart that does move both heaven and earth in this hour. And so there is a quickening in the earth body itself and you have seen fire and flood and the shifting of the very plates in the earth in the Far East in this very week.
            The Buddhic attainment of this one and his consort goes back millennia, and you will see a new golden light beginning to dawn over this quadrant of the earth as their joint twin flames unite in a mighty conflagration that will not be denied.
            For just as Elizabeth and I were able to bring forth true miracles of the spirit when she came and was trained and anointed by the Knight Commander, so certain dispensations will be granted unto these two because they have decided to work in harmony for the greater glory of God.
            It was never our desire that our mission should end when both of us passed from this plane, but that chelas enfired by the Word would take up our mantles and go forth to proclaim the Everlasting Gospel among men and quicken them with the new wine of the spirit-the violet flame-which Saint Germain and Portia have so generously bestowed upon the sons of men. And so, we expect many of you to take up this sacred cause, leave your nets of wordly entanglements behind, and do the bidding of the Knight Commander, who needs his generals and field commanders to move the chessmen into place in this sacred battle of light over darkness.
            This mission will not be won because a very few serving at the headquarters of The Summit Lighthouse remain faithful, but because the seventy and the hundreds we have sent forth will carry the flame of the Buddhic light of Aquarian enlightenment forth to quicken and enliven many hearts of fire, motivating them to take action in this hour of world need.
            We do not despair that the Mother is now in retirement and has taken a back seat in her outer mission. She has served valiantly, but it is now your turn to step up to the plate and make your voice count, not just taking batting practice, but actually entering the game at the crucial hour when the game is tied in the bottom of the ninth, there are two outs and a man on base and you must get a hit to keep the light rolling and to keep the action plan of the Brotherhood in place.
            The Brotherhood counts on each and every one of you to be active participants in the work and not merely spectators, watching and rooting others on, but not having practiced, tried and developed your spiritual potential so that you may help the team!
            There will be those who will naysay anyone who comes forward to proclaim his or her oneness with us as an instrument that we have chosen because they have chosen to serve. Heed not these naysayers, for their own fear of the highest path of complete surrender will eventually lead them to bow out of the race and then hide in shame because they could not trust us to raise up others to fulfill our noble cause!
            Beloved, God is great and He will not leave you bereft. However, you must listen to your inner voice, which of late has been almost crying out in desperation for change, for a new vision to come forth, and for that Damocles sword that Mother and Morya saw to be permanently removed because some had the courage to speak forthrightly from the heart to those who, in their smugness, will not hear the voice of reason resounding within the very halls of The Summit Lighthouse!
            I am come. Know me by vibration and the pulsation of your chakras and aura in this hour. Know me by the purging light that comes to challenge the entrenched darkness within each one that must go! Darkness must go, I said, and it must go NOW!
            Blaze forth the light of God that never fails! I proclaim a new day for the Summit as hearts of fire receive my fire and love is renewed within you!
            I AM Lanello. I come again to seal you in the fiery love of the Holy Ghost. Shirk not your responsibilities, but be up and doing and see the salvation of your God this night!
            I thank you and I bid you adieu!

Ascended Master Lanello #32
David Christopher Lewis
October 28, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Dearest Hearts of Fire,
            I come to you in the fullness of love-love for the path of initiation and love for the great initiator, Lord Maitreya. For Maitreya does come to accelerate each of you as you welcome him back into your life, welcoming the daily and hourly tests that come as you focus on divine compassion and welcome back into your being all energies that you have either created or allowed to flow through you as qualification of God's light for redemption, for transmutation and for re-direction.
            Would you truly be initiated this day? Then initiate new spirals of love in the earth through illumination's ray! Initiate new paths of right-use-ness of God's energy within and without by being living examples of love in action. And initiate new spirals of the Will of God through those sacred works that uplift, support and uphold all that is good, all that is of value, all that resonates with the internal harmony of divine compassion for all life.
            Maitreya would have his Mystery School built in the outer, but first that Mystery School must first reside within the inner recesses of your hearts and souls-the place where the mysteries of the path of initiation are outplayed. No man truly knoweth what another soul experiences on this mysterious path, and so no one, except the Guru one with Maitreya, may judge or adjudicate the state of one's soul or path homeward.
            Beware those who claim this authority and yet are those who simply mimic and mime what they perceive as the path, yet do not necessarily have the moorings of the ship of Maitreya within to judge righteous judgment in the here and now. Beware those who would enslave an entire generation through the subjugation of the path by boxing that path into neat little modules of a comfortability of the known.
            I come to shatter outmoded concepts which limit what you can and can't experience on the path, for we would accelerate you, introduce new and exciting models and modes of training and learning which are harmonious with the principles of the Godhead and spur you forward unto new heights of discovery and new vistas of climbing that will result in a more rarified and objective outlook.
            Yes, many climbers are coming who will not settle for the lower camps where old gear is stored and outworn techniques are used. These daring ones require teachers who are not afraid to bound up the cliffs using the latest in technological advances, equipment and supplies-as long as they are guided with caution and planning and don't have that sense of abandon that would abandon you on a jagged precipice along the way!
            Maitreya has climbed the Himalayan fastnesses and invites you to join him. He uses those sherpas who are as surefooted as the holy mountain goats and devas who know every inch and every crag and cranny of the path, especially those dead-ends and dangerous ways that lead not to the summit.
            If you would become the sure-footed ones who conquer the heights, dare to bring forth your gifts and offerings to this compassionate Buddha, for he will never leave you as long as you decide each day, each hour, to keep plodding along and take the next step through faith, trust and a harmonious heart.
            I AM Lanello, and I call you to come up higher! May you aspire to climb and continue climbing newer and more rugged peaks, until you ultimately decide to go all the way and scale the summit of Self, the summit of eternal love, which has always resided within.
            Find me. Seek me, for I will lead you to Maitreya-the compassionate climber who ever leads on, on, on to victory!

Ascended Master Lanello #33
David Christopher Lewis
October 29, 2004
Livingston, Montana

Dearest Ones,
            As we prepare to close this final chapter of our 33 messages to you, we would remind you of the need to perform your service to God with deep humility, with reasonableness and with the sincerity that is born of the heart's purity of motive. We cannot guarantee 100 percent accuracy of our words as dispensed through mortal form because mortals are always subject to the energies that you encounter in this world-that "radio interference" that distracts from or opposes our every attempt to communicate will remain in your dimension until earth is completely aligned with the etheric blueprint of perfection.
            However, we use whomever we may to convey to mankind the perfection and the ideals that we seek, and so you also may become a clearer vessel and a sounding board for our cause through purification of your lower vehicles through the invocation of the Word, fasting, silent meditation and deep communion with us, as David has done for many years.
            Just as a dispensation has been granted to many of you for acceleration on the path through your dedication, so beloved David has invoked this opportunity to communicate our words through his many years of devotion to our cause. The time will come, and now is-if you would choose it-when each of you may be representatives of the Holy Spirit-who is the communicator of all progressive revelation and truth. It is a matter of congruency, constancy and of Being.
            We invite the world body of our chelas to study again the teachings on the Holy Spirit and the getting of those nine gifts as related by Paul, now your Hilarion. For this was the requirement of the ascended masters for me to be chosen as a messenger on their behalf. You would do well to have a decree or insert where you invoke-in sincerity of heart and in full awareness that the call does compel the answer-those nine gifts, for when many of you come into the fullness of your acceptance of and ability to retain and then communicate and share one or more of these sacred offerings, then you will truly see the uniting of hearts you have sought and the great growth that has been prophesied. Nonetheless, if anyone seeks to squelch the individual development of and the receipt of these graces, then woe to that one who suppresses the very spirit of God wherewith you are composed and through which you have your very being.
            We would initiate many as shepherds of our worldwide flock when they have donned the garment of purity, chastity and humility through charity. Yes, love and charity are always the example and the keystone for your ability to receive the Holy Spirit and to thereby be qualified to deliver the fire, the sacred charge and the spiritual essence of our words and of our love.
            Into the flame I recede. I draw all those unto me who have known the fire of Oneness-Oneness with the beloved master Jesus and the beloved master Kuthumi and the beloved Maha Chohan. Oneness with each and every master who shines forth the way of Love, of God-Mastery and the power that comes through total surrender to and union with God.
            Yes, I recede into the flame, and that is where you will find me-in my natal habitat within the fires of creation and the heart of the living God. Seek me within the eyes of the child, both clear and free. Seek me in the morning sun that does beckon you to arise and awaken to the dawn of everlasting joy. Seek me in the unborn within the womb of the Cosmic Mother, holding life within as the sacred seed of God that is expressed anew when that fire breath is released and the soul takes up its abode again in the earth to live for and toward the day of the ultimate union and return to the father of light.
            You are my chelas if you would be the fiery ones wed to my heart, my mind and my spirit. Invoke not only my name, but my flame, for the earth needs that warmth, that glow, that eternal fire that will kindle the many to return in complete surrender to the heart of the Father/Mother God.
            I am with you always if you would be. Be the fiery ones and live. Live to love another day. Live to love God anew. Live and know the fullness of our union in the grace of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that I now convey to those who are worthy, who are ready, who love.
            I AM Lanello-your genie. Uncork me now so I may be everywhere that God needs me to be.
Purusha.            Purusha.            Purusha.

1 Lanello indicated his preference to have his picture with him wearing his green suit inserted in this publication.
2 2 As Longfellow, Lanello wrote these words in his poem, "A Psalm of Life"-
            Let us, then, be up and doing
            With a heart for any fate
            Still achieving, still pursuing
            Learn to labor and to wait.

3 "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled," by David Christopher Lewis. Available on CD entitled Our Love Will Always Find Us.




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